Are you interested in purchasing kratom online via a reliable source? If so, we have the correct store for you. The Golden Monk is home to several different varieties of Kratom and is by far one of the diverse options that one could ever consider. If there is a particular type of kratom that you are interested in trying, you should know that chances are the company has it available for you to purchase. We aren’t kidding when we mention they have a wide variety to choose from as it is very much real and just one of the many perks that those who are customers of The Golden Monk will receive.

Who are they?

This seems to be a question that many prospective customers seem to ask. They want to know the details regarding the company and what they stand for. Luckily we have the answer to this loaded question and hope that it helps those who seem to be curious about the origins of the company. To answer the question, we will begin with the fact that the company is a premium kratom supplier based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

They sell a variety of products such as powder and encapsulated kratom. The company seems to firmly believe and vouch for the fact that customers who shop with the company once are customers for life due to the level of customer service that they are sure to receive. It is also of importance to note that the company only sells products that are of the highest quality and meet the strict qualifications that they have set for themselves.

How did The Golden Monk become an established company?

The company is relatively new and was recently established within the past few years. This may scare some as they feel that the company isn’t experienced, but that could not be further than the truth. While the company may not have years of experience under their belt, they do have the willpower and ability to become one of the leading merchants in the uber-competitive world of Kratom. We have no doubts that the company will continue to rise in the ranking and become an even more widely established company among customers.

How useable is the website?

The website is set up in a very user-friendly way. Each section is marked, making it very easy for customers to locate the products that they wish to purchase. The overall graphic design of the website is excellent, as well. You can tell that The Golden Monk truly put a lot of time and consideration into how they wanted their storefront to look. It is a very professional site, which in turn attracts a ton of customers as other Kratom vendor websites seem to be a bit lacking in detail.

What type of products is available for purchase via The Golden Monk?

The Golden Monk offers a variety of different kratom related products that one can purchase. This storefront is particularly high for those who wish to buy in bulk as the sizes of the packages offered more often than not lean towards being bigger packages. The product catalog is bursting with tons of different varieties of items, including those that are typically harder to locate, such as Horned Leaf Kratom. The products sold seem to be of high quality, and the many reviews found on various websites seem to agree.

the golden monk products

There are six specific different categories for the various strains of the kratom sold. These categories include

Kratom capsules are also sold and are the preferred ingestion method for many people.

  • Each strain has its unique benefits that consumers will enjoy, but it is up to them to select the correct strain for their needs, or they could end up disappointed.

Taking a closer look at the two most popular strains that the company sells, Red vein and White vein, one will see that they are very similar. Despite that, there is one big difference between the strains, and that would be how the kratom is sourced. This may not be a big issue for some, but some customers enjoy knowing this information as it can affect the reported side effects they will get from consuming the substance.

Does The Golden Monk offer any particular products?

They do! The company offers a few different unique products that are sure to excite customers. The most special and notable of all products would most definitely have to be the CBD Hemp Flower, kratom powder.

  • This is because it is super hard to find product, but The Golden Monk has a stock of it in at all times. They have a few different varieties of the CBD hemp flower, and all are very affordable when compared to other retailers. Pricing starts at $30 but quickly shoots up to the pricier option of a few hundred dollars. It is relatively rare that you will see a company offering CBD flowers for sale, so it is particularly special. The excellent pricing makes it an even more important, new special deal.
  • Perks of this exclusive product include anti-inflammatory properties, painkilling, and the ability to act as a sedative. It is vital that users are completely aware of the fact that this product contains none of the substance known as THC. This means that adverse effects will be minimal, with little to no chance of the user becoming addicted or dependant on the product for everyday usage. If users are looking for a great source of natural pain relief, this is an option that they should truly consider.

What is the overall quality of the products sold by The Golden Monk?

