Modafinil is widely used in Canada, and this suggests that it is legal to use it in the country. It is used primarily as an off label nootropic. Medical experts can prescribe the drug legally, and it is used for the treatment of different conditions such as excessive daytime sleepiness especially those caused by narcolepsy, obstructive sleep, as well as shift work sleep disorder and so on.

modafinil provigilmodafinil

It is legally prescribed in different forms such as Alertec, Provigil, as well as Modalert and so on. Many people like using the drug because of the great benefits associated with it.

Apart from the fact that it can prevent excessive daytime sleepiness, it can be used for other things. Many users have reported that they liked to use the product because it can increase their energy during the day. Most importantly, it affects positively on their productivity and in their cognitive abilities.

This drug is one of the groups of the eugeroic class of medicines. It is often used for the treatment of different conditions particularly the wakefulness and so on. Many users are happy with the product and several of them have often reported improvement in drive and in motivation.

It is a great drug and works wonders in the body. When you take it, it affects the dopamine levels in the body especially the brain. This is great because it is certain that it can affect the performance of dopamine transporters in your brain. This will, in turn, result in the increase of the synaptic and extracellular concentration of dopamine in the brain.

On-Label Uses in Canada

As stated above Modafinil use in the country is on the rise, and it is used as a prescription drug. However, its’ on-label use is not as strong as off label use as many people in the country use it as off label use.

The drug on-label use is for the treatment of conditions that are related to excessive sleepiness in the daytime. However, these days, the use is on the increase and not necessarily for the treatment of these conditions, which it was primarily designed for.

When it comes to the treatment of excessive daytime sleep disorder, this drug has proven to be very useful; it acts faster and better than several other drugs that are prescribed for the treatment of the same condition.

The regulatory agency is interested in using the medication for the treatment of those conditions it was intended to be used for. These are conditions the drug was legally approved to be used in the country. There is also a concern raised by the regulatory agency as regards the increased use in the off label use. If you want to use the drug, it is recommended that you check the label and digest the information contained therein to know when to use the medication and when not to use it.

This is because many people are using modafinil for the treatment of different conditions that are related to neurology, psychiatry related problems as well as otolaryngologists problems and pulmonologists issues and so on. When the experts in the field recommend them, then it can be equated to on-label use because they must have considered the ingredients and patients conditions before these experts prescribe them for the treatment of different conditions.

Off label uses of modafinil

This drug is intended to be used as a wake-up drug. This is because research has shown that the drug can be very effective as it can assist anybody suffering from any form of narcolepsy, sleep disorder related conditions and so on. These are the uses the regulatory agencies have approved this drug for. Information about the product has indicated that this medication is now used for other things that have nothing to do with the on label information.

They are used for off label conditions such as those conditions that have to do with anti-depression, cognitive enhancement, anti-fatigue and so on. Research has indicated that more than ninety percent of those who are currently taking Modafinil actually do that for off label purpose. Here are some of the off label purpose, which the medication is currently used for.

Cognitive Enhancement

The major off label purpose it is currently used for is the treatment of cognitive issues. Information about the product indicates when you take it. It can enhance your alertness and improve your focus as well. It is not surprising that the drug is often used by business executives especially those that are often faced with tight schedules.

They need to remain alert and focused on meeting all the challenges that confront them. Many professionals also purchase sufficient quantities of the product to increase their productivity and enhance their decision taking ability.

Secondly, many people use the drug as anti-depression. This is because it can act on your dopamine transporters in the brain. It is taken with other anti-depressant drugs. It will have effects on the body as it can boost your mood. It is even more effective when compared with drugs meant for mood-boosting.

Furthermore, modafinil is equally used an ant fatigue drug. This is good for people suffering from multiple sclerosis. Many people who currently use this drug are actually using it for this purpose. It is good for the treatment of symptoms that are associated with MS. In addition, it remains one of the most formidable medications for patients with fatigue. It can give energy when you take the medication.

Addiction treatment is another off-label use of this drug. It is effective for people addicted to cocaine. Many people who use this drug actually do that for this purpose. It can help those addicted to cocaine to break away from that habit. It does so by using those dopamine receptors in the brain that are addicted to cocaine.
You should know that when you are using it for the off-label purpose, you should know that you are not using it for the purpose the regulatory body authorized it.

