Modafinil for a few years now has gain momentum and is regarded as the strongest smart medicine or as many other users might know, a very cognitive enhancer in the market. This is because the product is very well known for the ability to not only to improve one’s performance but also increase the energy and focus. There is a very little risk of side effects when you compare Modafinil to the other prescription drugs on the market. The most common use of this drug are people who suffer from day job fatigue, and a huge percentage are school children who have some difficulty in concentration at school.

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It is the ability of Modafinil like mood and productivity booster that has made it so popular that would make most individual fancy this product because it will help to a great extent to be more productive.

Is modafinil a legal substance?

You will realize that this product is regulated as a controlled substance in most of the countries around the World, which means that Modafinil is not compared or rated anywhere near some of the prohibited drugs like the cocaine or heroin or anywhere close to the more complex drugs like amphetamine drugs like the Adderall and Ritalin.

However, there is some regulation of the drug to some extent. The reason behind this measure is to ensure that it is not so easy to misuse the product as it is easily available by getting access to it in any pharmacy or drug store that you walk into. That is why it is a prescription drug in the majority of the countries, that is you can only get the medication through a prescription from the doctor.

When you look at how the United States has scaled the drug, Modafinil is scaled at Number 4. The scale of 1-5 is used, when 1 is the most controlled substances and the least controlled substance being scaled at 5. This makes modafinil one of the least controlled substance in the United States.

Modafinil has very low potential that might lead to addiction or dependency, and that makes it not an illegal drug as it is also not targeted by the majority of the drug enforcement agencies. This is a guarantee that you will you will not be likely seized by customs when importing this substance, but then if you are having a problem importing modafinil in your region, you can easily import adrafinil which is a prodrug for modafinil.

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Top 10 Vendors of Modafinil

There are very many stores where one can buy modafinil but a lot of care needs to be taken as some of them will not be selling genuine products, but before you walk into this store to get this product, you will have to consider the following factors.

    • Customer support: How much is the dealer that you are dealing with the value of the customer? Is the supplier you are dealing cherish the customer relation? How is their response? Also factor in the mode of payment that the supplier would fancy.
    • Delivery: you will realize that we have supplier out there who offer free shipping services which will ensure that the product you have ordered reaches very quickly. It is also essential to find out whether the supplier you are dealing with offers replacement when your product gets lost on the way or if they offer to resend
    • Cost: Even though you will want the best product for the right price, you should make sure that the supplier prices are not too low or very expensive as the average price for a 200mg tablet is about 1 USD. Find out whether the stores give a discount or any other offers that you might take of advantage.

Here are some of the top 10 places where you can get genuine Modafinil this is both online and offline supplier that have been rated and proven to be in a position to get the right product to the consumers.

1. Afinil Express

afinil express modafinil vendor

    • Here you will not be able to procure this medication by the name Modafinil or even Armodafinil as they carry both the two medication is a very different brand. Modafinil goes with the brand name Modalert and Modvigil; the same applies to Armodafinil it goes with the name of Waklert and Artvigil
    • As far as packaging is concerned, each modafinil comes in a 200mg tablets and armodafinil is available in 150mg tablets.
    • Afinil express is one site that offers free shipping when you buy from them, that means the vendor will not need to be worried about the shipping charges.
    • They also have various payment mode, but the most preferred is buying using the bitcoin as it is very cheap because of the 20% discount they offer.

2. BuyMod

BuyMod modafinil vendor

    • This is one of the online vendors that stocks about four brands of modafinil and armodafinil
    • BuyMod is one of the most popular and reliable vendors because they have very standard and competitive prices of the two products compared to many of the online vendor that is out there.
    • The other advantage of buying your products from BuyMod is that their customer service is one of the best as they offer ten free pills with each order that you make.
    • Sipping is free with EMS
    • BuyMod also has Bitcoin discount of about 25% which is still very competitive.

3. ModafinilStar

ModafinilStar modafinil vendor

    • This is another perfect place to buy modafinil from as they sell Modalert, Waklert, and Modafi by Intas Pharmaceuticals.
    • When it comes to shipping, they also offer free shipping to almost every country not forgetting the United States, Australia, and the UK.
    • Their product is relatively cheap when you buy using the bitcoin as they offer 7 percent discount for first time customer and 10 percent discount for regular customers.
    • Their prices are one of the cheapest in the market with about 0.89 US Dollar for a 200mg tablet of modafinil. You will realize when you factor in this price and the bitcoin discount you will end up paying as little as 0.77 US dollars for a new customer and another 10 percent off for the existing customer.
    • The same as most vendors ModafinilStar give full refund and shipment this is in case your product get sized by customs they get lost.

