Nowadays, life is becoming very demanding that is from work, family and our closest environment. People are looking for effective ways of enabling them to cope up with these demanding situations. We don’t want you to turn to risky liquor, medicine, and other hazardous substances. These substances can boost your energy levels, and their reliefs have short-term effects. Worry not because there is the best source of stimulation which is natural and safe.

Have you ever heard of red vein kratom? Read on…

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So what is red vein kratom?

Red vein kratom is derived from kratom trees. The leaves have reddish veins and midribs. The unique chemical in the kratom tree makes the veins have a distinct color. The variation is caused by genetic and the locality where the leaves were harvested from. It is reported by farmers that kratom with red-veined leaves have a higher yield and are more resilient. Younger trees have a redder vein and are more vulnerable to insect damage.

The varying environmental conditions such as temperature and weather makes the vein colors vary. Red Thai kratom contains more relaxing, sedative effect than the white and green strain. This makes the red kratom an excellent sleep aid for people with insomnia. The herb works perfectly as a relaxant because it doesn’t contain stimulating properties. The relaxing properties make the plant great for pain relief and also good at offering a mood-brightening effect.

Sources & variability of Red Vein Kratom

Red vein kratom is sold in different forms. You can get it in powder, capsules, resin, and tincture form. The powder form is crushed, dry leaves and most convenient, and even affordable. The powder form is easy to store and use and this makes the way a great option for purchase. The only thing about the powder form is that you need to measure it carefully by weight to avoid overdosing the herb.

Kratom variety is cultivated in southwestern Asian counties. You can get it in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The strains are found in different products depending on their place of origin. The products are like red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, and Red Sumatra and they have the same major effects.

These strains have differences for examples Borneo variant is stronger and perfect for soothing aching muscles. On the other hand, Red Maeng Da has more calming properties, but it will not make users very drowsy.

The red vein kratom contains different strains, and the general effects are almost the same. It will be good if you can try various strains since it will enable you to know which strain can give you more desired effects. Here are the five popular types you need to know about the red vein kratom;

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a. Red Vein Borneo

This is a common form of kratom and obtained from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa. The herb is available in three varieties, i.e., white, green and red. The red vein strains have the highest amount of alkaloid content.

The red vein Borneo kratom provides amazing soothing and relaxing benefits, and this makes many users prefer this strain more than the two varieties. The strain also has strong analgesic properties and rich in mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine which are strong painkillers.

Also, the strain contains corynoxine B, corynoxine A and dopamine mediators that are responsible for improving mood and reducing anxiety.

b. Red Maeng Da

This strain has a unique story and believed to originate from Thailand. The strain is the most potent type and it is used for brainpower. Its effects are long-lasting and more intense. People love the strain when they have encountered endless tasks during the day. It is also good if you want to maintain full alertness.

c. Red vein Bali

The red vein Bali is reported to be effective in relieving pain and provides a feeling of euphoria. This variety has leaves which are larger than average. The plant also grows very quickly making the plant inexpensive and hassle-free to find. The region where the plant is grown influences the percentage of its alkaloid.

d. Red Vein Thai

This is another strain which is derived from kratom trees and it has reddish veins and midribs. This unique color indicates specific chemical content in the kratom tree. Unlike red Maeng Da, the red vein Thai contains more relaxing, sedative effects. These effects may be not a good choice for people who have insomnia. The herb doesn’t contain stimulating features but it only acts as a relaxing agent.

The herb contains relaxing properties and this makes the strain give users a strong analgesic effect. The herb is very nice for body aches and pains and you can try it if you wish to reduce body aches and even brightening up your moods.

e. Red vein Sumatra

If you want a refreshing and smooth treat, then it will be ideal for you to try this strain which comes from Indonesia. The herb is the most popular strain cultivated there and used for medical purposes. Indonesians use the strain to relieve stress, insomnia, and pain. The product can also be used for meditation. But be aware that it is not good for daytime use; don’t try it because it will keep you couch-locked. A dosage of this strain will surcharge your environment and make you peaceful, free from stress and happy. You will enjoy its benefits even when you take it in minimal dose

What does red vein kratom do?

Red vein kratom is equipped with pain-relief and energy effects. The strain is used to relieve pain and make users energized. The strain does its job differently without causing sedation. The strain is ideal for everyday use, and one needs to take a small dose to feel the benefits of the strain. The substance can be sedative when taken at higher doses.

The unique feature of red vein kratom strain

Red vein kratom is much intense, stronger than the rest. The product is also potent, and its effects are long-lasting; that is why a lot of people like to try the herb. Trees of the red strain have a higher content of mitragynine making the herb strong and potent.

The high content of mitragynine makes the red vein kratom better since it creates a calming environment and enables the users to forget their physical pains and aches. It also allows users to have restful nights and helps them to recharge faster.

The alkaloids in the herb enable users to relax their muscles and encourage sleep. The product should be taken at night time or late in the evening. In case you have a very hectic schedule, it will be better for you to stay away from the herb.

Benefits of using red vein kratom

Pain relief:

The ability to relieve pain makes the herb the most important medicine. Almost everybody uses this herb due to its ability to relieve pain. The herb has the highest concentration of 7-hydroxymitragynine; that is why the herb is very effecting at offering a painkilling effect to its users.

