Have you ever wanted to make love to your spouse so bad but you lack the zeal and sexual desire to do so? Low libido is such a massive blow to a man’s ego. Similarly, early symptoms of menopause can be terrifying to most women. What if I told that there was a solution to all these problems?

If you are combating with fertility issues, you should worry no more. The Yellow Maca is a wonder drug that is purely natural and can boost libido as well as enhance fertility for both men and women. Some people have even referred to the herb as a natural Viagra. It is popularly grown in Latin America regions such as Peru.

How you can take Yellow Maca

Since it is in the form of a food substance, you can take Yellow Maca like any other vegetable; cooked and seasoned to taste delicious. If you are not a huge fan of its pure taste, you can take Yellow Maca in its powder form or as a salad dressing. You can also add its powder form to a smoothie or milkshake if you don’t want to taste its tanginess.

yellow maca roots benefitsUses of Yellow Maca

Solves fertility problems

Improving libido for both men and women has been the main selling point for Yellow Maca. Lessened sexual desire is pretty common in most adults. Luckily, the herb has been scientifically proven to tackle various fertility problems.

It increases fertility in men, whose potency lies in the quality and quantity of sperm. Research has shown that it improves the quality and volume of sperm in both healthy and impotent men. Men will start to notice increased chances of fertility from merely four months of using the herb.

Symptoms of menopause revolve around vaginal dryness, irritability, mood swings, and hormonal imbalance. Yellow Maca can regulate all of these symptoms. It can stabilize the severe symptoms of menopause and sometimes even alleviates the effects completely.

Still, in women, Yellow Maca tends to balance estrogen – the hormone that regulates the female reproductive system. Imbalance of this hormone can cause irregular menstruation, bloating and ultimately reduce the chances of getting pregnant.

Other uses of the Yellow Maca

  • It reduces anxiety and stress-related symptoms including depression. Thus, it can improve your mood in your worst moments.
  • When you apply it to the skin, Yellow Maca can act as a sunblock and protect you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • It also improves the density of bones and strength
  • It enhances the memory and brain functions

The Dosage of Yellow Maca

Since it is a veggie-like herb, the standard dosage does not apply when using Yellow Maca. But then, that does not mean there isn’t a limit you shouldn’t exceed. Ideally, you are urged to use 2 to 5 grams of Yellow Maca in a day especially if it is in powder form. Contrary, you need to take into account the factors of age, gender and health conditions.

You can choose to take it with your daily diet, take it as a tablet supplement, or as a food ingredient, salad dressing, baked items and even in powder with smoothies and milkshakes.

Yellow Maca is available in whole roots, tablets, powder and as liquid extracts, hence easy to use depending on your preferences.

Most people begin to show improved results (increased sexual desire) after using this herb for about six weeks. Yellow Mac is highly nutritious because it yields lots of essential nutrients and vitamins similar to vegetable. These nutrients include;

  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Copper
  • Fiber
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates and a little fat

The Side Effects of Yellow Maca

Scientists and reputable physicians have certified Yellow Maca to be a very safe herb. The natives who cultivate the plant recommend users to boil it before taking the herb rather than chewing its raw roots. However, take keen on the following pointers;

  1. Medical experts advise people who encounter problems with their thyroid to be careful when using Yellow Maca. This herb has an active ingredient that may interfere with the normal functions of the thyroid.
  2. Expectant or women who are breastfeeding are strongly cautioned against using Yellow Maca without consulting with their physicians first.
  3. People receiving treatment for conditions such as high blood pressure, prostate cancer, breast cancer, and other conditions are also cautioned against using Yellow Maca.

Reviews and General Concerns

The most common concern regarding the use of the Yellow Maca is whether or not it makes you gain weight unexpectedly, especially in women. It does not directly cause weight gain, but since it is a mood and hormone stabilizer, it is likely to trigger the release of hormones that may encourage you to eat more than usual. The herb fastens the body’s metabolism that in turn may cause weight gain.

On issues regarding weight loss, Yellow Maca doesn’t directly contribute to this attribute. However, it stimulates energy in the body to exercise more, helps in the control of blood sugar and regulates hormones that will reduce stress and anxiety that would lead to overeating.

Most users can vouch that Yellow Maca has worked better beyond their expectations. Every user is pleased with its libido-improving quality, improved fertility, energy levels going up and hormones balancing well. Other users who take it with smoothies while working out can testify how much the drug has helped them push their limits.

How Yellow Maca differs from other forms of Maca

Maca in its three forms (yellow, black and red) is on the fast track to becoming a ‘superfood’ considering the staggering amount of positive effect it has on the human body. Benefits such as improving libido, increasing fertility, alleviating menopausal effects are just the tip of the iceberg of what this product can do. The fact it triggers weight loss is a bonus for people battling with obesity looking to cut some weight healthily.

Final Thoughts

Though it is highly nutritious, you are recommended to take Yellow Maca in moderation, especially if you are a beginner or under any medication. When you overuse, this herb may incur severe hormonal imbalance due to the high release of hormones in your body. Besides, it is wise to decide which type of Maca works for your needs and goals, because though they are similar, all the three Maca’s have different effects on the body.

Watch out for fake Yellow Maca in the market which could be very harmful to your well-being. Fake Yellow Maca is unregulated, untested and above all, not genuine – You can avoid falling a victim of counterfeit Yellow Maca by purchasing the herb from trusted outlets and trustworthy vendors.