CBD Hemp

Have you been thinking have you been considering jumping into the CBD industry? Or have the frequent controversial topics been making an impact on your decision? There are many benefits that can generate from investing in the CBD industry which, can be good for both business and personal reasons.

CBD may actually be the one ingredient that you have been looking for to increase your revenue or to decrease your health concern.
Now that this product is mainstream it has become fairly easy to locate and source. With all of the health benefits and the recent upgrades concerning legalities, the product is becoming more available in various parts of the world. This is the perfect time to start conducting your research in this up and coming industry.

CBD flower vs hemp flower?

A CBD flower is a bud that comes from the female hemp plant during maturation.
The bud or flower can be specifically bred to ensure that each seed produces a certain amount of cannabidiol.
This, in turn, reduces the amount of THC that is found. The cannabinoids that are produced are used to attract male seeds and their pollen to produce more seeds. Because various strains are customized, different seeds produce different percentages of CBD. There are also various indoor strains and outdoor strains that contain visible crystals on a flower, which means that the CBS content will differ as well.
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CBD flower is a term that is commonly used in reference to the buds of hemp plants. This is where the CBD oil is extracted from. Hemp generally contains anywhere from 15-20% CBD. The main component that separates this plant from cannabis is the extremely low traces of THC.
It is common to find High CBD content High-quality strains that have similar names to strains that contain high traces of THC. Non-seeded hemp can also be found online, this is another way to distinguish between the two herbs. THC is only legal in certain states and countries so it is not really acceptable to be shipped across the world as of now.
Hemp bud is available in both Sativa, Indica and hybrid variations, the same as THC. Each compound has diverse terpene profiles which means that there are various causes and effects. Each strain causes slightly different effects within the body. Indica causes a more drowsy effect while Sativa promotes alertness and calmness. And, the Hybrid is basically a cross between strains which usually contains higher traces of THC.

What are the best legal strains of CBD flower?

  • Elektra CBD Hemp
  • Ringo’s Gift CBD Hemp
  • Lifter CBD Hemp
  • Otto II Franklin
  • The Wife
  • Berry Blossom
  • T-1 CBD
  • Special Sauces.
  • Stress killer
  • Cherry Wine

Electra CBD Hemp

Electra CBD Hemp

  • Electra CBD Hemp is a combination of strains, a standard Electra strain has about 16 percent CBD and it contains less than 0.3 percent. This flower gives off citrus flavor with a hint of spice.
  • This compound was named after an awesome CBD activist Laurence Ringo. This strain is best for relaxation while promoting high levels of energy. It contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • Lifter CBD hemp tastes of lavender and chamomile and a slight hint of spices. This flower display splashes of purple color. It carries a strong soothing aroma. This strain contains less than 0.3% THC.

Otto II Franklin

  • Otto II Franklin is very resistant to mildew. This strain smells like sweet tangerines with notes of pine, thanks to its terpenes. It contains under 0.3% THC.

The Wife

  • The Wife is technically a hybrid strain that is super rare so if you find it and like it then you should definitely purchase a little extra to go.

Berry Blossom

  • Berry Blossom is a crossbred strain that is highly requested by the public.
  • The strain usually displays buds that are light green in color with scattered purple hues. And, it gives off cranberry vibes mixed with acai berries for the flavor. This CBD hemp flower is actually fully licensed in all 50 states.


  • T-1 is great for evening usage. This compound has a fruity flavor to match its garish orange hairs that adds the strains’ unique characteristics.

Special Sauce

  • Special Sauce is a High CBD hemp flower with a sweet aroma that is very earthy and strong. This flower is great for relaxation, pain, anxiety, and depression.

stress killer

  • A stress killer is a common hybrid that is highly requested among the public.
  • It has a citrusy flavor with traces of Lemon Haze.
  • It is perfect for morning or evening smoke sessions and it has a very bold lemon aroma.

Cherry Wine

  • Cherry Wine has a very bold flavor paired with its sweet aroma. It smells of sweet cherry and hints of black pepper.
  • This hybrid is a compound mixed with The Wife. And, it makes a great option for newbies.

How to find CBD

There are many resources that will link you to the perfect CBD manufacturer as long as you conduct the research. You can order a complete CBD starter kit tailored to your needs up to $1000 USD. This industry is bringing in over $12 billion in revenue and CBD has become easier to locate.

There are circumstances that you should consider when you are searching for products and manufactures. There are strains that are grown indoor and others that are grown outdoor. By growing your plants in a greenhouse they are more exposed to natural lighting and they typically grow better, faster in this organic setting. Plants that are grown indoors typically have to be watched a little more closely. Although some clients may have preferences, there are no studies showing any true, noticeable differences between the strains and how they are grown.

What are flower prices?

You can purchase CBD by ordering from pretty much any manufacturer that you choose. Depending on your location, you may research the licenses that are necessary in order to proceed with the ordering. The package prices can range from $500 to $1000. There are many factors the depend upon the pricing as well. As stated above, the best way to go about purchasing your first order of CBD would include sourcing and locating manufacture. Then you may select your products and then place your order for sample flowers.

