What is Stenabolic SR-9009?

Stenabolic SR-9009 is a synthetic drug that was created to study, and ultimately influence (improve) the body’s circadian rhythm. Improvement of the circadian rhythm has many benefits, chief of which are that it would positively impact a person’s weight, endurance, and reduce cholesterol levels. However, it has not been tested in humans yet, and so these are merely hearsay claims, although many users swear by its effects. If this supplement is ever cleared for human consumption, it would officially improve all aspects of a person’s workout, and make it more effective.

  • What are circadian rhythms, and why are they important? The circadian rhythm refers to the twenty-four-hour cycle that our bodies follow to perform its natural functions, which follow the rise and fall of the sun. Our body’s circadian rhythm is performed, like clockwork, by turning specific genes on and off–at the rise and fall of each rhythm.
  • The CLOCK and BMAL1 genes are turned on by the circadian rhythm, and in turn, they turn on the genes PER and CRY. It is PER and CRY that turns off CLOCK and BMAL1, at which point the circadian rhythm begins anew. This cycle takes twenty-four hours to complete. These genes are necessary to sustain the entire system.

Stenabolic SR-9009 was developed by Professor Thomas Burris, of The Scripps Research Institute. While it is not a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator), it does share many similarities with that type of supplemental drug. However, Stenabolic influences the Rev-Erba ligand (two different proteins), more than anything else.

To put it, the supplement Stenabolic spends more of its time-binding proteins within your body than anything else. This means that Stenabolic can stimulate and regulate your body’s proteins, which is what makes it very interesting when it comes to how it can benefit your body. In this case, Stenabolic has been shown to influence the body’s circadian rhythms, as well as stimulate a person’s lips and glucose receptors, as well as fat cells.

Stenabolic S9009 Overview

  • a synthetic drug that influences the circadian rhythm
  • improves endurance, reduces weight by increased fat burning, and lowers cholesterol levels
  • is not a SARM, although has some similarities because it does not affect the reproductive organs
  • stimulates the Rev-Erba Ligand proteins within your body to influence the body’s circadian rhythms

What is a Rev-Erba Ligand?

Rev-Erba ligand is two proteins that influence the continuation of the body’s circadian rhythm by stimulating the BMAL1 genes to turn off. Stenabolic’s influence on the Rev-Erba proteins is that it boosts their activity to be even more significant, to have more of an impact on the body’s rhythms. As the belief goes, enhance and greater stimulation of these proteins will lead to greater endurance of the body.

Rev-Erba Ligands Overview

  • stimulates circadian rhythm by turning off the BMAL1 genes
  • Rev-Erba Ligand proteins are stimulated further after a person takes a dosage of Stenabolic to increase this process
  • leads to greater endurance, increased energy, and fat burning

How Does Stenabolic Work?

When a person takes a dose of Stenabolic, this supplement begins the process of activating and binding the Rev-Erb proteins. This process is started by stimulating further production of mitochondria, which further stimulates the body’s metabolism. As mitochondria levels are increased, endurance and strength will be increased. Tests run on animals (mice) showed that they experienced up to a 50% increase in their endurance after being dosed with Stenabolic. As the metabolism is stimulated and improvements, as a by-product of that action, so will the amount of fat that your body burns. This action allows it to decrease fat and cholesterol levels within your body.

How Does Stenabolic Work

Stenabolic Advantages Overview

  • activates and binds Rev-Erb proteins to enhance the body’s metabolism by simulating mitochondria production
  • enhanced metabolism increases the amount of body fat that is burned off via the excess energy
  • cholesterol levels are also decreased as a by-product

The Rev-Erb proteins are a vital process here. While they are capable of turning off the BMAL1 gene, that is not the total of their contributions. The BMAL1 gene influences the body’s sleeping patterns, as well as the body’s overall energy. The Rev-Erb proteins can do this because they are located and created within the body’s liver, muscles, and fat tissue. 90% of all genes within the (animal testing) body is directly influenced and stimulated by Rev Erb proteins.

  • Individually, these proteins (while contained in the liver) can deactivate glucose genes, while not affecting the body’s insulin production. It can also reduce inflammation levels that are present when fat production cells are created.
  • The proteins that have been found in the muscles are what increases mitochondria production and reduces the number of damaged mitochondria present within the muscles, which increases fat burning in general. Lastly, within the fat cells, Rev-Erb proteins can turn off fat-storing genes, which decreases the amount of fat that the body holds onto for an extended time.

Rev-Erb Proteins Overview

  • influence the body’s sleeping patterns and overall energy
  • located within the liver, fat tissue, and muscles
  • within the liver, they deactivate glucose genes; do not affect insulin production
  • also reduces inflammation levels in the fat cells
  • increases mitochondria production reduces the number of damaged mitochondria present
  • increases body’s fat-burning, as muscles produce more mitochondria
  • turns off fat-storing genes, which allows a person to get rid of fat easier

Overall, Stenabolic S-9009 is an interesting supplement that is not quite a SARM, nor is it an anabolic steroid–which is a boost for its possible side effects. Its influence on the body’s natural rhythm, particularly the Rev-Erb protein is exciting and not typical of the usual muscle building supplement. When you use Stenabolic to enhance your musculature, it might be useful if you were aware of your natural circadian rhythm, and understand how taking this supplement might change it.

