What is YK11?

YK11 is a supplemental product that is mainly used to reproduce fast muscle gains. However, that is not all that it is. YK11 is a synthetic steroid that was developed based on the DHT (5-dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that is found within the body, naturally. The DHT, as a “super” version of testosterone, in the supplement is beneficial, as it targets the androgen receptors that are found in a person’s sex organs, hair, liver, and prostate.

YK11 specifically has been very popular with athletes, bodybuilders, and anyone who likes to workout because there are very few side effects, especially considering it is a steroidal supplement. Its main purpose is to help whoever uses it to gain muscle very quickly, alongside a reasonable fat loss. This supplement works very well to create muscle mass because it stimulates a muscle building protein called follistatin. There has also been some research that suggests it also helps bone health by increasing bone-building proteins in bone cells.

Further research shows that YK11 does bind to androgen receptors similarily in the same way that SARMs do so, but they are not the same. However, YK11 only partially activates androgen receptors and does not activate them fully. Because of this, the side effects are limited, as well as causes an increase in catabolic androgenic gene activity.

YK11 also inhibits myostatin–which is the basis behind its muscle building benefits. This is done by increasing follistatin levels (which builds muscle naturally), a protein that naturally suppresses myostatin. Myostatin is a protein that is supposed to stop muscles from getting more significant than usual. No known SARM supplement can naturally inhibit myostatin that has been discovered yet.

It also helps increase bone growth, using DHT, by creating a pathway to activate a protein called kinase B (PKB), a protein that is responsible for sending signals to bone-building cells to increase their activity.

YK11 is a synthetic steroid, and as such, it is banned for use in all professional sport-related events, by professional athletes.

YK11 was created by purposefully changing the chemical structure of the hormone DHT. It is a steroid, while a SARM is a nonsteroid. Both are not able to be used in professional sports events, so while they are sometimes confused with each other, they at least have that in common. Each supplement works differently in the body.

However, what YK11 is not, is a SARM. YK11 does not fit the definition of a SARM, e.g. selective androgen receptor modulator.

What is a SARM?

SARM stands for “selective androgen receptor modulators.” SARM is a drug that is used to bind to a person’s androgen receptor–which is where most of the action happens with your body’s use of the hormone, testosterone.

So of course, you can imagine that this reception center is a very useful place to send drugs to, that your body can then disperse to other receptors is

SARMs were first introduced to the general public in 1998, yet have not been cleared as prescription drugs yet for all people. Generally, they have been prescribed for use to help people who have diseases that cause them to have reduced muscle mass.

They have not been cleared for use for everyone, as a supplement. However, what makes SARMS different from other drugs that build bone and muscle mass, is that they have specific properties that not only allow them to differentiate between anabolic and androgenic activities (which helps build muscle and bone mass) but also help the user avoid many side effects that steroid users would usually suffer.

YK11 effects

What is DHT?

DHT is a hormone that is most commonly associated with puberty and baldness in men, which makes sense because it is a different version of the hormone testosterone.

DHT, also known as Dihydrotestosterone, is a sex hormone that came from testosterone that already naturally occurred in the body. It is responsible for every typically male characteristic that manifests during puberty, e.g. a deepening voice, new body hair, and muscle growth.

It also directs the manifestation and growth of the prostate and penis in men. It is also responsible for male pattern baldness, or the lack of baldness in some cases. Without DHT (a condition known as the 5-AR deficiency), men would have reduced function and development of their penis, prostate, and testicles.

Why some confuse YK11 as a SARM is because of DHT shares some actions with SARMs. When DHT is created within the body, it then activates androgen receptors–receptors that are needed for sexual maturity in men.

Beyond that, there are several benefits to DHT, which make it very clear as to why YK11 is so highly prized as a muscle building supplement.

  • DHT Benefits
  • Controls Blood Sugar

DHT is a potential treatment option for those who suffer from diabetes or hyperglycemia because it can control the pathways that sugar takes to move through the body. Specifically, DHT helps the body have the ability to lower its blood sugar levels and has the potential to reduce Type II Diabetes in men. It also improves insulin sensitivity, body fat, and weight while in testing.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

In men who had higher/increased levels of DHT, who also had coronary artery disease (CAD), they had lower levels of fat deposits as compared to those with lower levels of DHT in their bodies. In general, those who have higher levels of DHT in their bodies suffer less from cardiovascular diseases, particularly in old age.

Reduced Cancer Risk

While there is no actual evidence that an increase in male hormones causes cancer (not even in men who have prostate cancer and take synthetic testosterone hormones), there is some evidence that suggests a link between lower DHT levels and prostate cancer. It could also treat thyroid cancer, as DHT treatments control thyroid cell growth, but do not restore their functions.

