Like you might have already known, they are a lot of vendors for Sarms out there some who are legit while others are not. A Sarms buyer is ever left wondering who to buy from and why. But did you know that they exist a massive difference in Sarms quality and perhaps that is the reason we have many sellers in this business? Maybe its time we let you know.

The worst products of Sarms you can buy is the bunk Sarms or any product laced with prohormones. Bunk products usually are under-dosed with Sarms ingredients or contain very low purity of Sarms, and you would want to avoid such products. Sarms products laced with prohormones give off horrible side effect experiences which are not generally the case with normal Sarms. This article is an exclusive overview of gathered information from prolific users and sellers of Sarms and contain helpful information on where to buy Sarms that will guarantee you the best experience. Take time to read through.

The Best Sarms Buyers Guide

Maybe you have ever made a mistake of buying fake Sarms from a vendor you knew less about him or her. After reading this article, we assure you that you will never repeat such an error in the entire life. We are going to equip you with lethal information to the point that no one can ever deceive you in Sarms business. You will get to learn in-depth tips on what to look for when buying Sarms compounds and the best places you can visit to acquire yourself the highest quality Sarms in market.

Since FDA is yet to approve Sarms, there is more room for counterfeit products. Its, therefore, a wakeup call for any buyer to be quite clear of what he or she is buying since having the real product means reducing chances of experiencing chronic side effects. It’s vital to note that we have vendors who have indulged themselves in this business to make money without considering whether their products are of quality or not. Check below for a buyers’ guide checklist.

Vendor website

When a vendor website looks sketchy and contains no helpful information, be on the watch. In such a scenario, make sure to do more research to ascertain that the information provided is genuine. A legit seller should be in a position to give clear and concise information about the products and services offered. Additionally, a good website should be easy to navigate, provide space for customers to post a question as well get answers posted back publically.

Check for customers reviews

When checking for a trustful vendor, always cross-examine customers’ feedback. If they are positive, that should give you the confidence to transact business with the company. Be worried about companies with no review as well as those that post only positive reviews. When customers publish negative reviews frequently, it means that either the products or the company services are weak and the company itself is reluctant in giving a remedy.

Mode of payment

If you realize that a company has well-elaborated methods of payments with less information on products, you need to be cautious. Most Sarms vendors offer cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as the only mode of payment. It poses a considerable risk since in case it turns out to be a scam, it becomes a challenge to get back your money.

Documentation from the third party

Good and legit Sarms seller must be in a position to sell products that are genuine and healthy for human consumption. This means a reputable source must send its products to a laboratory to have them analyzed. As a buyer, when you ask for a third-party report, and it turns out that the company does not have, consider purchasing from elsewhere.

As a beginner of Sarms or a prolific Sarms buyer, you need not worry too much. We have compiled the three most reliable Sarms vendors who sell high-quality products that you should not worry about when buying from them. Besides that, these three vendors have positive countless customers’ reviews that are spread all over the internet. Keep reading through the article.


Top 3 Best SARMs Sources


One of the best and the leading vendor of Sarms compound so far in UK business is the Sarms4You. These vendors sell high-quality Sarms at a friendly price and have been in this business for quite several years. Sarms4You thrives to offer the very best Sarms in the European market. This company started with the solemn aim of fighting out vendors who sell under-dosed, low-quality Sarms products across Europe.


Sarms4You products

Sarms4You have plenty of Sarms compounds which are in liquid, capsules and powder form. The best know Sarms products that Sarms4You sells is the MK-2866 and the LGD-4033, Rad-140, SR-9009, YK-11, MK-677 among others.

Price and quality of Sarms4You products

According to Sarm4You,

  • MK-2866 (Ostarine) cost €49.95,
  • LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) cost €54.95,
  • GW-501516 cost €49.95,
  • and the RAD-140 (Testolone) cost €64.95.

All these products are of high quality and give perfect results to any user.

How to select best Sarms from Sarms4You

If you are a fun of Sarms capsules, Sarms4You should be your shopping home. Also, if you love powder selection, you can buy from Sarm4You, and you will experience the very best. Sarms4You also sells liquid Sarms, and any buyer has the privilege to sell them. The most unfortunate thing with liquid Sarms from Sarms4You is that they have a horrible taste and you can’t dare to have a taste.

Coupons and Discounts from Sarms4You

Sarms4You offers its customers reliable coupons and discounts. In every product you buy, you earn yourself 50 points which you can redeem once they accumulate to get some Sarms. Additionally, Sarms4You has what they call discount code BlueCloud10, which is a 10% discount offered on any product a customer buys.

Customers services

Among all vendors of Sarms compound, Sarm4You has the very best customers’ service. Once you call their customer’s service desk, you get adequate information on available products, cost, how to order and means of shipping all in one place. Sarms4You serves its customers with a third party report once they buy from them. In most occasions, the products they sell have over 99% purity, which forms what customers mostly look for in Sarms.

