Kratom is a reasonably well-received substance, and for a good reason. As a result, it should come as no surprise that there are a variety of different vendors that offer all of the kratom related products that consumers could ever want. Many have difficulties when it comes to choosing the correct vendor for their needs as they are just so many to choose from. Luckily research has been done to help consumers find the best kratom sellers around the world. Moon Kratom is, by far, one of the best vendors that one can use to purchase kratom due to several different factors that will be discussed further.

Who is Moon Kratom?

Moon Kratom is a company focused on the distribution of kratom products. The company is located within Austin, Texas, and they fully embrace the immense amount of culture found within the city. The company imports only the highest caliber of products from the southeastern regions of Asia. The products, most notably the kratom leaves, are then checked over and ground into the fine powder that many prefer to consume. It is also important to note that the products are heavily put to the test to check for any concerns before being geared up for being sold to the general public.

How was Moon Kratom established?

 This seems to be a popular question that many prospective customers have asked. The answer is fairly simple and shows just how much the company cares to please the customers that they have the pleasure of working with. Mostly the company founders realized that there was a lack of kratom vendors who cared about their customers, and they felt that was wrong. Thus Moon Kratom was created. Customer service truly takes the front seat at this business, and it shows with every interaction. Customers who love to feel appreciated will no doubt enjoy using this particular company due to their morals and values regarding the treatment of those who buy from them.

Usability of the website

 Overall the functionality of the site seems to be quite pleasant. Sections are marked, allowing users to quickly and with ease, find the product they are in search of. While the website is easy to browse, the graphic design seems to be a bit dated. This doesn’t have any barring on the usability of the site, but it may make some potential customers a bit apprehensive about placing their order for fear that the website isn’t up to date. Regardless of that possible issue, everything else seems to be up to high standards and fully functional as expected.

Products available for sale via Moon Kratom

 Moon Kratom has a catalog of multiple different strains of kratom available for sale via their storefront. The fact that consumers have a large variety of different types of kratom to choose from is worth its weight in gold.

  • Each customer is sure to have their preferential variety of kratom as with most things people have likes and dislikes. The strains are different in a variety of ways, most notably in the way in which they are sourced but the many effects they can produce as well. This is the lead reason as to why someone will favor a particular strain over another.
  • A short time ago, the company Moon Kratom built upon its stock by offering new strains never before offered in their shops. The merchandizer most recently has added White, Yellow, and Red strains to the confirmed stuck that was already sold. These particular strains are some of the most sought after and as such, are in high demand. You can expect them to sell out

As a general rule of thumb, moon Kratom offers the following types of kratom:

Yellow and brown strains

  • These particular strains share several different characteristics with those of a red strain. Yellow strains are also able to be traced back to the same leaves that churn out red kratom.
  • The most significant difference being that yellow kratom is treated much longer and in doing so is fermented for a longer time. The extended period of drying helps to draw out the happy effects that are offered by the strain.

Red kratom strains

  • Bear several of the similar qualities found within yellow kratom. Due to this, users can expect to feel a ton of the effects that they would with yellow kratom.
  • One clear example is that any of the red kratom strains sold by moon Kratom have been notoriously recognized to produce painkilling effects.
  • This is the strain that one should yearn for if they want a product that allows users to lose a considerable amount of stress, as well as a general sense of vigor.

Moon Kratom products

Green kratom

  • Is one of the best sellers offered by Moon Kratom. This strain is most often used to stimulate the mind and improve memory skills. It is also commonly recommended as a way to get a burst of energy that in turn, will lead to euphoric feelings that anyone is sure to be a fan of.
  • Customers that are in search of a strain that can provide a clear mindset are sure to enjoy this particular option. It also gives users a sense of serenity and peace.
  • The level of effects that one will achieve will vary greatly depending on a few different factors when it comes to this particular strain. Body weight and overall experience with green kratom have a much more significant influence than many seem to realize.

White Kratom strains

  • Are another one of the various options that customers can choose from. White kratom is almost identical to green kratom due to several different qualities that the strains seem to share. Despite the sense of similarities that many have noticed there is one significant difference. The difference being than manor in which the kratom is sourced from.

