What Are SARMS?

SARMS is the short name for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators and were first developed in the 1940s. During this period, it was used for medical purposes such as the treatment of various diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, obesity, hypogonadism as well as several infections which lead to bone and muscle wasting. Usually, SARMS have a tremendous muscle building effect because of its “high affinity,” meaning that it has a more significant attraction to a receptor. Consequently, this results in a more potent chemical reaction within the body.

Furthermore, SARMS are very popular among athletes, fitness models, and bodybuilders because despite being similar to steroids, they are very useful in muscle growth as well as increasing fat loss. Nevertheless, the distinguishing factor is that SARMS, unlike anabolic steroids, are more selective in all its actions, thereby leading to fewer side effects. Therefore, with SARMS, users never have to worry about prostate problems, acne, imbalance issues, and virilization in females often caused by some steroids.

Different Types of SARMS

MK 677 (Ibutamoren)

It is an orally active, non-peptidic as well as a selective agonist of the secretagogue growth hormone receptor which boosts secretion. Additionally, it mimics the behavior of the ghrelin, that is, the hormone responsible for regulating appetite plus the distribution as well as the rate of energy use in the stomach, raising IGF-1 and growth hormone levels. Nevertheless, it does not interfere with the standards of cortisol.

  • According to research, Ibutamoren helps in increasing both bone mineral density and bone muscle mass, with a dosage of 25mg daily. Also, it has been proved to increase the levels of IGF-1 in humans by 60 percent within six weeks plus a 72 percent increase after 12 months.
  • Because MK 677 is non-hormonal, it does not need PCT once the cycle is over and its best used in at least a three-month cycle an increase in the dosage each month. Typically, the ideal dosing time for Ibutamoren is at night just before going to bed and slightly immediately after this, and you will start to realize deeper sleep.
  • Lastly, should you wake up in the morning with tingly or numb hands, you do not need to worry as this side effect is often experienced due to the extra GH in the system.

RAD 140

It is also known as Testolone and is one of the potent varieties of SARMS. Furthermore, this product is quite new, and research on it is still being carried out, but it shows consistent results on a user since its anabolic to androgenic ratio is 90:1. Typically, compounds with a high anabolic ratio are recommendable for building mass.

  • Thus, using RAD140 can aid a user to achieve lean muscles, plus it guarantees that the weight builder can acquire energy and minimize fat. Unlike other performance enhancers, this compound has minimum side effects on a user.
  • RAD140 eliminates adverse effects on the prostate or other areas of the body as having a high anabolic ratio makes it is safe for the user. It usually lasts in the body for 16 hours; thus, a user should consider using this compound twice a day. One should use 4mg to 12 mg, depending on their needs.


It is a common SARM which is very popular with bodybuilders for its benefits. It helps in maintaining lean muscles by facilitating the burning of fats, plus a person may use it to retain muscle mass while experiencing a caloric deficit. Moreover, it helps in boosting bone health since it increases bone density, plus a user can even acquire other benefits like improving their heart health.

  • One can use the compound for 6 to 1o weeks, and it lasts typically in the body for 24 hours; thus, one can use a single dose daily. Additionally, intake of protein-rich foods is essential as this helps in the prevention of a caloric deficit, plus the user needs to engage in regular exercises for him to achieve his set objectives fast.
  • Because Ostarine might tamper with natural testosterone production in the long term, it is necessary to have a SERM PCT. Usually, this supports the balance in hormone levels and ensures the consumer gets to enjoy the benefits of taking Ostarine. Finally, this compound can also lead to the gyno for some users, so one needs to have an AL at hand.

Types of SARMS

LGD 4033

It is quite similar to Ostarine, but even at a third the dosage, it still is potent by twelve times. Therefore, it suppresses the HPTA, that is, Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Testes-Axis, which is the system of the pituitary gland, hypothalamus as well as gonadal glands. All these play a crucial role both in the development and regulation of the immune and reproductive systems. Consequently, a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) is advised post therapy.