Increased Strength

In women who have had their ovaries removed, some animal testing has shown that DHT hormone was found in their muscles, with the effect of increased strength.

Increased Bone Density

Men who were found with higher levels of DHT in their system were shown to have increased bone density, as compared to those with lower levels of DHT.

DHT Benefits Overview

As you can see, some of the benefits of the DHT hormone appear to be quite similar to the effects of the YK11 supplement.

  • Benefits of the YK11 Supplement
  • Increased Muscle Growth

While YK11 is not a SARM, they do share some of the same effects. Muscle growth is enhanced by YK11 increasing levels of follistatin, a protein that inhibits myostatin–which ultimately causes muscles to grow larger as long as you keep exercising.

Increased Bone Density

Surprisingly, bone density is linked to your sex hormones. YK11 can bind to the androgen receptors in the cells and tissues of your bones to increase the activity and signals of the protein kinase B (PKB)–a protein that sends specific signals to the cells in your bones to keep working on building up your bones.

Fewer Side Effects

  • Increased Fat Burning Potential
  • Benefits of YK11 Supplement Overview
  • increased bone density
  • increased muscle mass
  • fewer side effects compared to other steroids
  • increased fat burning potential

All there truly is anecdotal evidence that users choose to share publicly. Some have said that they have experienced visible muscle gains within a week of YK11 use. Some have also said that they have seen no effects at all, besides some slight testosterone up presence. This could all be down to the dosages, the length of the cycles, and how much YK11 a person takes.

For those who want to bulk or cut–YK11 has been said to be useful for both endeavors. You can use YK11 for bulking–because you can put on a lot of muscle at a time–and cutting–taking advantage of its fat burning properties to lose weight quickly.

Another benefit of YK11 is that it is one of the most reliable steroidal supplements created to build muscle mass quickly available to use today. There are so many testimonials available, some of which have been selected and placed into this article for you to read yourself, about how fast and how great YK11 is at building lean muscle fast. Some have even reported packing on ten pounds of lean muscle within a single cycle. Remember though–it is not all about the supplement. Your exercise and diet routine has been on par to make sure that you can reap the benefits of the supplement to the fullest extent.

Proper Dosage and Cycle of the YK1 Supplement

Because there has not been a lot of clinical research done about the appropriate dosage for the YK11 supplement for the average person, we have to rely on a lot of anecdotal data. This is where performing research from several sources comes in handy–you will start to see a pattern, and from there, based on your body type, your goals, and armed with any experience you may have had using supplements in the past, you can make the best decision for yourself as to what the dosage should be.

From what we have found, the majority of users say that the best dosage is 5 mg to 10 mg per day. Some people experiment and go as high as 20 mg a day and higher and have reported no side effects, but they are rare and far between. You know your body best, and you will ultimately have to make that decision for yourself

Best Dosage Cycle for YK11 Supplement

  • 5 mg to 10 mg, per day

Most users, particularly new users, start with six-week cycles. Once they have become comfortable with it and are more aware of the side effects (if any) that they have experienced due to the supplement, they might stretch it out to an eight-week cycle the next time they want to bulk or cut. Or perhaps they stay at six-week periods.

This all depends on how knowledgeable you are about your body and how your body is reacting to the new supplement. Your diet and exercise routine will always play a role in this, so if you are seeking to stretch out the cycle with fewer to no side effects, perhaps you should look at your diet and exercise routine. That is the most comfortable place to make changes.

Those who do shorter cycles also tend to take smaller dosages (closer to 5mg a day, than 10 mg a day) daily, and those who do longer periods tend to take larger dosages (closer to 10-15 mg a day).

YK11 Supplement Cycle (average)

  • For new users, most decide to do a six-week cycle
  • For experienced users, most decide to do an eight-week cycle, although it is not unusual for them to stay at six weeks
  • Stacking YK11 With SARMs

Stacking YK11 with SARMs is generally not something that is recommended, particularly because YK11 is one of the most reliable steroidal supplements out there. It is unnecessary, for most people who are trying to cut or bulk. However, some users have reported stacking YK11 with SARMs for great results–so that is a decision you will have to come to on your own.

YK11 is already a potent, proven supplement. Be comfortable with your use and dosage of it, before you decide to experiment with it. If you are unsatisfied with your results so far, then perhaps you should try stacking. Carefully research the type of SARM you are going to use and start with the smallest dosage possible.

