Selective androgen receptor modulators or the SARMs are among the most used supplements among bodybuilders and as well as amateurs. There is a variety of reasons that women find them attractive for fat burn and lose weight. However, SARMs are available in the market in a variety of brands. Such makes it hard for ladies to select the best.

Considering this challenge, we shall discuss the reasons why women are so much into SARMs. We shall also look at some of the best SARMs that women can consider the best from the stores. Also, we shall see some of the side effects that associate with these supplements. Consider reading the whole text for a chance to grasp a better understanding.


Why are SARMs popular among women?

Some of the things that make SARMs popular among women include;

  • It does not result in the effect of oily skin on the users
  • Also, there are no pains that associates with the use of the SARMs,
  • Also, it doesn’t facilitate the growth of tumors
  • It’s notable that, the supplement doesn’t lead to the growth of facial hairs among the women.

These are among the few reasons why women find SARMs good for their bodies. But which are the best of these supplements that one can take from the chemist?

Cardarine (GW-501516) best for muscle growth

Cardarine is a powerful compound that helps in fat burning. It helps to increase glucose intake by the body. It works in such a way such that, it facilitates ways through which nutrients are functional to benefit user’s body. Also, it works to make sure there is a reduction in the number of fats in the body. It alters the energy requirement within the body, making sure that it uses fats as its source instead of carbohydrates. In return, the process results in a reduction of body fats and hence body weight.

Note that the effects of the supplement happen whether the user changes his or her diet. So far, there are no conclusions that the results are better for individuals who take healthy meals. An added advantage is that the supplement helps one to lose weight safely. That gives it credit over the stimulant based fat burners. One of the reasons why it’s so effective is the fact that it increases pathways through which fatty acids can go through metabolism.

Criticism on Cardarine

There are a few researchers who claim that Cardarine isn’t SARMs. The argument gets basis from the fact that the supplement alters the peroxisome proliferators receptors instead of the androgen receptors. However, the effects are exact to those of the SARMs. Note that the technique increases an individual’s ability to endure. For ladies, the supplement offers more ability to go on with intense workouts, cardio sessions, and strength training.

What is the correct dosage?

Now that one knows about Cardarine, which is the most recommended dosage for adults. The recommendation is that; one should consider taking about 5-10mg of the supplement, at least 30 minutes before the workouts. The dosage should continue within six to nine months.

SARMs For Women


Ligandrol best for lean muscles

The second best supplement that women can consider purchasing from the stores is the Ligandrol or the LGD-4033. It’s a non-steroidal SARM that users can take orally. The initial use of the supplement was for prevention against muscle wasting hence maintains strength. In addition to building muscles, the supplement comes with an additional advantage in helping reduce weight. The supplement is very selective, and after binding with androgen receptors, it facilitates to anabolic effects along with the muscles and bones. Such results lead to increased growth of the muscles. It also reduces any chances of injuries from occurring.

It’s among the most powerful of all SARMs. Its effects will last for at least a day. The most recommended dosage for women is 5-10mg in a day for at most eight weeks. However, if it’s specifically for reducing fats in the body, it’s better to take 3-5mgs of the supplement in a day. Note that, depending on the reason one seeks to use the supplement, he or she will keep on varying the measures or the intake amount. However, do not worry about experiencing any side effects in using the supplement, as its results are most reliable.

Stenabolic best for fat burning

Another good option for ladies in losing weight and improving on perseverance is this SARM. It also goes with a label of SR-900 in the stores. It facilitates more breakage of fats instead of glucose for energy. It works in the idea that it aids to excess burning of calories, reducing the ones that get stored as fats. That is so as it can alter the metabolism rates for the fats.

Note that, the same case as it was with the Cardarine, this supplement doesn’t need one to change his diet for it to deliver quality results. The most recommended dosage for mature ladies is 5-15mg per day. Also, consider not taking it in less than 30 minutes to workouts. The cycle should go for at least six weeks.

Ostarine best for fat burning and weight loss

Ostarine also comes with another name, MK-2866. The supplement works as a cutting cycle. It helps to maintain a lean body structure based on the number of calories an individual takes. Take an example, the MK-2866 helps the body to retain more muscles, and in so doing, it facilitates to burning of more fats. When user’s calories are in surplus, the supplement works by burning of calories for energy instead of fats. By reducing the number of calories converted into fats, it helps the users to maintain healthy body weight. By losing fats, it also helps in gaining muscles, which is an added advantage.

The most recommended dosage for ladies is at most 12.5mg in a day. As the case with other SARMs, there is always needed to take it at least 30 minutes before heading out for workouts. The user can continue for at least six weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.

Dosage table

Supplement   DosePeriod
Cardarine (GW-501516)      3-10mg          6-8weeks


These are among a few of the most recommended SARMs for ladies towards cutting their body weight and reducing weight. However, they also help in creating more body muscles for the women in bodybuilding activities or athletes. Users should consider trying any among them today for a chance to find their perfect match.