This is an excellent question. Many seem to be very curious about the quality of the products offered by The Golden Monk and for a good reason. They are spending their hard earned money and want to ensure that the products that they are purchasing are high in quality and will deliver the promised effects. It wouldn’t make much sense to buy a product that wasn’t up to the high standards and expectations that one may have set. Luckily, quality does not seem to be an issue when it comes to the wide variety of products offered by The Golden monk. To our understanding and knowledge, it appears that all of the products are of the highest quality and many reviews from past customers would suggest the same judgment.

Does the Kratom retailer have a wide variety of products to choose from?

It is genuine that the company has a vast amount of different strains that one can pick and choose from to find the perfect one for their needs. There are six main categories located on the website that include popular strains. Once you have selected a specific strain that you would like to try or are interested in, you will be able to choose from several different sub-categories. In doing this, you will be aware of so many more options than having initially been available.

What payment methods can I use when browsing The Golden monk?

As with any other online retailer, it is common to wonder whether or not the company accepts a particular payment method. The process of finding this information can be very frustrating and cause a headache. We know that feeling all too well, and as a result, have tried our very best to source this information for prospective customers.

The company claims to accept PayPal, any major credit or debit card, electronic checks, and even apple pay. This gives customers a variety of ways in which they can pay for their goods. Hopefully having this information helps those who had concerns regarding whether or not they would be able to purchase the Kratom they wanted with their preferred payment method.

Where can I find coupon codes?

Everybody would like to save money at any chance they get, so it should come as no surprise that almost every single retailer provides a coupon code or sale deal from time to time. To find the coupon codes that you are interested in finding there are a few different methods, you can use.

The biggest thing is to check the storefront’s webpage regularly. This is typically the place where most companies decide to advertise any current coupon codes or sale that may be going on at a particular time. Another tip would be to check out the social media accounts for The Golden monk.

This is because previously, the company has shared an abundance of coupon codes via this method. Here’s to saving money on your purchases! Coupon codes have reportedly been used to boost sales as people who are saving money are more likely to spend the amount they had initially planned on. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved, for sure.

What are the shipping and return policies for this particular shop?

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Shipping and return policies can vary wildly from store to store, so it is vital that one knows about the policies in place at each place they shop. It can help cut down on an immense amount of frustration and confusion. Luckily, the return process at The Golden Monk is reasonably straightforward. All the customer has to do is contact the customer support team with any questions or concerns that they might have regarding their purchase. From that point forward, the customer service team will reply to you with a printable return shipping label that will cover the cost of shipping the product back. The customer will then print out the label and drop the package off at their nearest post office at their earliest convenience.

  • In the case of only wanting a refund, customers will likely be asked to return the product to the company first. Once that has occurred, a customer service representative will get back in touch to issue a confirmation of refund and product return.
  • Customers again will be given access to pay for a shipping label to return the product. This is because the company feels that customers shouldn’t have to take on any extra charges due to simply not liking or receiving a defective product. The process is straightforward and was created with the best interest of the customer in mind.

What is the customer service like provided by The Golden Monk?

The customer service at The Golden monk is genuinely exceptional. They go above and beyond to ensure that every customer has the very best experience possible. Even though the vendor is generally pretty small when compared to other vendors that sell kratom, they have one of the very best customer support teams as of this time. The reps are more than happy to assist a customer with any problem or issue that they may be having. All previous reviews made by customers that specifically mention the customer service team goes into great detail about how helpful and courteous the specific people they talked to were. It is safe to say that the company takes customer service to an extreme and want the very best for their customers despite the circumstances.

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  • As far as online Kratom vendors go, this is by far one of the best options that one could consider for their needs. While the company is relatively new, they have the determination and focus on customers to be as successful as possible.
  • Those who decide to use The Golden Monk are sure to be pleased with the vast variety of kratom to order right at their fingertips and the insanely low prices. The shop is continually growing and making strides to become one of the better-known kratom vendors within the United States. We hope that this guide has provided you with helpful information regarding the Golden Monk.