White kratom is highly recommended for people that wish for pain relief. This is due purely to the analgesic properties that kratom holds. It also provides a sense of relaxation and peace within one’s mental state.

Special Products offered by Moon Kratom

Since the company provides a wide variety of products, it should come as no surprise that they have unique products. The majority of the special products offered by the company are discounted products. There is not anything wrong with the products, but instead, they have been marked down in price to move stock and provide customers with the very best deal.

Other unique products that the company offers are ones that are hard to source from other companies. An example of such an outcome would be White Borneo Micro Powder Kratom. This is a viral strain of kratom, but it can be hard to find. Moon Kratom took notice of this dilemma and now offers it on their shelves.

  • No longer will one have to search for days for their favorite strain, but instead they can check and see if Moon Kratom has it in stock among there many different varieties. One can even request that the company starts selling a particular kratom that they have headed their eye on, and chances are the company will fulfill the dream.
  • It never hurts to ask and is just another example of the special products offered by the company as well as the exceptional customer service that is provided at all times.

The overall quality of products offered at Moon Kratom

The quality of the products that are available for sale via Moon Kratom is all high quality. They have all been tested several times over to ensure that they meet the strict product requirements that the company has set for themselves. This cuts down on the risk of purchasing a lackluster product from the company.

  • In fact, according to several customer reviews from various sources many claims that they have never received a dud product and would be more than happy to recommend the brand to others that they know who are interested in consuming Kratom. The company specializes and takes pride in the fact that they are a specialist when it comes to high-quality kratom strains and related items.
  • It is also important to note that despite the high quality of the products, the company offers some of the lowest prices around, which is great for bargain hunters.

The selection available at Moon Kratom

 Moon Kratom has a vast range of different strains of kratom available for purchase. There are many different strains, but there are some that stand out more than others due to their general level of popularness.

  • For example, the company sells almost every variety of green and yellow strains that one could ever be interested in. Alongside those options, they also offer strains that don’t have as big of a cult following since they aren’t as well known.
  • An example of this being Maeng Da Kratom Micro Powder It is reasonably rare, and the company even has a constant supply of it on hand for those who are interested in purchasing it. As noted earlier in the guide if you have any questions or would like to try a specific sample of a particular strain, but see that it is not currently available, shoot the customer service team an email.
  • They will be more than happy to assist you and this, in turn, will make their selection even bigger and better for all customers. It is by far one of the biggest selections available online, and customers seem to enjoy this detail as it has allowed Moon kratom to become their one-stop shop for everything relating to kratom.

Payment methods

Moon kratom products

The shop accepts a variety of different payment methods. As expected, all major credit and debit card companies are accepted. On top of this, PayPal is also an acceptable payment method that one can use to finish their purchase. It is also possible that the company accepts payment from services such as Apple Pay as well. We have reached out for further comment regarding this and have not received a response as of this time. All in all, it is safe to say that most of the payment methods would want to use are accepted by this particular shop at this time.

Coupon codes available for use with moon kratom

Since the company genuinely cares about their customers and how they are perceived, they go out of their way to make the experience for all customers great. To do this, they offer a multitude of sales and coupon codes throughout the year that will save users both money and patience. If users are interested in finding out if there is a current promotion or coupon code available for usage they should check out both the website and any social media accounts for the company as that is where, more often than not, most companies choose to advertise this information.

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Shipping and return policies for customers

Due to the delicate nature of the products being sold, all sales are final upon the product being opened. In spite of that, if there is a mistake made on behalf of the company, they will happily address the issue. This is usually done by offering the customer either a replacement of the product or a refund for the full price paid.

  • It is also important to note that customers are fully responsible for all shipping fees when returning products. It seems that even if the issue were on the company’s behalf, the customer would still be on the hook for the fee that is charged. The fee amount can range, but is typically around $4.95, per package.

Customer Service

Of all of the kratom vendors online at this time, Moon Kratom by far has one of the best customer service teams. They go out of their way to ensure that customers are satisfied and will not stop until they accomplish that goal. Customers come first in all aspects of this business, and they are sure to let this be known.