The Adrafinil Option


  • There could be different modafinil alternatives in the market today. The best option is adrafinil. Adrafinil and modafinil are in the same final property, but you should know that this is not a prescription drug. This means that there are no restrictions as regards the use of this drug. You can actually take the medication without any problems. You can legally buy it just as the case with modafinil counterparts.
  • Before it becomes active, it can take a longer process, because it will first be converted to modafinil before it begins to work for you.
  • It is an over the counter drug. The drug does the same work modafinil can do which includes promotion of wakefulness among its users. When you take it you will be very productive and cognitive ability will also increase significantly.
  • If you want to focus on the task you have at hand you can always take this wonderful alternative. When you take the drug, it first stopped at the liver, and this where it will be converted to modafinil, and it will begin to do the work modafinil can do for you.
  • If you want to take it, you should know that the dose you take of it is higher than the quantity of modafinil you can take. This is because it can take a long time before it kicks. What determines the dosage of the product to use includes the cause of the weakness and sleepiness.
  • You have to determine the right dosage that can address the problem. It is also possible that those who use adrafinil can have improved memory. The fact is that you can get the same thing you derive when you use modafinil because they are in the case class of drug.
  • You should know that the two drugs are considered eugeroic stimulants. They achieve the same purpose, but the major difference between the two is how to achieve the effects. While modafinil is known to act very fast, the same thing cannot be said of adrafinil because it will first be converted before it will begin to act. Moreover, you will spend more of adrafinil before you can achieve the same purpose because it takes a longer time and different routes before it works.
  • The two products do not target the whole nervous system, rather, they are designed to target aspects of the brain. They can improve the general psychomotor of the body. These drugs act gradually and smoother too. They are good and they are used for both on a label and off-label uses.

Modafinil Canada Cost

  • The cost of modafinil varies in Canada and the cost is determined whether you have insurance or you do not have one. For those that do not have insurance, they should expect to pay as much as fifty dollars for 1mg of the product. The cost is high in the country because of the cost of the generic alternative medicines.
  • The drug is available in different formats and the most expensive among them is the Provigil. The cost also depends on the merchants from where you buy the products. You have to compare different suppliers before you can make your choice. If you want to get it in Canada, it is better to seek it from reputable online sources. They are going to give you the correct product at affordable prices too.

5 Best Modafinil In Canada Vendors

If you are in Canada, you should be wary of the safest place to buy modafinil in the country. You have to skeptic to ensure that you make the correct choice. Today, in Canada, research has shown that the best way you can buy this kind of drug is to order them online. In Canada, today, there are reputable online vendors you can order from and five of them are reviewed for you here.

Afinili Express

One of the best places you can order the product online is afinil express. The company into existence in the year 2016 and that was Modafinil Cat closed business. Many people prefer to buy from them because of their user-friendly interface. In addition to that, they have the best in terms of customer service.

If you get from them, you can get any of the two versions of the product and they are from HAB Pharma and Sun Pharma. If you have any issue you want instant response. They can give it to you because they are available 24/7. You do not have to wait for days before your issues can be addressed.

Another thing that marked them out is their speed of delivery. You are sure that the drug will reach you in a record time. Currently, the company accepts two methods of payment and they include the use of a credit card as well as bitcoins. You have to check their shipping policy as they have ten-day shipping policy.

Modafinil Star

Another company that sells the product is modafinil star. They are reputable when it comes to online sellers of drugs. The company has spent at least two years in this kind of business. They are unique because they provide more payment options than any other provider in that business. Currently, they accept check, gift card, mastercards, as well as Altcoins as well as bitcoins. Moreover, they are more cost effective. It is not surprising that the company is popular as many people will prefer to order their drugs from the company.


The third one is the buymod. Many people prefer to buy from the company because of the various incentives which they offer. They are the best because they guarantee the cheapest price.

They have various payment options which include online methods like PayPal, Bitcoin and other forms of the card. You are guaranteed one hundred percent products when you order from them. Furthermore, they can deliver through EMS and you can track your good until it is delivered.


This is another company that you can buy from. The company is famous for the sale of smart drugs. Their prices are affordable and it can reach you in a record time.

Moda Pharma

Equally, you can buy from moda pharma. They are good because they provide effective customer support, 24/7. The service delivery is effective and they support different payment options.


Modafinil is legal for use in Canada and in other countries of the world. You will not find it hard to procure it because it is available in different online channels. They are safe to use and are popular mainly because of their off-label uses.