It has been a trending topic everywhere in the world people trying to compare different strains that offer a body relaxation effect with no good or appropriate answer. Some people even went ahead to use more than ten strains just trying to figure out the best in every category. There are also very many blog sites and a lot of misleading information on the internet about every available strain. However, everyone seems to heap praise on their favorite strain. It all depends on what you are looking for but the fact is that when it comes to body relaxation, then kratom strains are unbeatable.

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What is Red Borneo Kratom? Origin & history

The Red Borneo Kratom is the most relaxing and highly sedative in the Borneo strains. It derives its name from the place of origin. Borneo is one of the largest islands in the world, actually the third largest and is shared between three countries. Both Malaysia and Brunei share 30% of the island with the largest and the remaining part in Indonesia. Most of this strain thus comes from Indonesia where it is highly harvested.

The Red Borneo Kratom is used for various reasons apart from relaxation and creating the sedative feeling.

It comes from a tree called kratom which is from the coffee family. Therefore, it has some stimulant effects as well as being used as a natural remedy for ailments. This strain has red veins running over its body which makes it attain the prefix name, red. It mostly grows on riverbank which provides a favorable environment for it to be more potent. Red Borneo kratom has been used for very many purposes for over a thousand years.

Red Borneo Kratom review

Why Take Red Borneo Kratom?

It is the most prolific of the kratom strains. Mostly, many people prefer it because it gives relaxation for both the mind and the body. It is thus perfect for anyone that needs to relax and forget a little about the past moments. It also has medical values and has been perfect for curing the following health issues and body conditions.

Fatigue- this strain is the perfect cure for fatigue. Whether it’s in the brain or the general body, the strain is the best since it has a relaxing effect.
Chronic pain- it is good for treating pain especially for people that just came from chemotherapy.
Depression- this is one of the conditions that cannot be well treated in the hospital. This strain is the perfect cure for depression, one of the conditions that have been claiming lives at a high rate.
• Hypertension- Goof for people suffering from high blood pressure. Having it at your home always is a good way to prevent this condition that comes at any time of the day.

Effects of the Red Borneo kratom

This strain has very many results. Notable effects usually happen to those that use it for recreation. It gives the impact very fast once used and helps its users attain a euphoric state at a high rate. Users have reported receiving some “good calmness” in their bodies. It is one of the reasons why the strain is so popular. Some effects like dizziness which are side effects are some of the reasons why some people use it.

If you want to have both your mind and body relaxed at the same time, then you will need to use this strain. Very many people use it for recreation purposes and also to attain a sedative feeling. It creates the most extended feeling of relaxation when compared to its competitors. However, it has been used for very many years for creating the same feeling, and its processing techniques have also improved. We even have a classic version of the same strain to take care of the relaxation feeling.

Red Borneo Kratom Vs the Red Bali

Many people never get to pull off the difference between the two since they share a name at some point. However, one of the notable differences is that the Red Bali is grown in HongKong while the other comes from the island mentioned earlier. It also has larger leaves and is usually harvested in large quantities than the any other of the Kratom strain. However, they are all strains of the kratom. Again also, the Red Bali can’t be substituted for the Red Borneo kratom as each of them has its own effects. Where each will flourish, then the other one may not.

The Red Bali is well known for its mood enhancement effect. The Red Bali is also a milder version in the kratom strains and is usually taken in small amounts. However, the red Borneo is often described as the perfect relaxation enhancement. It gives long hours of that effect and some people choose it. However, both of the strains have certain similarities. They share most of the conditions that they cure which include pain relief, depression among others.

Those who use the two for the same purpose at different times usually have different opinions and stories to share. However, the red Bali seems to be very perfect for curing anxiety disorder. But mostly, many people give more credit to the Red Borneo Kratom. It is mostly described to be perfect in curing such conditions as well offering the sedative feeling. This makes many people go back to the dispensaries to purchase it.

Red Borneo Dosage

The strain dosage deepens on very many factors. First, it depends on gender, age, weight among other things. It also depends on the level at which you are using it. For beginners, the rate of receiving the effect is different and might also induce some side effects, though other first time users have reported to never receive any side effects. Therefore, understanding how to use the strain is very important so one doesn’t overdose on the first day that they take it. Like any other medication, the red Borneo kratom will depend on the user.

Most strains usually bond with a certain part of the brain which makes it be used depending on the need for each. Each user has their own optimum level and though, it will also depend on why you are using it. You may go ahead to purchase it because you have been suffering from acute pain and find another important feeling. You may also buy it because your boss has given you a strict deadline project which makes you scratch your hair as you try to overthink.

