Nowadays, it’s quite a challenge to find high-quality Sarms in market. The reason for this is because almost every vendor wants to amass wealth through the sell of Sarms without considering whether the compounds are genuine or not. Finding a legitimate source to supply you with Sarms is, therefore, a massive headache. But did you know that we still have suppliers who are still up and running sell of Sarms in the most professional way? A perfect example of such a company is the Southern Sarms.

A lot of people question about Southern Sarms products, and that is why we have decided to take an independent review of this company and try to analyze what they do differently from other Sarms vendors.

Website Usability

When you first land on the Southern Sarms website, you met pictures of Sarms bottles with tags indicated “BUY NOW” on various areas of the website. All these pictures make the site look tackier though it portrays a different outlook that looks more appealing from the rest. Additionally, apart from images of bodybuilder and gym equipment, the website seems fantastically designed, implying that best brains were in place during its development.

On the website, you will further get clearly labeled links that direct to different products that Southern Sarms sells to customers. Additionally, they are links that direct you to FAQs, Contact-us as well as new product pages. Any beginner or learner visiting Southern Sarms website needs no assistance since the site itself is simple to navigate, uses simple words to understand, and all links are clearly labeled.

Products Available

Southern Sarms website contains a great selection of Sarms products. Most of the products you will find in this website are those found on other sites though pictures are customized to look more attractive. When selection is concerned, Southern Sarms offers the following products.

  • S4 (Andarine)
  • YK-11
  • RAD-140
  • ACP-105
  • S-23
  • LGD-4033
  • GW-501516
  • MK-677

Additionally, Southern Sarms has the SERMs and AIs that includes the following;

  • Letrozole
  • Raloxifene
  • Tamoxifen
  • Anastrozole


Apart from Sarms products, Southern Sarms makes it easier for newcomers to have information on what they are about to buy. What this means is that they provide a detailed description of their products and the effects those products have on the body of the user. Even though under their website, you will not find information about workout once you take their Sarms, the information provided is sufficient and of great help to almost everyone.

Special Products

Apart from Sarms products that are sold by any other vendor out there, Southern Sarms sells products like SERMs. SERMs stands for Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators and work under the same principle as Sarms. SERMS give a similar effect in that they focus on estrogen and work to lower its impacts. Since most Sarms website and indeed vendors focus on Sarms only, Southern Sarms is an ideal place to make trials for other products.

Payment Methods

When you compare the mode of payment for Southern Sarms with other websites, you realize it’s moderately fair and less complicated. They offer a variety of methods for customers to submit their payments. They accept Visa, Bitcoin, Bank checks, MasterCard, and Discover cards. Having a different payment option makes Southernsarms look more legit when compared to scam debates.

Coupons Codes

In Southern Sarms, there are different promotions and discounts or coupons one can use. When you first make your way into the website, a popup coupon is offered to you, giving you a certain percentage off your total. If you want to increase the number of discounts, you have the liberty to sign up for emails and newsletters where you will enjoy more discounts altogether.


Shipping and Return Policies

Southern Sarms website is more standard when shipping and return policies are concerned. They give free shipping in the whole world for orders that are over $200. They work in ensuring that researching companies buy products rather than single clients/customers. Even if free shipping to products beyond $200 does not keep off individual customers, it ensures that incentive of buying and buying again goes low. Customers can buy in bulk, sell while at the same time give the manufacturer time to reassemble more.

Shipping takes the shortest time possible. At most it takes 2 -5 days and the rates are incredibly speedy. Another advantageous of the shipping process is that you can track your order status efficiently. Tracking of orders non-available in Sarms business, so this acts as a great tool to customers. Researchers who work with deadlines see the act of monitoring their rules more critical since they can determine when to start up their projects once the cargo arrives.

Southern Sarms return policy is nonstandard. What this means is that it’s unfortunate since unlike most Sarms websites, they contain no return policy. Section of this is due to the nature of products they sell where companies offer consumers more in the refund process. Southern Sarms on it apart only gives refund if a problem or damage occurred on products during shipping.

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Customer Service

Southern Sarms has the best customer service in Sarms business. They respond to emails starting from 10 am to 4 pm EST and pick up phone calls from 2 pm to 5 pm EST. Besides having a small window to engage customers, they have other methods customers can use to channel their queries. In most Sarms websites, you will find two channels, but Southern Sarms has at least three. The first mode is by filing an electronic form and submit, the second option is the use of direct email, and the third option is making a phone call. A phone call is an added advantage since it’s rarer to find such in other Sarms websites.


Southern Sarms is a perfect website to give a trial when in need to purchase SARMs or the SERMs. Even though it contains its pros and cons, it provides a good experience in online business. If you want a company that will give you the very best service in Sarms, making Southern Sarms your next home is the very best decision you can make.