The use of white kratom has gained popularity in recent years. The product has moved from a little-known local plant to one of the most demanded therapeutic plants in the world. Part of the reasons for its growing popularity is its inability to cause addiction to its users. The plant naturally occurs in three strains; the white vein, the red vein, and the green vein. Availability in the three strains makes it suit the needs of almost everyone. The most common strain is the white vein.

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White Sumatra kratom

The white kratom is also known as white Indo is grown in the Sumatra Islands of Indonesia. The island has a humid and rainy climate that favors the growth of the plant. In the past, the locals used to chew the leaves of the plant to derive its benefits.

Today consumption of this wonder plant has simplified by having the leaves dried and crushed into a powder. The product can also come in capsules or tinctures. The white Sumatra kratom leads the other strains of kratom due to its unique balance of energizing and analgesic alkaloids.

The balance of the stimulating and calming effect creates a refreshing, peaceful feeling. Its aroma adds to the list of goodies packed in this plant. The fresh fragrance gives you a good start of the day when used in the morning.

White Sumatra Kratom


This strain of kratom is beneficial in many ways depending on the dosage and frequency of use. The stimulating effect gives you the energy to carry out different activities of the day. Athletes and gym clients use this strain to boost their stamina. The relaxing and soothing effect of the kratom helps you to cope with stressful moments of life.

Use of white Kratom has a wide range of effects. The effects, however, depend much on the dosage and frequency of use.

Common Effects

Energy Enhancement

The white kratom boosts both mental and physical energy. The alkaloids relax the muscles and can improve performance in physical activities. People with erectile dysfunction can also use it since it has been known to boost libido.

Pain Killer

The presence of analgesic alkaloids in the kratom makes it effective for pain relief. The analgesic property of the plant is one of its most essential qualities.

Mental Improvement

The plant relaxes the mind thus enhancing creativity and ability to take on activities that require high mental concentration. It can be used by students who want to burn the midnight oil to revise for exams. It must be noted that the mental boost is not similar to that of manufactured opiates since it has no side effects.

Stress Management

The white variety works by soothing the nerves thus relaxing the mind and the body. With the relaxation, the body is freed from anxiety which can finally eliminate depression.

Treatment of Insomnia

Anxiety and depression affect your sleeping patterns leading to insomnia which is the inability to have a good sleep. Lack of enough sleep brings health complications in life. When used in high doses the white kratom becomes sedative. Regular doses improve the sleeping patterns and can finally cure insomnia. However, you must be careful not to take the high doses during the day as it can disrupt your normal activities.

White Sumatra Kratom

What is the proper dosage?

The effects of the white variety of kratom largely depend on the dosage. In small doses, the results are almost the same. High doses, on the other hand, create an opposite effect which brings relaxation. Proper dosage would, therefore, be used to mean the desired effect. Below is a guideline on the doses that bring different results.

 2 – 4 Grams

This is the best dose for beginners. It has a mild effect that stimulates the body and also carries a relaxation effect. It is the ideal dose to start with when you want to enjoy the benefits of kratom.

4 – 6 Grams

As you go higher on the dosage ladder, the effects also progress to another level. A dosage of between four and six grams is right to relieve mild pain as it calms down the nerves.

6 – 8 Grams

Can be sedative and is only suitable for people who have insomnia.

Above 8 Grams

Maybe extremely dangerous and should only be used by experienced users or just avoided.

Interaction with other drugs and Stimulants

Combining two or more drugs could create side effects. For kratom combining it with other stimulants such as strong caffeine may lead to overstimulation and high blood pressure. Mixing it with drugs that cause sedation such as alcohol may cause oversedation. However, it is safe to combine kratom with regular tea or coffee.

Health Effects

There hasn’t reported any health problems associated with the use of kratom. Although the use of small amounts is safe large amounts may cause over stimulation or oversedation and should avoid. Daily use of kratom is also not recommended as it has been reported to cause weight loss and dark pigments on the face. For regular users abruptly quitting can cause withdrawal symptoms such as a runny nose, diarrhea, and irritability. The recommended frequency of use is not more than twice a week.

Is the use of kratom legal?

Most countries in the world have lifted the ban on the use of kratom making it legal for use and sale. The herb is however still illegal in states of Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

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The benefits of using the Sumatra white kratom overrides the dangers that could occur if the product is taken in excess. Taking the recommended amount and observing the frequency of use will ensure you enjoy all the benefits of this wonder plant. Users have reported being able to manage insomnia after the use of kratom. Athletes and people working in areas that require a lot of physical energy have reported improvements after using the product. Students and people who need high mental concentration have also reported increases. Try it today and experience the greatness of the white Sumatra kratom.