Opiate Withdrawal relief:

Red vein kratom is capable of managing opiate withdrawal, and it has been backed up by several scientific studies. The strain needs to be used gradually, and it will wean a person off narcotics. The leaves contain alkaloids which will attach to an opioid receptor to the user’s brain. A person who is addicted to narcotic drugs will benefit a lot from this strain.

With several days of use, the withdrawal symptoms will be neutralized. The strain will manage opiate withdrawal, and it does this by controlling nausea, reduce insomnia and normalize loss of appetite. Red vein kratom is very useful for this treatment.

Anxiety reduction:

The strain offers users a relaxation and also pleasant inner feeling and enable the user to cope up with anxiety. In order for you to reduce severe anxiety, you need to take a specific dosage. The herb contains natural anti-depressant which is good for the user’s mood and it doesn’t bring side effects


Any herbal plant that has pain relieving action has a form of sedative effect. 7-hydroxymitragynine in the herb is responsible for sedative effects. The herb will surcharge your environment and makes you restful and happy. It will improve your life by easing aches and pain caused by constant physical, as well as, mental aches and pains

Mood enhancement:

Kratom strain is very good for you if you’re wrestling with high levels of stress or worried. The strain will calm you down and brighten up your mood. The product will surcharge your environment and ensure there are optimism and positivity. The herb will eliminate all the negative thoughts and enable the user to cope p with the stress.

Side effects of using red vein kratom

Kratom gives a lot of medical benefits but when it is abused, it can cause side effects. The most popular side effects are;


Users have reported having experienced the anxiolytic effect. They say to have physical symptoms of anxiety which includes shaking, palpitations and sweating. Anxiety makes one have an accelerated thinking, panic attacks and discomfort in social situations


Red vein kratom can reduce blood pressure and this finally leads to dizziness. A person with hypotension, hypertension or cardiac irregularities is at risk when taking the strain. It is good to consult a medical professional before taking the strain in order to avoid experiencing dizziness


The strain should not be taken during the day. This is because it will make you feel lazy. When the substance is taken at a high dose of 8 to 10 grams, you will be at high risk of lethargy.


Reduction in blood pressure will eventually lead to lightheadedness. When the strain is taken at high doses, one can experience lightheadedness. The side effect can be avoided by reducing the red vein kratom dose.

Digestive issues:

This is one of the most noticeable problems people experience when taking the strain. It is only felt when the strain is taken at a high dose. Reducing the dose is the best solution.

Nausea and vomiting:

Nausea and vomiting can be experienced by individuals who are new to kratom. Taking a high dose will also lead to these side effects. The smell and taste of the strain can result in nausea and vomiting. You can mix the strain with yogurt to avoid vomiting

Trouble sleeping:

this substance is not good to be taken before bed. Users have reported to lack sleep and others say that it is like they’re hearing voices at night. Morning is the best time to take the substance.

Respiratory problems:

Users who mix the strain with alcohol or benzodiazepines are at risk of experiencing respiratory problems. It will be better if users can take the strain alone without mixing it with other CNS depressants.


The dosage of the herb varies depending on the purpose: one can take 4 to 8 grams of the red vein kratom for alleviating anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress and mood swings. This dosage gives users a sense of tranquility, and it can uplift their mood.

Take 8 to 9 grams for pain relief.

The herb will connect to the user’s brain opiate receptors and then reduces pain sensation. Users should not take a higher dose of this substance because it is not recommended. The material is regarded as less strong, but this doesn’t guarantee that this product cannot cause any problems.

The strain should be taken in moderation because of its outstanding potency.

However, the recommended dosage of the herb is 4 grams or less.

Users can take this recommended dosage to enjoy their desired effects. One can slightly increase the dosage is he feel like. Overdosing the herb can cause side effects which can last up to 10 to 12 hours. Take the herb with precaution if you want to achieve the required effects.

How does Red Vein Kratom differ from other strains?

Red vein kratom is more potent and stronger than all the of the other leaf types. Maeng Da strain contains three types of kratom namely red, white and green.

The good option for starting your day is the white vein. This is because the strain has an energizing and refreshing effect. A lot of people prefer it to deal with insomnia, and it enables them to have a restful quality of sleep.

The green vein offers users balanced emotions and improves their mood. The product is capable of producing a pleasant inner sensation but it this product is not popular like the red vein. Users use the green vein strain for brainpower

Red vein strain is widely known due to its wide range of medicinal, as well as, recreational benefits. The strain is a good choice for people struggling with chronic stress, pain, and anxiety. This is mainly for the medicinal part. The herb can be used for recreation use because it boosts energy and when used at nights or evenings, it can cause sedation.

Where to buy it?

You need to buy red vein kratom from trusted sellers. Buying kratom locally might not be a good ideal because you will not know their quality. There are many companies who sell the strain but here are the best ones that have good harvesting process and customers are satisfied with their products. Buy red vein kratom from these companies and enjoy its alkaloids;

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Final thought

Red vein kratom is one of the most potent herbal medicines, and it gives relaxing and analgesic effects to its users. In the kratom family, the red vein strain is known as the most tranquilizing variety.

If users want to get the best results, it is advisable to take the herb in small doses, and one can mix it with other strains which are less potent. Users should be warned that if they consume a large amount of the herb, they can experience health problems. Keeping the intake of the red vein in moderation is a wise idea.

Red vein kratom is more energizing than their counterparts. This makes the herb a great choice for people who are up for a trip and want to stay awake or active without experiencing pain.