Finding legit SARMs vendors over the internet is never a comfortable experience. It is, however, worth it if you want to achieve your fitness goals. You may find a few products that can change your physique within a short period. Besides improving your gains, SARMs are also proven to be safer compared to steroids. But as much as SARMs are safe to use, they still do not have adequate regulation. This is the reason why it is essential to ensure that the vendor you are working with is reputable and reliable. This article gives a full review of the proven peptide. By the end of the read, you will be able to find out if the SARMs sold at Proven Peptides are effective and measure the integrity of the provider as well.

Proven Peptide Review

The name may sound a bit odd considering that the company doesn’t sell peptides. Proven Peptides are among the very few remaining SARMs vendors in the United States. They are one of the biggest names when it comes to SARMs, and their main focus is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by delivering quality products.

Customer service

The first thing you will notice when you contact proven peptide customer care is that they can easily be reached by phone. This means that you won’t have to wait for days, or even weeks to get an email reply if you need any clarifications. All you need to do is give them a call and have all the answers regarding the types of products they sell. Proven Peptides are one of the few SARMs vendors that accept calls instead of entirely relying on emails, which is a huge plus on their side.

  • When it comes to rewards programs, Proven Peptides is also not left behind. The company has a rewards program referred to as peptide points. In this program, customers earn one peptide point on each dollar spent at their store. Once you reach 10 points, you can redeem them for $1 store credit.

SARMS assortment and quality

Speaking of popular SARMs, Proven Peptides has it all. The company sells liquid SARMs in different sizes. They are available in 15ml, 30ml, and 60 ml measurements. This means that you won’t have to purchase a considerable quantity of products which you won’t fully use. It is simple to go with a smaller and less expensive one.

  • Most of the company’s products are also quite affordable. Besides, all the products sold by the company are tested for safety. This is quite an essential aspect because customers would want to be sure of the safety of the products they use. Unlike many other SARMs vendors, Proven Peptides boast of selling quality and affordable products.
  • Besides lab testing all their products, they also publish the results online for you to view even before purchasing any of their products. Many SARMs providers are only out there to make money, but this is not the case with Proven Peptides.
  • According to the company, they aim to ensure that all their customers get the purest SARMs in the market. You are at liberty to call the lab yourself if you want to verify the purity of a specific product.

Proven peptide coupon

  • Unfortunately, the company does not offer coupons.

Is proven peptide legit?

Before using any SARMs products, it is always essential to go through past customer reviews. What makes Proven Peptides stand out is that they have always received positive reviews regarding their products. A lot of people seem to have been satisfied with the types of products sold by the company. The only complaints were from people who received broken bottles and has to pay to return the product, which may not be fair for the customers. Here is a summary of the reviews left behind by past proven peptide customers;


  • Offers products in different sizes
  • Publishes lab tests
  • Has a full customer service staff in the house


  • None


  • This is our favorite store that sells SARMs


  • 10


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  • 9.5

Notable aspects

  • The company’s mission is to provide safe and tested products
  • Rated as the number 1 SARMs store
  • All the SARMs sold have 3rd party certificates for analysis
  • Customers receive free shipping for orders above $75
  • Offers 100% money back guarantee
  • Based in Orlando, FL, USA

Product selection

When looking for the best SARMs sellers on the internet, some of the most important things that you may want to look out for is their compound selection and pricing. As earlier stated, Proven Peptides has a wide range of SARMs compared to other vendors. Their products are also proven to be the purest in the market. Considering that their products are available in three different sizes, it is easier for you to get the right amount for your cycle. The different types of products sold at Proven Peptides include;

Proven Peptides products


Proven Peptides sell their products in 3 different sizes that vary in cost. One thing that makes the company unique is that their prices tend to be more reasonable compared to other SARMs vendors. The rates will further reduce once you enroll in their rewards point program. With the program, customers earn points with the purchases they make. The cheapest product can be purchased for as little as $35, while the most expensive product goes for $140. Very few vendors match the pricing offered by Proven Peptides.


Of course, the main thing that you have to look for in your SARMs is purity. Customers who have tried out Proven Peptides products usually record mind-blowing results. No single users complained of adverse effects.