  • Whereas Ostarine is an ideal cutting agent, LGD is an excellent bulking agent and has a half-life which ranges between 24 to 36 hours. Thus, a daily dosage is necessary.
  • Nevertheless, LGD possesses the risk of possible increased estrogen levels, so an individual is always advised to have an AI such as Exemestane on hand.

How to apply SARMS in bodybuilding

SARMS are popular in the bodybuilding industry as they offer an array of solutions ranging from bulking, cutting, stacking to post cycle therapy. Typically, SARMS help in boosting protein synthesis, cater for muscle development and can assist in enhancing muscle mass. A bodybuilder can also benefit from speedy muscle recovery in case of an injury. Below are different ways to use SARMS in bodybuilding;


LGD 4033 is one of the best compounds for bulking as it helps a user achieve lean mass growth. Thus, by the end of the cycle, the user will have gained a few additional pounds. Bodybuilders use this compound to improve their physical abilities and shape.


Some bodybuilders are looking for ways to cut their weight by losing fat. Thus, the use of compounds such as Ostarine is one of the efficient means of losing calories while still maintaining a lean muscle. Bodybuilders use this compound to gain muscle strength, improve their shape, as well as gain endurance during work out sessions.

Post cycle therapy

PCT or Post-Cycle therapy is the short duration after the completion of SARMS when a person requires to balance drugs, nutrition as well as other specific compounds to regulate his or her hormones. Usually, the target may either be estrogen or testosterone as SARMS will affect the natural hormonal balance and in some case, secretion of some hormones.

  • Some of the SARMS like GW501516 are none-suppressive; thus, they support PCT. A user can also use Ostarine to prevent muscle loss; however, he always needs to be cautious about the dosage.


Bodybuilders are always looking for muscle gains as a means to measure progress. Thus, he requires an exceptional level of endurance while working out, and to this, they use Trenbolone and Ligandrol to enhance their performance. Moreover, Ostarine helps them in maintaining healthy soft tissues.

How Do SARMS work

The presence of testosterone in the body helps in enhancing masculine features such as facial hair, deep voices, muscle growth, among others. Testosterone is a hormone that binds with androgen receptors in the cells. It converts into DHT which then binds with androgen receptors to form estrogen. The body cannot sustain testosterone levels all the time due to factors such as aging. Therefore, one can use SARMS to act in place of testosterone. SARMs bind with androgen receptors. They contribute to healthy cells, speedy recovery, and tissue development by sending a message to the muscles triggering growth.

Is SARMS side-effect free?

Of course, every user will try and find out some of the effects of SARMs before usage in a bid to improve on their safety as there is no existing body regulating the production of SARMs. Therefore, many products are on the black market and prone to mislabeling and exploiting clients. For instance, persons using GW501517 as a SARM are misled as this compound is non-suppressive and can cause bloating as one of its side-effects.

Additionally, compounds such as Ostarine can alter the natural production of testosterone, so users should consider using PTC after a cycle. The same case applies to products such as LGD 4033 and Testolone.

In general, SARMs have the following effects on an individual;

  • Suppressing natural testosterone levels in the body– many types of SARMs will tamper with hormones in the body of an individual. Therefore, users should always consider having a PCT plan during and after usage.
  • Hair loss– using SARMs products can tamper with natural hair growth. They can contribute to hair loss.
  • Acne– The application of SARMS might result in acne one’s face, consequently affecting his or her self-esteem. So, when applying SARMS, it is crucial to be cautious.
  • Potential cancer threat– using SARMs such as Cardarine can expose an individual to cancer. Thus, it is vital to carry out thorough research on the side-effects before using any of these products.