If you are considerate of friendly customer service that gives replies within an hour, Sarms4You should be your shopping store.

Reputation, contacts and how to place order

Sarms4You has an excellent reputation for selling quality Sarms to customers. You can contact them through email or by visiting their website to make your orders. Once you make an order, shipping happens within 72 hours.

Shipping and the Return Policy

Surprisingly all orders made by customers from Sarms4You are shipped through within 24 to 72 hours. Sometimes exceptional cases exist in shipping terms where shipping of a product delays though it’s not more often. Such scenarios happen in case the product the customers ordered is out of stock and need to be requested from the manufacturer. Sarms4You, however, is very keen on customers’ service, and once a product goes off the shelves, they notify the public through their website.

Sarms4You has the perfect return policy in Sarms business. These vendors advise customers who are not satisfied with their items to reship them back for a full refund though they deduct shipping and handling cost. It’s good to note that you can only return items that are unopened and still hermetically sealed. Once returned items are accepted, the refund happens with a period of 14 days.

How to track an order from Sarms4You

Customers who buy Sarms more often can attest how it’s a challenge to track down a parcel from an online vendor. The most challenging aspect is to know if the order is on the process and when it’s expected to arrive. With Sarms4You, all these problems are well catered. Once an order is processed, the customer is sent an email containing order details, expected time and dates of arrival and the tracking code. The reason as to why it takes time for the whole process to be initiated is because a tracking code must be generated and printed on the parcel before the shipping process begins. Sarms4You, therefore, encourage their customers to be patient and accommodative.

Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is another company that has become extremely popular in Sarms business. This company specialize mostly on cutting-edge Sarms and has been in this business for quite several years.

Enhanced Athlete product

Enhanced Athletes product prices and quality

The company sells plenty of Sarms compounds like S-23 and SR9009. When you want to learn more on Enhanced Athlete products and items, you can always click here, and you will get a chance to select products that best suit your budget.

Products sold by Enhanced Athletes are of high quality and has no notable side effect. Selecting their products is quite accessible since as a customer, you only have an option to choose between powder or capsule Sarms.


Coupons, discount, and deal of Enhanced Athlete vendors

Enhanced Athlete has the BlueCloud10 as the coupon. This coupon is useful in stores for a 10% discount on any order a customer makes.

Customer service

Among all Sarms vendors, Enhanced Athletes has the best customers’ service, which gives them a good reputation. They believe in the delivery of quality products that satisfies all customers’. Once you email them concern, they get back to you with a span of two hours. When you run short of information concerning their products and services, shooting them an email works best in settling issues.

The reputation of Enhanced Athlete

Since the many years Enhanced Athletes has been selling Sarms, they have managed to create a reputation as the only vendor who stocks latest Sarms. Their stock changes with change in demand and are not present in most stores. Notably, there are two Sarms you can’t find in any store except in their shops. These products are the Phytodrol (Laxogenin) and the MTOR-RX (Phosphatidic Acid). The two products are perfect for muscle building, entirely natural, and quite promising.

How to contact Enhanced Athlete and make an order

So far, Enhanced Athlete has been burned to sell Sarms in the US. For a person in Europe, you can contact the Enhanced Athlete EU to make an order. Once you place your order, shipping happens within 24-48 hours.

How genuine are products of Enhanced Athletes?

We do not doubt our minds that Enhanced Athletes items are legit, healthy, and actual works well. Because these team of vendors is honest enough, their products sell most.


Lastly, we present to you the Innovative Research Compound Company. IRC is the only Sarms company sellers with a fantastic quality control department. They sell Sarms, Serms, and nootropics such as CBD Oil.

Products sold by IRC and Prices

IRC.BIO sells RAD-140 and Andarine as the main products. Since their products are of high quality, the prices also tend to be a bit higher. Besides RAD-140 and Andarine, these vendors sell DMAA, which is a powerful stimulant. They also sell liquid Sarms in bottles of 30ml, which is equivalent to 1 gram powder.

In terms of price, a bottle of MK-2866 cost $65. Like we have said, products sold by IRC.BIO is a bit more expensive for an ordinary person.

Quality and selection of IRC products

IRC.BIO offers a range of liquid, capsule, and powder Sarms. Their products are also of high quality, so you need not only.

Coupons for IRC

Unfortunate IRC does not offer any coupons to its customers. Since their products are more expensive, a customer who buys in bulk receives a significant discount.

Customers’ services and reputation

IRC has excellent customers’ service. Once you contact them primarily through email, you get a response within hours. If you have any question that needs clarification, do not hesitate to reach their customer support team.

How to contact IRC.BIO and place an order

To contact IRC.BIO, visit their website or the contact us section and fill up a form place on the site and later submit. Once done, the process of shipping orders happens below 48 hours.


Even though we have many stores selling Sarms, the above vendors will offer you satisfying products that you cannot find from any other seller. For a healthy life, make your choice today and order you Sarms from the above vendors.