Website usability

No doubt using certain websites can be a headache. Besides the slow loading speed, the information given may not be clear enough for you to understand. This can make inconvenient a buyer, and especially when it comes to the purchase of SARMs. But this is never the case with the proven peptide website. Purchasing products from their website can be the best experience that you may not have anywhere else. The website is simple to use, and all the information given regarding their products is also evident. All the products sold by Proven Peptides are available at their website. You can choose from a wide range of products depending on your needs.

Shipping, billing, and return policy

Once you purchase a product at Proven Peptides and you are not satisfied with it, you will be given, 90 days to send back the product and get a full refund. The company, however, will not cover the cost of shipping. If the product does not arrive, maybe due to USPS issues, you will also be given a replacement or full refund.

  • International customers can also have their money back if the international shipment does not make it through US customs. But if the shipment passes through US customs but held by foreign customs, you will not get a refund. International customers can also return the product if, by any chance, they are not satisfied with it.

Fast shipping

  • All the SARMs sold by proven peptides are usually wrapped in bubble packaging to ensure that they do not break on transit. Customers who have bought products at proven peptides have also shared how fast and convenient the whole process was.
  • Some SARMs companies source their supplements from illegal overseas pharmacies, which means that the majority of the products they sell are fake and way below quality standards.
  • Well, even if these products are 100% real, it will take forever for you to receive the products. But with Proven Peptides, you can get your shipment within five days. Some shipments can be delivered in as little as 72 hours.

Proven peptides also ensure that their products are neatly packaged. They are also discreetly labeled, which mean that no person will snoop on your package to know what is being delivered.

Return policy

If a customer wants to return a product, you can send an email at info@provenpeptides. You will then be informed of a return address, and a return will be issued as soon as possible. Refunds are typically sent using the payment method that was initially used in the transaction. If for instance you paid using your credit card, the money will be refunded your credit card. It will only take a few hours for you to get your money back.

Payment methods

When it comes to purchasing products online, one problem that most people are faced with is the fear of getting scammed. Proven Peptides, however, have secure payment methods. You, therefore, won’t have to worry about your money getting lost during the transaction. The company also accepts different payment methods. These payment methods include

  • eCheck,
  • major credit cards,
  • and mailed checks.
  • The customer is only billed once, and there are no additional fees apart from those listed on the sales page.

Why choose Proven Peptides

Speaking of SARMs suppliers, Proven Peptides always comes first in the list of suppliers. This clearly shows how quality and effective their products are, giving you a reason to consider the company as your number one choice.

  • For the use of SARMs for muscle gain, what matters most is the purity of the product. The purer the product is, the better is it. Else, you may not see any results. Besides, using products that are not pure can cause health issues that can lead to severe medical conditions.
  • Proven Peptides, being among the most sort out companies are known to sell quality SARMs. Ask any athlete, and they will, in no doubt, mention the company as their best choice.
  • The company has been famous for years, and the more the customers increase, the more popular they become. Over the years, they have grown to be the largest suppliers of SARMs not only in the United States but in other parts of the world as well.

Besides the already mentioned facts, there are many other reasons why you should consider working with these guys. As said, one thing that sets them apart is that all their products are legally tested and the results are posted for people to see. This makes them a reputable company when it comes to SARMs. Their high level of transparency is what has made them be who they are today.

Our final say

If you are looking for a company that offers the safes SARMs around, you may find hundreds of options available. But what you need to know is that all these companies are not the same, and some of them offer quality products than others. Very few SARMs companies out there are legit. You can, however, never go wrong by choosing proven peptides as your ultimate solution when it comes to SARMs. The company offers quality products which are available in different sizes. The products are also affordable compared to other SARMs companies. And this is just a tip on the iceberg. There are hundreds of customers who have worked with the company before, and the majority of them have left behind very appealing reviews. Proven peptides aim to ensure that all their customers get quality products at an affordable cost.

The fact that products sold by the company are tested for safety is also a plus on their side. If you are still curious, the company allows you to directly call the lab for further clarification concerning the quality of products. This will give you peace of mind, and you can use the product, knowing that they are safe and effective. Lastly, every coin you spend on SARMs counts, and Proven Peptides is one of the few companies that are willing to work with you to the end and ensure that you get the most out of their products. The company values their custo0mers, and this is the reason why they will go the extra mile to ensure that you get nothing short of quality.