If a friend refers you to the red Borneo kratom, then you will also discover other effects that it creates. And thus you may end up using it more than its recommended especially when you notice the other feeling. For sure, this strain usually gives a good feeling. Its dosage will thus depend on how long you have been using it. If you are using it for the first time, then you will need 2 grams. As you continue using it, it will bond with the receptors in your brain and a more urge might follow.

But if you were using it for pain relief and already achieved it, then you may choose not to continue. Some people, even first-time users find 2 grams not serving the purpose although I said earlier that it will depend on who is using it. They thus go for more like 3 to 5 grams. This is because most of this people find 2 grams having the less mild effect. It makes them go for more and when it already does better, then there is no problem.

Other people that had developed a tolerance on small dosages usually find themselves going for even over 7 grams. This is because they later find it to have a more relaxing effect at such amounts. These are mostly the people that use it for recreational purposes. Though, the following dosage is not recommended for average users. As you continue to use the strain for curing certain health effects, you will notice other good feelings that will make you fall in love with the substance.

Though, make sure to always use the right amounts when using these strains to avoid more side effects. Generally, one should start at using 2 grams of the strain as you also discover more effects about it. It’s also good to mix it with certain drinks like tea and juice so you don’t take it directly. The red Borneo kratom comes in powder form. It is usually soft and thus it’s important to know how to take it so you don’t waste it in the process.

It’s also important to note that there are effects for overdosing. Overdosing can also be described as taking what your body cannot accommodate. This can lead to having a dry mouth or even feeling nausea. You should make sure to take it depending on the disease you are suffering from, just like the natural medicines.

Side Effects

Despite kratom benefits, the red Borneo kratom has certain side effects. The effects may not necessarily depend on the amount of the strain that you use. Any user of the strain will likely receive these side effects, especially when overdosed. However, others never get the side effects, and it will also depend on who is using it, the rate at which you use it and how you use it. This does not exclude anyone from the side effects, and though, they do not always accompany every dosage that you take. Some of the side effects include the following.

• Dizziness
• Lethargy
• Nausea
• Constipation
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Irritability

Side Effects

There are also other minor side effects that some users experience and you should also make sure to understand all of them.

Ultra Enhanced Red Borneo Kratom

Another classic strain of the kratom series is right here. The ultra enhanced red Borneo kratom is a classic red Borneo kratom with an advanced relaxing feeling. Very many people use the red Borneo kratom to relax. This calls for an urge to get a more relaxing effect from the strain followers. The ultra enhanced red Borneo kratom is made to serve this purpose. If you are seriously looking for a strain that will give you a more comfortable relaxing effect, then it is this advanced red Borneo kratom. Mostly, it is made by boiling kratom resin and adding alkaloids in the mix. This gives it a good smell, and anyone can notice it from far. It also has a variety of results. Depending on how one uses it, it is powerful, and one has to be energetic or have the stamina to accommodate its effects.

If you need some jubilation in your body, then you need the ultra enhanced Borneo kratom. It can also be used to induce sleep as well as treating body aches. This is because it is highly potent and bonds well with the body. Those looking for a more relaxing strain can finally go for the ultra enhanced red Borneo kratom.

The red Borneo kratom is one of its kinds in the kratom strains. It is usually very effective in solving the problems that users take it for. It will never let anyone down. Should you be suffering from pain or want to treat your depression, well, then you know the answer. Its sedative and relaxing effects have earned it a large following. Very many people worldwide use this strain to treat certain problems. Many people that use it usually have something positive and encouraging to tell others.

It even creates the calm effect you need in your mind and body and thus is perfect relief for things such as stress. This strain also doesn’t take all the time to give the effect you are looking for right after using. Actually, it is one of the strains that induce an effect in less than five minutes after using. Other people even start feeling a minute after they consume it. One good thing about it is that the effects also stay for quite long. It can last for even more than five hours.

How to Use Red Borneo?

If you have one of the busy and challenging days, then this strain is the best for solving all this. You can use it before breakfast or mix it with your best fruit juice. Well, if anyone is looking for relaxation, then the red Borneo kratom has served people to their expectations.

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Final Thoughts

You will notice the difference between the red Borneo and other strains of the same parent. It also boasts of its huge following due to its relaxation and sedative effects. You can try it if you need a combination of the two.