Buying wholesale CBD flower

  • Sourcing
  • Extraction
  • Testing

cbd-oil benefits 

  1. The first step you should take when you are looking for a legitimate whole selling source is to conduct your very own research. When you locate the vendor you would like to purchase from you are ready to communicate directly with the source.
  2. Finding out where the hemp actually originated, will be a very firm indicator of the hemp’s quality. You are searching for hemp products and hemp oil that has been grown free of any chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and or pesticides.
  3. Your manufacturer or vendor of choice should be able to provide you with information about the farmers and their history as well as experience along with any certifications.
  4. The extraction method and the overall process is something you should be concerned about because it affects the quality of your products. Hemp oil can be extracted in various ways which also means that each method provides different results.
  5. It would be best to start with products that have been extracted using the CO2 method. This method eliminates the use of harsh chemicals by using high-pressure paired with low-temperatures. This is the most effective method that also happens to be the cleanest and safest extraction.
  6. This is surely the best method to use when you are looking for pure CBD products. If your manufacture speaks on the use of solvents please be aware that this is the exact method that strips the plants and flowers of its natural oils and waxes, depriving the finished product of its natural benefits.
  7. Proper testing of your potential products is a big decision factor when you are shopping for a wholesale CBD vendor. Companies that use third-party testing sites are great because you have outside proof and deeper logistics that will provide clear evidence of the ingredients and analytics of the hemp oil.
  8. Because legalities are a big deal you must very careful with the potency and ingredients of each strain. These tests are conducted to ensure that the labels and product content match. They also confirm that the legal level of THC (0.3%) has not been exceeded. The use of third-party testing labs ensures that the tests have been conducted in a non-bias manner, showing the company’s transparency. These tests should be conducted consistently and they should be available to anyone inquires.

Buying CBD flower

  • Locating the source
  • Samples
  • Purchasing
  1. Locating your CBD source should be fairly simple due to the rise in sales over the years. You can find a CBD reseller or manufacture near you by conducting a simple google search. Reading reviews may help you sway on your decision.
  2. If you are purchasing for the first time or simply trying a new strain you may ask for sample sets or visit the companies website. This method will save you a ton of money and it will save you time. Allowing you to sample a greater variety of products. After you have carefully considered the first two steps you may now place your order with your preferred company of choice.
  3. You can now find various forms of hemp flower in stores that offer wholesale, bulk orders and individual sales.  Recently it has been reported that a high CBD content high-quality CBD and THC smokers prefer to mix their smoke blends 50/50. CBD seems to have high properties that can limit and reduce anxiety stress while causing an overall mellowing effect.
  4. And, THC can have really good benefits as well but there are a few negative aspects that CBD tends to smooth over. By blending the two herb components together you may limit the red-eye that is a signature quality that THC produces.
  5. It can limit the munchies, withdrawal symptoms, and lung irritation. One very common quality of THC is its ability to increase or decrease anxiety, and CBD has a balancing effect in this area as well. CBD tends to slow heart rates and balances out the overall impact of the high that THC causes.

Can you purchase flower samplers?

During your search for a new CBD flower manufacturer, there are ways to test products before your final selection and purchasing. You can request testings and sample orders from various manufacturers. There are many ways to go about however, you should speak directly to the manufacturer in order to get the best deals.

It would be wise to place several small orders with several companies, however, if you directly contact your prospective manufacture then you may be able to work out more valuable deals. Most websites also have the option of sample pre-orders on their websites.

Another method of testing out CDB flower samplers is by contacting the manufacturer and constructing a deal. By placing an order for other products you may be able to sample certain CBD flowers and strains.

Is it legal?

The main concern with the legality of CBD is the level of THC that each plant or product contains. This is why laws are so strict because lawmakers and politicians honestly feel that CBD buds should be illegal.
Ultimately, it seems to cause policemen and lawmakers to maneuver in a more lenient fashion when it comes to THC plants and arrests. The non-seeded plants are virtually impossible to tell apart without the use of identification tools. The two even have identical visible crystals on the flower.
The two herbs are also grown in a similar fashion such as indoor strains and outdoor strains. If you haven’t noticed, lawmakers are not really happy about anything that causes their enforcers to constantly rule in the public’s favor. Especially dealing with products diverse terpene profiles, that are linked to THC, which is a big deal in the court system and has been the early 1900’s.
It is best to research the laws and regulations near you as well as the area you will be serving. This industry is clearly growing in a rapid manner and the same applies to the ever-changing laws as well. It is common to see the legal usage of hemp products while there may be laws against the use of actual hemp flowers in that same area.
This is a cloudy area for many because studies show that the chemical compound and properties found CBD has the ability to reverse the psychoactive properties and effects THC. The outcome of these studies has not been able to waiver the lawmakers nor their standings on the herb.

What’s the best method to consume CBD HEMP FLOWER?

