What Can Modafinil Do For You?

Modafinil is among the smart drugs on the market, which is also referred to as nootropic. It improves your cognitive functions in several ways. There are several drugs in this category, but this drug stands out. Read on to find why you should try it if you’re in the UK.

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What is Modafinil and How Does Improve Your Health?

It’s an oral drug used for treating excessive sleepiness by improving wakefulness. It works in similar ways like amphetamines by stimulating your brain and promoting alertness. Among the causes of excessive sleepiness are obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and shift work sleep disorder.

• It’s Not A Stimulant

It acts in similar ways to a stimulant, buts it’s an agent that promotes wakefulness. It doesn’t make you jittery or speedy, which most stimulants will do. Like other smart drugs, you won’t experience withdrawal or crash.

• Not Addictive

This smart drug can help people kick off addictions because it’s not addictive.

• No Side Effects

This drug has very few side effects compared to other drugs; you can take it for years without experiencing any problems.

• Can Be Used By Anyone

It can be used by anybody who wants to stay awake, improve their cognitive functions, work late, or brighten their moods. For instance, soldiers at war or cancer patients may find it ideal, since they are already under considerable levels of stress.

How Narcolepsy Conditions Affect Your Sleep

Narcolepsy is a chronic disease of the spinal cord and brain that’s characterized by an uncontrollable and recurrent desire to sleep. On the other hand, shift work sleep disorder is a condition that affects the normal sleep patterns. It’s mostly as a result of working at night.

Sleep apnea affects a person’s sleep at night as a result of shallow breathing or pauses in breathing. That’s usually as a result of the upper airway becoming disrupted.

Symptoms of Narcolepsy


What to Remember?

It’s important you consult a professional before using a nootropic such as Modafinil. Another thing you should do is to follow the laws of the United Kingdom.

Is Modafinil Legal In The UK?

In the United Kingdom, this drug is sold under the brand name Provigil. It’s the name which this drug is sold under prescription or free if you’re entitled to get free NHS prescriptions.

This drug is only prescribed for a single recognized aim, that’s to treat narcolepsy. For you to get prescribed to use Modafinil, you’ll need to be diagnosed with narcolepsy, and proof that the sleepiness is affecting the quality of your life. The underlying point here is that you’re not going to get a prescription under the UK law if you are not falling asleep all the time.

At this point, many people see a legal loophole.

You can have prescription medicine legally as long as the drug is not included in the UK misuse of drugs act of 1971. To answer the above question about the legality of this drug in the United Kingdom, you will realize that it’s not illegal to have this drug under UK law.

That means you can practically order it online while in the United Kingdom and receive your package. Even if import control gets your smart drugs, you will have no legal issues about to worry. The worst that can happen is your package getting confiscated by the airport and customs destroying it.

In the case this scenario happens, the online vendor where you bought your package will issue you a reshipment or refund, meaning you will still get value for your money. In our opinion, you can order it online without harm or worry, but in the end, it will be up to you to make the decision.

Is Modafinil Prescribed In UK?

Yes, you can get a prescription to use this smart drug in the UK. However, you should realize that this drug has its side effects that include skin reactions and psychiatric disorders.

Regulators of drugs say that the benefits of this drug only outweigh the risks that come with treating narcolepsy. You can purchase it only without getting a prescription, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it.

Where to Buy Modafinil While in The UK?

The best 2018/2019 Online Buyers’ Guide

You can purchase the drug from online vendors who ship to the United Kingdom. Among the benefits of using online vendors is that you’ll enjoy the best prices, fast shipping, and guaranteed delivery. Below we look at the best sellers.

Modafinil Star

They provide you with legitimate products and an excellent customer care service. These online vendors provide you with Bitcoin discounts, meaning that if you intend to buy this drug using BTC, you save yourself some amount of money.


BuyMod.org is another place you can purchase the drug. They offer you low pricing, bitcoin discounts, and great customer care service. You’ll get your order within 6-10 days, with many of their orders arriving within one week.



If you’re searching for the best places to purchase this drug in the UK, you should consider ModaPharma. Your order will arrive within 3-7 days, and their products are tested for purity. However, you should be prepared to pay more for this vendor.

ModaPharma offers guaranteed deliveries and bitcoin discounts, meaning they are excellent vendors.

Afinil Express

You may be looking forward to buying this smart drug, but want faster shipping times. Afinil Express ensures your orders arrive within 4-10 days. An additional benefit of dealing with this vendor is that they offer you great discounts, low prices, excellent customer care service, and legit products.

Afinil Express has been in the business for some time now, which means they are one reputable seller.

Remember that by using their return customer coupons and Bitcoin, you can save up to 30 % from your order using this vendor.

What to Consider When Choosing an Online Vendor

  • Make you inquire how much the drug is going to cost you. Some vendors will charge you less, while others will charge more.
  • The customer service is another thing about you should inquire. That’s because you may have some issues regarding your package. By reading online reviews, you can determine who among them is the best.
  • You may want to pay using Bitcoin. Some merchants offer bitcoin discounts, which is another thing you should consider.