Benefits of Using Stenabolic

The benefits of using Stenabolic as a muscle building and weight loss supplement are immeasurable, as noted by several users.

  1. First and foremost, many users have reported that they have lost weight and built up a significant amount of muscle while taking Stenabolic for a cycle. During original research and studies, overweight mice who were dosed with Stenabolic were shown to have stopped gaining weight within two weeks of ingesting their first dosage. During these same tests, it was also shown to have reduced levels of glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids.
  2. Next, Stenabolic boosts a person’s overall endurance, due to its effect on the body’s mitochondria levels, particularly in the muscles. This improves their energy and endurance.
  3. Third, the use of Stenabolic can decrease the amount of inflammation a body suffers through or tolerates at most. This supplement, through animal testing, has been shown to reduce TNF-alpha levels, which in turn reduces inflammation–particularly in the lungs and nerve cells.
  4. Fourth, Stenabolic can also soften blood vessels, e.g., reverse and/or reduce the effects of atherosclerosis within a matter of weeks.

Like its most obvious, yet most crucial benefit, taking Stenabolic can improve your energy immensely, to the point to where you can use it to stay up if you wanted–or needed to. Once taken, it has been shown to reduce REM sleep, which helps with alertness. This factor could mainly be a benefit to those who have to exercise late at night or at any other inconvenient time.

It also has been shown to have a positive effect on those who suffer from anxiety. Stenabolic has been described as having similar results as a benzodiazepine.

Lastly, Stenabolic can also help heal tissue damage, particularly in the lungs. It has been shown to help heal the damages from Fibrosis, e.g., lung tissue damage.

Benefits of Using Stenabolic Overview

  • lose weight, gain muscle
  • reduces levels of glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, and free fatty acids
  • boosts endurance, by way of increasing mitochondria levels
  • reduces inflammation through the reduction of TNF-alpha levels, in the lungs and nerve cells
  • reverse and/or reduce the effects of atherosclerosis
  • increases energy, while reducing the need for REM sleep
  • can help reduce anxiety levels in general
  • can heal damaged tissues, particularly in the lungs

Overall, there is a consensus that if it could ever be brought to official human testing, Stenabolic could do some real good for people, beyond “only” building up muscles and improving energy in people’s bodies. Because of its ability mentioned above to reduce triglyceride and glucose levels, it could be a beneficial treatment in the case of those who have Type II diabetes. It can also be used to help treat sarcopenia, a muscle wasting disease, as well as obesity (particularly those who are having trouble shifting large amounts of fat) and high cholesterol.

Overall Medical Benefits of Stenabolic Overview

  • treat Type II diabetes
  • treat sarcopenia, a muscle wasting disease
  • obesity and reduce levels of cholesterol

Potential Side Effects From Using Stenabolic

As with any supplement, food, or drink you ingest into your body, there are possible side effects that you need to be aware of. Some of these side effects are not considered to be side effects at all, because Stenabolic has never been tested on human beings before, but even the slightest side effect that was uncovered during the development of the supplement should be discussed.

  • Officially, there are no side effects, although there is some slight rumbling about the effects it has on the liver/liver enzymes, even though there are no toxins dumped into the liver following the use of the supplement. A few other supplements to support liver function would not hurt, however.
  • Users online have reported that they have suffered insomnia, but that seems few and far between, in terms of as being regarded as a real symptom.

Thankfully, this supplement does not try to influence or interact with any of the body’s hormones/reproductive organs, so taking PCT or Prison will not be a concern.

Potential Side Effects Overview

  • perhaps some effect on the liver and/or liver enzymes; a few supplements to help support liver function wouldn’t hurt
  • some reported cases of insomnia

Dosage and Usage of Stenabolic

There is no official dosage schedule, as it was said earlier that this product had not been tested officially by officials.

  • However, most users have reported that they use between 20 mg and 30 mg, a day. The half-life is very short, so if one takes 30 mg, they will need to take it every three to four hours.
  • However, 20 mg to 30 mg is the type of dosage a very experienced user takes. It has been suggested, for beginners, that they take only 10 mg.

The cycle lasts eight weeks long, and it is recommended that you take eight weeks off to not grow too dependent on its effects.

Dosage of Stenabolic Overview

  • experienced users take 20 mg to 30 mg, a day, for eight weeks
  • beginner users are encouraged to take only 10 mg
  • the cycle lasts eight weeks, and it is helped that you go eight weeks before using the supplement again

Testimonials Regarding Stenabolic Use

Testimonials are compelling. After all, they are why you are reading this blog article. Knowing every possible advantage and disadvantage over something you want to try, particularly regarding your health, is a worthy investment of your time, especially. And while you will never get the full picture from an online review, or even multiple reviews, but you can always at least see which way the “wind” is blowing in gardens to the benefits and side effects that could affect you and your health. Educating yourself with firsthand experience and knowledge is key to any decision you make regarding your health, after all.