Testimonials From Users of YK11

Testimonials From Users of YK11

“30 days of YK-11 at recommended dosages. Next run of this will be 45-60 days mid-winter but here is the final verdict after 30 days, very VERY little cardio done less than 3x a week. Measurements taken dry both times on an off day 4days on 1 day off the split chest, back, legs, arms. Ate at a slight calorie surplus.

Measurements Chart

Side Effects

Slight lethargy but nothing like PHs, towards the end of the cycle I got very achy joints and muscle twitching even taking taurine and joint supps.

I am very satisfied with these results, especially with how my diet was. If I dial it in, I feel like the next cycle will be ridiculous.”

“I gained 5.2 pounds of muscle mass and lost 3% body fat after cycling YK-11 for six weeks. Also, I gained much strength and managed to lift more weight. For sure, YK-11 is the best SARM in the market. I purchased this compound from Phcooker.com very conveniently; the package was everything I had asked for.

If only I had remained active and checked on my diet, I would have experienced even stronger effects and better results. Generally, the results at the end of the cycle were satisfying. I choose to continue using it throughout my SARMs bodybuilding cycles. Bodybuilders should buy SARM YK-11 from Phcooker.com; they are trustworthy.”

“I used 5mg daily YK-11 dosage during my first six weeks cycle. I used a lower dosage to observe how this compound would react with my body. Luckily, everything went well, and the results were remarkable. By the fourth week, I had already gained some muscle mass and lost some body fat as well.

I was keen on my diet and preferred one with fewer calories. I was also very active and at times, involved in the cardiovascular exercise. YK-11 is my new best SARM; at least I do not have to deal with those annoying side effects I dealt with before discovering this unique compound.”

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Side Effects of YK11 Use

There have been a fair amount of side effects noted while using YK11. Whether this is because people are experimenting and going beyond their usual conservative dosages that still work with their needs or are starting very high is unknown.

You are also at risk of developing cancer, due to increased levels of follistatin. Increased levels of follistatin have been linked to increased chances of developing prostate, skin, esophagus, and stomach cancer.

People in the bodybuilding and workout community have stated that some of the common side effects they’ve suffered are: acne, little energy, joint pain, aggression, and hair loss. Given that YK11 contains DHT, a hormone that is closely linked with male sex characteristics, the majority of these side effects are not very surprising.

The one consistent side effect has been the suppression of testosterone levels, which makes sense given that YK11 is a synthetic steroid supplement that only has a few elements in common with SARMs. However, to come off of YK11 after the end of your cycle, you will need to use PCT.

Most Common Side Effects of YK11 Usage

  • increased risk to develop some cancers
  • acne
  • hair loss
  • aggression
  • joint pain
  • decreased testosterone levels

However, as with any unknown supplement that has not been tested, you will have to be careful about your dosages and how long you use the supplement because the long term effects in humans are not known.

YK11 Brands For Sale

As YK11 is not FDA approved, it is mainly sold online as a supplement by various sites. When choosing which site to buy your YK11 supplement, always make sure that you are receiving precisely what you are paying, e.g., make sure that a third party lab tests your supplements, not merely certified as lab tested (there is a huge difference).

Here are a few online sites that sell YK11 as a steroidal supplement for muscle building:

Striker Labs YK11

They suggest dosages between 3 mg and 6 mg, and state that the half-life of the supplement is six to ten hours long, so you will need to take two dosages a day.


They suggest dosages between 5 mg and 10 mg, twice a day, and also state that their half-life is between five to eight hours.

Conclusion Regarding YK11 Supplement Use

There is no questioning that YK11 works exceptionally well as a supplement. However, it is a steroidal supplement, and there are, without question, several side effects that you could experience if you use too high a dosage to start with.

It is not clear how many people have suffered side effects (and at what dosages for how long a cycle), versus those who have gone through cycles using YK11 for bulking or cutting, without any problems whatsoever. The best thing you can do is to take your time and learn your body’s reaction to the new supplement.

Go slowly–there is nothing there to rush, as YK11 is one of the most potent supplements on the market today. If you decide to use the supplement, then you should pay attention to how your body and your diet and exercise routine reacts to it–make sure you don’t have to make any adjustments.

If you start to experience side effects, then either stop immediately or reduce your dosage. Make sure you have the right dosage system down before you try to experiment, particularly with stacking YK11 with other SARMs.

Remember always to do your own research and that you are ultimately responsible for your health and what you put into your body. If obtaining the perfect body is that important to you, your research does not stop at choosing the best supplement to help you bulk up or cut down your body fat–it continues to make adjustments to your diet and exercise routine, as needed.