Adrafinil (Prescription-Free),

An Alternative to This Smart Drug

  • You may be looking for the best alternative to this drug. The best choice for you should be Adrafinil. It’s a prodrug for Modafinil. That means after you consume it, it will be converted to a smart drug as soon as your body metabolizes it.
  • One thing you should realize is that the original drug developed during the 1970s was Adrafinil. Modafinil was only discovered later, but the effects are identical. However, Adrafinil, which sold previously under the Olmifon brand name, is less potent.
  • Compared to the smart drug, Adrafinil will take an hour longer to become active and needs you to use a dosage which is approximately 50% large than if you could have used the other dosage. The majority of the Adrafinil dose is then converted into modafinil acid, which is inactive.
  • In the UK, USA, Canada and most of Europe, it’s legal to buy Adrafinil, meaning you don’t need a prescription. In the United States, Adrafinil is an unscheduled compound, which is unregulated. You can buy it legally and use, but the sale of these type of compounds is at limited by FDA laws that surround this type of products.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Buy this Nootropic in the UK

You should proceed and choose your proffered online vendor. Select the treatment option and choose the listed options, which are usually the package and dosage size.

Other options will provide you with the chance to select a branded or generic version, but both of them have an active ingredient. The good thing with generics is that they are cheaper, click on the “start consultation” tab once you’re ready to proceed.

Complete Your Free Online Consultation

You will find several short questions on the medical questionnaire asking you about your medical history and the type of treatment you want. The questions you’ll be asked are similar to the usual consultation with your doctor.

At the end of your consolation form, you’ll be able to complete your checkout should the questions you’ve already answered be ideal for assessment. Once you complete your order, your consultation will be either accepted or rejected by the doctor prescribing it.

Fast Delivery

A registered pharmacy will dispense your prescription and then shipped to your Royal Mail. The treatment will come in a plain package and won’t bear any reference to its contents.

Buy Modafinil On eBay

You can purchase this drug on eBay. Among the benefits of choosing this option is that you get a money back guarantee. The product is also available at a budget-friendly price.

Other Benefits of Using This Smart Drug

Many people are using this drug to maximize their overall output and get the best from their daily performances. They include:


If you need to pass that exam, you should consider using Modafinil. Studies have shown that increases remarkable improvements in your mental focus, accuracy, and decision-making.

It also boosts your short-term memory and enables you to multi-task. That means if you want to enjoy prolonged periods of focus, improve your short-term memory and enjoy enhanced focus, you should use this oral drug.


The primary key to success is spending enough hours on your job to achieve success. Competition can be at its highest and your industry challenging. It’s why you should purchase your smart drug online.

It will boost your work life, meaning you’ll forget things such as cigarettes and caffeine. This drug provides you with a side effect, which improves your performance. By opting to buy, want you’ll look forward to is the success in your professional life.

Sports Enthusiasts and Athletes

Sports Enthusiasts and Athletes

Energy drinks can ruin your life since most of them contain lots of sugar and caffeine. These substances are poisonous to your body. On the other hand, this nootropic offers a positive effect on your heart rate and blood pressure. It also provides with a linear and clear mental boost, which helps you to overcome everyday challenges.

This drug has been scientifically proven to affect your reflexes and concentrations, ensuring you have the edge over your opponents. It delays fatigue by providing your body with added stamina.

Designers and Gaming Champs

This Nootropic has been scientifically proven to offer you added focus and improved reaction times. That means as a gamer, a creative professional or graphic designer; you will have some added advantage over your competition.

Is Modafinil Safe?

While it is not among the addictive drugs, some people tend to use it for long, which may result in abuse. If you use it for too long, you may end up getting sick.

The best way to use this drug is to ensure you get a general test before using it. Remember tests may show that you have some risk, which means you should avoid taking even antibiotics.

One rare condition called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome or SJS causes people to develop a serious rash, which is life-threatening. Antibiotics and even Modafinil often trigger it. It affects around 5 people per one million people, meaning you should check if you’re at risk.

The Right Dose

For healthy individuals, the recommended dosage is 30-50 mg, and it lasts for around 6-8 hours. You should take it in the morning, alone or with food. Since it’s a prescription drug, you should talk to your doctor about it. Remember you can purchase it online, but you should ensure you follow the correct procedures.


Modafinil is a performance-enhancing drug that will make you wakeful. Many people are nowadays looking for ways on how to cause huge impacts without spending much effort. By consuming it, you’ll improve your mood and enhance your resistance to fatigue. If you’re a healthy adult, this drug will improve your motivation, vigilance, reaction time and fatigue levels. It also reduces the chances of impulse responses that lead you to make bad decisions. If you are living in the United Kingdom; the above article should be of help to you.