What comes to your mind when you hear about smoking etizolam? Most people think that it is wrong or other illegal to engage in such a habit. What people forget is that not all times will people smoke for fun. At times, it is a way of seeking solutions to life problems. Etizolam is not just smoked as others would do to cigarettes. Well, some people would smoke it for fun while others will do it for health benefit. The major health benefit to expect from smoking this drug is to help solve sleep disorders as well as extreme anxiety.

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How to smoke etizolam

Smoking etizolam is not complicated at all. There are two significant ways of smoking that drug but which gives the best results.

1. Rolling it in a piece of paper

  • The most common method of smoking etizolam is by rolling it on a hard piece of paper then lighting one end of the paper. Once you do this, you can now puff the other end so that the smoke can get to your mouth and come out through the nostril.
  • The paper you chose to use in this case should be a hard one which will not consume faster than that of the drug itself. This is the method that most people use in the smoking cigarette.

Smoke etizolam

However, if you are not comfortable in making your roll of this drug for smoking, you can opt for the once which are being sold already parked. These might be more expensive than when you use the powder alone. However, if this is what works best for you, do not hesitate to go for it.

2. Smoking the powder directly

  • Another way which is not very common is the powder smoking directly. The powder has to be very fine so that you can use it without chocking you. Once you have the excellent powder, place it on the tip of a spatula, spoon or even a knife and then put it directly on your nostril.
  • Within a short time, you will start feeling the effect. However, when you place it on the nostril, depending on the potency of the drug you are using, you may end up sneezing. It should yet not worry you.

How safe is it to smoke etizolam

Well, smoking etizolam cannot be claimed to be a hundred percent safe. It is only safe when done in the right dosage and according to the doctor’s prescription. Smoking is linked to several effects which makes it unsafe to a larger extent. Here are the effects which make the smoking of this drug unsafe when used in the wrong way:

1. Drowsiness

  • Smoking etizolam is greatly associated with drowsiness. Once you smoke it, you are most likely to see things which do not really exist. You will feel sleepy even immediately after waking up. This can hinder your performance of your daily activities.
  • You will always feel that you should leave what you are supposed to be doing and if possible engage in other lazing activities like sleeping or even being sited somewhere and practically do nothing. Anything that makes you operate abnormally is unsafe for your life.

2. Blurred speech

  • Users of the drug have also reported that they were not able to speak clearly after smoking it. Their speech ware blurred as if they were under the influence of alcohol. In such a situation, communication becomes poor, and so such a person cannot be entrusted with any duty. If anything, even what he is saying cannot be heard.
  • In so doing, it becomes so unfair for the user since it is a way of losing opportunities. Continual smoking may even make the blurred speech to become permanent.

3. A headache

  • Why should someone take something which can cause a headache for fun? The fun should not convert into any form of pain. Smoking etizolam leads to a headache.
  • If a headache is a result, there is nothing that such a person can do. This guarantees the smoking of the drug to be unsafe. Since it makes the user uncomfortable, it is better if it is not used.

4. Respiratory disorders

  • Another challenge associated with this drug is that it causes respiratory disorders. The smoke which is breathed in by the user corrodes the respiratory tract of the user. Once this happens, respiratory disorders are given room.
  • Diseases like lung cancer and other respiratory diseases can now develop in an individual. This effect makes the smoking of this drug unsafe. Well, as you start taking it, you might think that it is safe before the results are evidenced. However, once the effects are evidenced, it might be challenging for the person to get a solution to the condition.

Precautions to the smoking of etizolam

Precautions to smoking of etizolam

Every drug must be taken with lots of care if the user has a sense of value to self. Taking any drug carelessly can cause harm to the user. Therefore, there are precautions which must be put in place when smoking etizolam. Here are some of the precautions:

1. Use according to the doctor’s prescription

  • As discussed before, etizolam is a natural solution to problems like anxiety and sleep disorders. This means that at some point in your life, the doctor may recommend the smoking of this drug as the source of the expected solution.
  • If this happens, it becomes your duty to go by the doctor’s prescription. Taking too much of it may call for the unwanted side effects and dangers. All you need is to be as responsible as you were when going for medical assistance when using the drug.

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2. Do not overdose

  • No definite dose can be said to be relevant to all individuals. Each person has a given amount to use based on several factors like the level of experience in using the drug, the gender, and age of the user.
  • It means that you are the right person to state the dose you are used to. If you are a beginner, you need to practically start from the lowest dosage as possible so that you cannot overdose yourself. Taking too much dose may be unsafe for your life.