Well, we know there are many types of CBD products along with the many ways to consume each one. Considering the fact that each individual reacts differently to products, there is no single “best” method for every consumer.CDB products can be consumed through


  • Sublingual Tinctures
  • Ingestion
  • Topical Application
  • Inhalation

Sublingual Tinctures are highly effective, and it’s usually in the form of CBD drops that can be placed under the tongue. This is one of the best methods for those looking to soothe chronic pain. This method is fast-acting, long-lasting and simple to administer.

Ingestion comes in the form of edible products that can range from drinks to snacks. This is a very discreet method of consumption and the effects are released in a slow fashion.

Topical application is usually in the form of lotions, soaks, and rubs. This method can be used anywhere and it is recommended for targeted areas to relieve pain or cause soothing effects. Inhalation delivers the fastest due to the fact that the product is being released directly into the bloodstream through your lungs. The two forms are smoking and vaping which means inhaling physical herbs or electronically. This method requires tools depending on the advancement of your product selection.

Is it safe to inhale?

Due to the fact that the herbs are similar in size, shape and color composition, consumer rates have increased since the legalization of hemp seeds. The sale and consumption of High-CBD hemp buds are becoming more common in the market place. There are many products that are marketed to mimic pot and those sales are absolutely skyrocketing. Depending on the method you are consuming these products, the herbs can cause a slow-release or an instant high. These are all reasons that the two herbs work well together. So, yes, CBD is smokeable and very commonly preferred that way.

What are the effects?

CBD flower typically has a great outcome with the effects on the body. The most common effects are

  • Pain Relief
  • Dry Mouth
  • Treats Fatigue
  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Arthritis

Cannabidiol has antipsychotic effects so it does not actually cause users to feel “high.” However, the chemical does have many calming effects. It has been proven to increase mental function, reducing pain and anxiety, increasing mood and more. The exact cause of these effects is not clear. But cannabidiol prevents the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that affects these areas and increases the blood flow to the proper areas. This, in turn, reduces psychotic symptoms and eases the body.

CBD Terpene Content

Terpenes are the organic molecules responsible for the plants and herbs fragrance. Higher terpene levels are highly sought after because it seems to be the exact component that causes a balancing and mellowing effect vs the effects caused by cannabis.

CBD Terpene

Indoor Outdoor Greenhouse

Herbs and flowers are categorized in this manner because the circulating myth is that each strain grows in a different method or that the potencies may differ based on the location the plant has grown. This is not true, each plant and its components depend on the care, the seeds, lighting, and CO2 exposure.

Visible crystals on flowers many

strains have colorful visible crystals that may slightly benefit the taste or aroma of each flower. This is a method that is used to search and determine the quality of hemp plants and seeds. Non-seeded plants are also a great component to search for while you are seeking the best product for you.

Why is the CBD industry booming?

The CBD industry is extremely productive and profitable at this time due to the rise in the economy. The newly found research has proven that the cannabinoid is highly effective in easing and treating many different cases and situations. Consumers perceived the thought that CBD was only lucid enough to ease effects similar to the ones that are caused by THC.
Once more thorough studies have arisen, it has also been proved that CBD really holds great potential with great medicinal value.CBD does slightly alter how THC can interact within the human body but these are usually pretty good effects. It counteracts or mellows out some of the side-effects that unwanted by consumers that frequent THC strains.
CBD also has the ability to prolonging the total effects of THC causing a lapse in time. The CBD compound has been shown to be applicable and highly useful for treating many different diseases, issues, and problems. CBD, the cannabis component has proven to solve many problems and it has been very successful as well. It’s good for patients dealing with chronic pain, aches, spasms, and arthritis.
The fact that CBD is not psychoactive is one of the main reasons it has become so very popular within the economy today. Treating suffering children from disorders without negative side effects. It simply does not damage the mind or body. And, CBD lacks the chemical compounds that lead to addictions and overdosing.
Aside from the fact that CBD has many similarities to THC, the cannabinoid is all-natural and the market is practically flocking to that industry. These all-natural compounds are composed of properties that are beneficial at relieving symptoms of a wide range of illnesses. With its powerful anti-inflammatory, relaxing properties it can ease muscle tension while improving moods, appetite, and chronic pain.
cbd oil
There are many other symptoms that CBD has clinically proven to treat such as, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety disorders, Eating disorders, Depressive disorders, Neurodegenerative disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, and various forms of Cancer. This cannabinoid flower is helpful in reducing inflammation that is caused by sporting, injury, or health conditions that athletes may endure. The results are outstanding and CBD does, in fact, provide anecdotal evidence that truly indicates that it can provide therapeutic effects.
Here are all the tools you need to get started in your CBD journey. The key is finding great resources and the rest is completely on your end. You should know what market you are targeting and what products you would like to offer. There are many manufacturers that offer various types of products and methods for reselling. You can purchase wholesale products to make a profit or you can utilize the great discount for your own personal benefits. There are manufacturers that provide private labeling that allow you to brand your products your own way. The industry is booming and this is the perfect time to initiate your investment!