Comparing SARMS and Steroids

It is quite easy to mistake SARMS for steroids. However, there exists a slight difference between these two, and these are;

  • Power- Steroids are more potent than SARMS hence more effective on muscle building.
  • Drug tests- during drug tests, various methods can pick up traces of traditional steroids fasts. It is different with SARMs as they are not easy to notice. However, a urine test can detect SARMs.
  • Side-effects- anabolic steroids can lead to extreme side effects. For instance, they can tamper with estrogen levels, cause hair loss, heart problems, insomnia, cane, prostrate complications, reproductive dysfunctional, joint, and hormone imbalance. Furthermore, the side effects of steroids side-effects can have permanent implications.
  • SARMs are different. They will only have back and headaches as side-effects. Thus, the organs of users will be safe from any harm. Again, these effects have no permanent bearing on the user’s health as these compounds will only suppress his testosterone levels for a while.
  • Recovery- Recovery from the use of SARMS is straightforward since they do not have permanent effects on the body. Likewise, one can use PCT and restore hormone balance, unlike steroids, which most likely will affect the body organs permanently.

SARMS Vs Steroids

Comparison Between SARMS and Prohormones

Introduction of prohormones to the market happened first. Nonetheless, testosterone supplements or steroids do not result in muscle growth effects realized by genuine steroids plus have similar adverse side effects, thereby making them dangerous for human consumption.

  • SARMS, however, is a somewhat of an improvement on anabolic steroids and can be taken orally hence reducing the testosterone blood levels effects. Likewise, it is believed to cure several illnesses which were treated with steroids and other medications earlier.
  • Lastly, SARMS show great promise as the ideal replacement of androgen as it produces comparable and desirable results on the muscle tissue like steroids.


Which SARMS Are the Strongest?

  • LGD-4033, RAD-140, S23, and YK11 are the most potent SARMS because they cause a more significant suppression, particularly when taken for an extended duration and at high dosages. Consequently, this results in the need to use a PCT to ensure hormonal imbalance within the body is not distorted to a great extent.

What Are the Side Effects of SARMS?

  • Usually, the side effects caused by SARMS are minimal, hence why people freely use it as they do not have to worry about any possible adverse effects. Nevertheless, if overdosed, a person might experience gynecomastia or shut down if he is currently susceptible to it.

Which Is the Best SARMS for Bulking?

  • Bulking refers to the building of the muscle size and the best SARMS to ensure this is achieved is the LGD-4033. However, the high dosage should always be avoided as this consequently leads to more side effects like testosterone suppression.

Which is The Best SARMS for Cutting?

Do SARMS require a PCT?

  • Therefore, the answer to whether SARMS require PCT is yes and no. The reason for this is there are several factors which one must consider to know whether or not a PCT is needed. These factors are for how long the SARMS has been used as well as the compound being taken, for instance, if a person has been taking 20mg of RAD140 for 12 weeks, he will experience more suppression than if he had taken 20 mg Ostarine for eight weeks. It is because, in comparison, RAD140 is much stronger in contrast to Ostarine.

Do SARMS Work?

  • SARMS, without a doubt, work productively and therefore play a critical role in helping especially bodybuilders and athletes attain their desired body size and shape.

What a User Should Know Before Purchasing SARMS

  • Users are advised to always consult with their doctors before buying SARMS, either for cutting or bulking to prevent experiencing any negative side effect because of taking these supplements. Furthermore, another critical thing persons always should consider is the dosage of these supplements, as they must never overdose as this might lead to adverse side effects.

My Opinion on SARMS

SARMS are excellent supplements which show positive results after use, thereby making them an ideal choice. However, people need to be more enlightened on the importance of sticking to the dosage to reduce the instances whereby individuals are experiencing adverse side effects and consequently starting to question the effectiveness of the product.

Bottom Line

In comparison to the prohormones and anabolic steroids, SARMS are much safer. Additionally, SARMS are showing promise in the prevention of muscle wasting, age-related diseases as well as a high and selective muscle activity. Subsequently, this leads to the stripping of the body and muscle gain without any negative side effect. However, because WADA still has banned this product, professional athletes need to avoid it, but for amateur bodybuilders aiming to add some muscle mass without any negative impact on his health, SARMS are a remarkable choice.