Users testimonial


  1. “I feel it immediately. With SR9009 it’s like there’s this little “pop” of alertness. It can cause insomnia (which happened to me), and might explain that “pop” like a flash of “it’s daytime!”
  2. “I’ve used it a bit. The energy and stamina increases are pretty pronounced.”
  3. “It gives nice increases to endurance, but feels different than a traditional stimulant.”
  4. “Didn’t feel much.”
  5. “I immediately felt the effects! I felt more alert, and this increased my ability to stay active during the day. However, I did get insomnia, but that was the only side effect I’ve felt so far.”
  6. “I’ve been a strongman for years. Because of this, I used to suffer through pain and inflammation every time I exercised. Stenabolic helped me go the extra mile during workouts while making the inflammation easier to bear.”
  7. “Regardless of what I tried to lower my blood pressure, my efforts were in vain. That’s when a friend of mine recommended Stenabolic. I could not believe how fast it had improved my lipid profile!”
  8. “I’ve used it a couple of times. I must say my stamina, and overall energy got a pretty good boost.“
  9. “I would recommend Stenabolic to people who are into CrossFit and heavy lifting. Now I feel as if my energy and stamina are never going to run out.”
  10. “My weight dropped by 17 pounds in less than three months. I can say the same thing for my waist size, as I’ve gone down by three sizes. All in all, Stenabolic is now my favorite compound for fat loss.”
  11. “Using Stenabolic feels completely different compared to other stimulants out there. Plus, my endurance has increased significantly since I started using it.”
  12. Being a long distance runner, it was hard for me to break my 20-minute record on my 5K runs. Same goes for breaking my 1:40 mark during half marathons. Having been stuck for two years, I finally tried Stenabolic, and it helped me set new personal records, even though I am 40 years old.”
  13. “I didn’t feel the effects that much.

Stacking Stenabolic with Other Supplements

One of the most popular stacking methods is Stenabolic with Ligandrol Anabolicum (10 mg to be exact). This stack might not be the best to use with Cardarine, because they use the same receptors.

Best Supplements

  • Another is after you take between 5 mg and 20 mg of Stenabolic, you could add in 20 mg of Cardarine.
  • If you want to recomp, there is a stack that might be able to help you with that. Take 25 mg of Stenabolic, Ostarine Ostabolic, plus 10 mg of Testolone per day.
  • If you are not stacking and wish to reap the long term benefits of Stenabolic, you could also take between 5 and 20 mg dosages of Stenabolic to continue receiving the benefits of the supplement.

Stacking Stenabolic Overview

  • Stenabolic + Ligandrol Anabolicum, 10 mg per day
  • take between 5 mg and 20 mg, then add 20 mg of cardarine
  • take 25 mg of Stenabolic, Ostarine, and 10 mg of Testolone

Stenabolic has been compared to Cardarine, mainly because they have a similar methodology–both of these supplements target fat and help increase your energy and endurance. However, that is where the similarities end, like Cardin, has an extremely long half-life of around twenty-four hours, or so the gossip says, while Stenabolic is a lot shorter, barely lasting more than three or four hours, per half-life. This is why taking Stenabolic can be a pain that some would prefer to avoid–it all depends on your personal life because taking Stenabolic you will need the supplement needed multiple times a day. Some also combine the two–using Stenabolic as a pre-workout “boost,” while Cardarine has been used to help the body burn fat all day long, even after a hard workout.


Stenabolic is a beneficial supplement for aiding in muscle building, overall weight loss, and just a general increasing endurance of energy and strength. Hopefully, the other potential uses, particularly medicinal, will be approved one day, for the greater good of people’s health. Education and educating yourself is key to using this supplement safely, like every other supplement. If you have insomnia already, perhaps using this supplement isn’t for you. It is up to you to decide what your body can tolerate and what you can handle. It may not be the right supplement for you, due to reasons beyond your control. This does not mean it is a wrong supplement to use, just not right for you.

While it is not a SARM, it is a reasonably useful supplement, mainly because it does not target your reproductive organs, e.g., your testosterone or estrogen levels, so you have very little to fear that you will, somewhere in the future, die from cancer.

However, if you already have trouble sleeping or maintaining a regular schedule, Stenabolic might not be the right supplement for you, since it directly stimulates the genes that hold the entirety of your circadian rhythm in check and makes sure it is working correctly–in this case, “too” properly.

Stenabolic has not been cleared for human testing, and we have no idea of knowing when that will ever be. If you decide to use this supplement, as with any other supplement, we will urge caution. Know and understand your body and your body’s reactions. Pay attention. If you do not feel well within a few days after taking your first dosage, either stop the supplement entirely or experiment a little. If you can lower the dosage, do so. That may be the most natural solution to an immeasurable amount of solutions from problems that have not even been thought of yet. If you find yourself too affected by the supplement, then you can stop taking it and change to something else. One truly negative mark against the supplement is its very short half-life, especially in comparison to its “twin” supplement, Cardarine. Perhaps Cardarine would be a better fit for you–or vice versa. Whatever it is, Stenabolic is a supplement that seemingly works, and with minimal side effects at that. That is the best anyone can ask of a supplement.