Kratom is a phenomenal herb having a lot of advantages and benefits. People use it to reduce anxiety, depression, and relief from pain all over the world.
Different strains are available in the market. Each strain has its particular qualities and effects including sedative and stimulating. Some consumers use it for energizing results in the body while others want soothing and relaxing feelings. Some are boosters while others are relaxants.

It is famous among people all over the world due to its useful results with no proper side effects. If you see the beneficial nature, there is no reason to leave it when you use the perfect dose on perfect time, but it’s abusive, and misuse of the drug can lead you towards the adverse consequences.

• Unfortunately, enough information is not available to every user about the strains and extracts. If used correctly and according to the instructions, it works mystic, and there is not even any reason to quit its use ever.
• You must collect useful information about everything about the herb including strain’s effects, benefits, side effects, and withdrawal symptoms.
• Lack of knowledge can spoil your experience and lead you towards severe problems due to wrong dose and wrong manner. You have no choice but to leave the consumption and end up with many side effects. But it can bring severe outcomes if you suddenly and abruptly stop using the strain you were regularly using before.

Common Reasons For Using Kratom:

People use Kratom for many reasons. Every strain has different effects and nature plus every individual reacts differently according to his body chemistry, metabolism, consumption manner, and dose. Some usual results are;

• Stress relief
• Stimulation of brain
• Mood Boost
• Improving focus
• Calming the mind
• Good sleep
• Achieving euphoria
• Painkilling effect
• Help in opiate withdrawal
• Health elevation

Calm mind

Side Effects:

Kratom can reduce anxiety, relieve pain, lower blood pressure and ease the feeling of depression, control stress, and eliminate worry. In normal conditions, you will not experience the side effects. However, misuse can cause adverse reactions which become a strong reason for quitting the dose. Some of the opposing forces contain:

• A minor headache
• Stomach trouble
• Wobbles
• Mental Fog
• Bad sleep
• Anxious emotional state

You can decide to stop the dosage to lower the tolerance depends upon the frequency and potency of the side effects that you experienced.


If you correctly intake the herb, it will not push you towards addiction and craving. However, Strains are moderately caused by dependence. Though, you cannot become addictive if you take the perfect dose at the right time. Occasionally it creates the effects which are similar to opioids but is not an opiate in real.

Withdrawal Syndrome:

The moment you use Kratom, and it mixes in your blood circulation system, the harmony of your brain changes.
If you stop in taking the dose, you may experience a state comparable to the opiate withdrawal because Kratom can work on the opiate receptors present in the brain and you may feel symptoms such as:

• A runny nose
• Myalgia
• Anger
• Mood swings
• Pain in bones
• Joint soreness
• Shaky movements
• Intense behavior

Always start with a low dose and keep the quantity small as it helps in easing and managing the withdrawal syndrome. Moderate amount keeps you safe and avoids dependence and tolerance which occurs in extreme circumstances only, for example, if someone is using the extracts or strains for years in an excessive dose.

Right Way To Quitting The Use:

Quitting Kratom

If you want to leave the strain permanently, you must take proper medical help to avoid any severe reaction from your body system.
Therapy Sessions:

• At times, medical aid and techniques are not sufficient to help you in quitting the use. In such a situation you need therapy to get rid of sad thoughts, stressed feelings and mental issues as well as cope with the misuse.

Medical Help:

• Medical specialist supervision is the right option to control the misery of withdrawal effects in a better way.
• In some cases, quitters suffer from psychiatric signs hence producing a relapse, in this situation medical help with different treatments and therapies as necessary to control the situation in the proper way.


• It is a process in which toxins and harmful substances are removed from your body to recover brain chemistry balance slowly. The procedure helps in step by step lowering the amount of the dosage that you consumed making sure that the removal symptoms do not produce in your body.
• Abrupt termination of the drug can produce a bounce effect on the brain; that’s why you have to gradually low the dose to eliminate the dependence and eventually quit it.
• Kratom creates a euphoric state because neurotransmitters rate becomes high in the brain when you take the dose.

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The extremely high dose can produce tolerance and overdose can bring severe side effects. Sometimes you feel nausea, laziness, lethargy which occurs due to the lack of an appropriate diet, deficiency in the satisfactory workout, and dehydration. You should adopt a healthy daily routine, no matter either you use the strains or not. If the fit lifestyle is not reducing the adverse effects, it is time to quit!