4. ModafinilXLModafinilXL vendor

    • They are among the very few suppliers that stock variety of modafinil brands that is available in the market, they have one of the largest selection sizes with over six different brands that one can pick from this includes the like of Vilafinil by Centurion Pharma and Modafresh that is from Sunrise Remedies.
    • They offer free shipment when you purchase goods that are valued above 80 US dollars with express shipping being free for good that are worth over 150 US dollars. There are also free samples if one requires but, in this case, you will have to cater for the shipment charges.
    • ModafinilXL has a variety of payment modes that you can use your Master or Visa Card and Bitcoin which comes with a massive 35 percent discount.

5. Nootropic Depot

Nootropic Depot modafinil vendor

    • It is important to realize that this vendor does not sell Modafinil, but they have Adrafinil in stock, which as mentioned earlier is a pro-drug to modafinil this is because the product is metabolized with the liver into modafinil.
    • The most significant advantage of adrafinil is that unlike modafinil which is a controlled substance, Adrafinil is not meaning the chance of it being sized while it is being imported is very slim or none at all. It is an unscheduled product as it can pass any check similar to any choline powder.
    • The vendor offers the product in two forms that are in powder and capsules form, having said that it is advisable that you should always have a digital scale when you intend to buy the product in powder form.

6. Absorb Health

Absorb Health modafinil vendor

    • Absorb health is also another supplier who deals mostly in adrafinil and nootropics herbs. The nootropics that they do have comes in capsules forms most of the time, and at other time it is in stacks.
    • The adrafinil they have come in 300mg capsules. The product comes bottled in a different number ranging from 30 to a minimum of around 150 capsules.
    • They have one of the most significant discounts on some of their products with their bottle that contains 30 capsules going for about 1.10 US dollar per capsules and the bottle that contains 150 capsules goes for around 0.80 US dollars per capsules.
    • The discount that they are offering is on based on the available coupon that they have, that goes for about 5 percent off which will reduce the price to a great extent.

7. Sun Modalert

Sun Modalert Modafinil vendor

    • They are another online supplier but o
    • one that has strictly specialized in selling products from Sun Pharmaceuticals only.
    • The price of their Modafinil is one of the cheapest with a price of about 0.83 US dollars per 200 mg tablet.
    • Sun Modalert do offer free shipping and at the same time be able to ship again if the first shipment was either stolen or lost on the way. One of the thing that makes them stand out from the rest is the ability to stick to the time frame of delivery and offers a refund if the product delays from the time that was initially stipulated.
    • As far as the discount is concerned, they have a 10 percent discount on regular customers.

8. ModaPharma

ModaPharma Modafinil vendor

    • They are also an online supplier who sell Modafinil from a certain Pharmaceutical that is HAB Pharmaceuticals and Research Ltd with as Artvigil and Modalert.
    • They have s sure delivery; this is a free shipment that they have that is 100 percent proven to deliver the product without any worry. This will ensure that the customer assured that the product would reach them without any delay or inconveniences.
    • The reason as to why they are very sure of their delivery is because your packages are tracked all the time and in case it gets lost of the way ModaPharm will reship another one free of charges.

9. Pure Nootropics

Pure Nootropics modafinil vendor

  • Pure Nootropics is not like any other nootropic stores as they do not sell modafinil; what they have in stock is the prodrug adrafinil. Which is metabolized in the liver and once this is done it gives just the same effects as modafinil.
  • The product is available in two forms that are the power and capsules form.

10. Allday Up

AlldayUp modafinil vendor

    • They are among the very few suppliers who accept payment form by card, and it is mostly the MasterCard. They have other forms of payment apart from the card, and those are, E-Checks, gift cards, bitcoin, and Altcoin.
    • They have a large variety of products from Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil, and Artvigil as if this is not enough; they are also the only vendor in the market that allows the buyer to purchase piracetam.
    • Their price is one of the cheapest with one tablet going for about 0.75 US Dollars which makes them the most inexpensive online vendor. This is even spiced up when you buy the product with bitcoin or Altcoins as the price will drastically go down by about 30 percent. With the regular customer getting a 10 percent discount on top when you compute all that you will get a 40 percent discount on a product that was going for about 0.75 US Dollars per tablet making it go for a price of 0.45 US dollars.


There are several vendors out in the market both online and offline who sell Modafinil as with the common name of with different names but still get the same result in the long run. The customer should be cautious when considering which of the vendor to go for like the ten vendors above are some of the most reliable. You will realize that the majority of them have free shipment and full refund as this gives them more credibility. This article has only listed the best to find the user an easy time when choosing where to get the product from to guarantee them that they get the best value of the money for the product that they have purchased.