What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is a central nervous system depressant that has anxiolytic and stimulating effects. Some of the trade names used to refer to Phenibut include; Anvifen, Fenibut, Noofen and many more.

Phenibut in the early 1960s researchers introduced the product in various countries for medicinal use. Today, the drug is used for medicinal purposes in some European countries including Ukraine, Latvia, and Kazakhstan. However, the medication is not approved for clinical use in the US, but it is sold on online platforms as a supplement and nootropic.

How do Phenibut works?

Once consumed, the phenibut high begins when it binds to the GABA receptors inside the human brain. When consumed in low doses, phenibut mildly increases the concentration of dopamine in the brain hence providing stimulating effects in addition to anxiolysis.

Phenibut is dangerous and highly addictive.

Mixing phenibut with other drugs like kratom heightens the side effects because they both bind to the GABA receptors.

The phenibut high is somehow attractive because it has relaxing effects and it does not slow functionality.

Why do people take Phenibut?

Phenibut can either be used for recreational purposes or as a medicine besides that; it an excellent remedy for memory improvement, learning, and thinking.

This drug is used to treat anxiety, insomnia (lack of sleep), tension, stress, fatigue, post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), depression among others.

When used for recreational purposes it can produce euphoria as well as addiction, dependence, and withdrawal.

Phenibut comes in two different forms; as tablets 250 mg which are orally administered or as a solution at a concentration of 10 ml for infusion.

Kratom and Phenibut Combination

Kratom has similar physical effects to those of phenibut. Having a combination of both makes one have lasting effects since phenibut elevates the effects of kratom.

Some of the effects of phenibut include;

  1. A sense of calmness and well-being
  2.  Muscle relaxation
  3.  Sedation

Phenibut And Kratom Combo Effects

Effects of kratom

  1. Mood-boost
  2.  Analgesia
  3. Mental stimulation.
  4.  Euphoria

It is important to note that effects vary from one person to the other. A combination of phenibut and kratom makes one more active and jovial.

How to Take Phenibut and Kratom

If you want to enjoy the effects of phenibut and kratom, you have to take the right dosage. For beginners, you should start with small doses. A small dose of phenibut is 500mg and below while that of kratom is 1-2 grams. Such small doses can give one euphoria as well as make you analgesic.

A medium dose of phenibut ranges from 500-1500 mg while that of kratom is 2-5 grams. A moderate dose will cause soothing and calming effects. The effects may last longer since phenibut will elevate the effects of kratom.

One may feel more enthusiastic and ecstatic. Stimulating effects are also likely to make you forget your worries.

A phenibut dosage above 2500 mg is high. At such a dose, a user may experience extreme sedation, and you are likely to have a deep sleep — high doses of kratom range between 5-10 grams. It is risky to consume high doses since you might experience nausea and vomiting.

It is important to note that phenibut and kratom are very addictive and the more you consume the drugs, the more you are likely to be tolerant of them.

Phenibut with Best Kratom Strain

a) Maeng Da Kratom and Phenibut Combo

Maeng Da is one of the most potent kratom strains. Some of the effects it has on an individual include higher energy levels, euphoria, mental sharpness, and focus. It happens to be a mood booster though it may cause analgesia.

  • A combination of Maeng Da and Phenibut will give a user relaxation and calmness.
  • The effects will manifest faster when one take the drugs on an empty stomach.

b) Red Kratom and Phenibut Combo

Red strains of kratom have sedating effects and also act as painkillers. A combination of Red kratom and Phenibut has soothing effects, and it’s also a stress reliever.
c) White vein Kratom and Phenibut Combo
White vein kratom is a strong kratom strain that can relieve stress and also produce a soothing effect.

  • A combination of white vein kratom and Phenibut will give the user mood stimulation and the feeling of more energetic.
  • A recommended dosage of 500 mg of phenibut and 3-5 grams of kratom are likely to give you a ‘high’ feeling. If you are not careful, you are likely to get a coma-like sleep.

Dosage for the Phenibut Kratom Combo

  • There is no right recommended dosage of kratom and phenibut combo. However, it is advisable that one takes the combo at a moderate level.
  • That allows you to have fewer feelings of stress and anxiety. Phenibut elevates the effects of kratom, and at a moderate dose, it gives one high sense.
  • To reach a calming effect, a person can take between 2 and 5 grams of kratom and 500mg to 1000 mg of phenibut.
  • It is important to note that when one takes combo on an empty stomach, the effects will appear faster. When taken on a full stomach the effects will appear after a long period say 5-6 hours.

Phenibut Kratom Combo Effects

A combination of kratom and phenibut will give you some expected results. When one is in pain, they will be able to relax their muscles and feel much less pain. Other expected effects include;

  • You may expect a euphoric feeling.
  •  Your body will get a soothing effect that will enhance your ability to handle stress and anxiety
  •  A sense of calmness.
  •  Better mood.
  •  One will be more friendly unto others.

Is Mixing Phenibut and Kratom Together Safe

Phenibut And Best Kratom

  • Mixing Phenibut and kratom is safe. However, you should avoid taking high doses of both. High doses are likely to make you highly tolerant to the drugs, and also you are likely to get addicted.
  • When taken at low or moderate doses the combination of phenibut and kratom is safe. It is recommended not to use phenibut on a daily basis even when mixed with kratom.
  • The combo can be highly dangerous especially when one suddenly stops taking it. The users are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms and other minor side effects.
  • One should not take phenibut and kratom more than three times per week.

Combo Usage

  • It is not advisable for a person to take this combination for all seven days of a week. The recommended dosage can be taken three times a week to avoid addiction and tolerance.
  • For one to enjoy maximum effects, they must be strict on their rate of consumption. One should take a two or three-day break in a week to avoid addiction. They should also use this combination for two weeks then pause for another two weeks.
  • Afterward, they can use the combo at a cycle of two weeks. Tolerance increases with usage so taking some time off helps in reducing it.

How to Rotate Phenibut Kratom Combo to Prevent Tolerance

  • One should start with small or moderate doses of kratom. Once again, an individual can use a combination of Phenibut and kratom a couple of days a week for two weeks and then take a two-week break.
  • If one adopts a two-week cycle, they are likely to be less dependent on the drugs. That also helps in reducing tolerance.
  • One should be careful with their dosage and the frequency. If you suddenly stop using phenibut and kratom combo, you are likely to face withdrawal symptoms.

Phenibut and Kratom for Depression

A combination of phenibut and kratom can help a person suffering from depression. The sedating effects of both kratom and phenibut can help one improve their mood and the feeling of happiness.

You will be able to relax and let go of any feeling of depression or anxiety that one may be feeling. This combo can make one more social with others.

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In summary, the content above can enlighten you on the amazing facts and guidelines that one can follow to know the right way to use a combination of kratom and phenibut. It is essential to follow the instructions to avoid tolerance and dependence.
Phenibut and kratom have effects on a user. Such effects include the feeling of being euphoric, the combo also helps in reducing depression and anxiety.