What is MK-677 (Ibutamoren)?

It is a growth hormone secretagogue (GHS), that is, a compound which acts as a secretagogue, consequently helping to promote the growth hormone levels and very popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Usually, the body requires the growth hormones to perform optimally, plus it also plays a vital role in tissue and muscle development. Therefore, it assists in increasing bone density, prevent muscle wasting, treating hormonal deficiency in adults and children as well as reducing obesity.

Furthermore, it neither is a steroid nor SARMS despite often being sold together with other SARMS, but a non-peptide ghrelin receptor agonist. So, it increases the levels of growth hormones by mimicking the actions of the ghrelin hormone plus binds in the brain to a ghrelin receptor (GHSR). An activated GHSR stimulates the brain to releases the growth hormone. The brain regions that control mood, appetite, biological rhythms, pleasure, cognition, and memory is where GHSR is located. Thus, Ibutamoren subsequently can affect these functions too.

MK-677 Cycle

According to research, the optimal dosage of MK-677 ranges from 20 to 30mg. Additionally, persons who have used more than 30mg of Ibutamoren a day did not yield improved results. However, the cycle length is usually more crucial than the dosage; therefore, it is essential that the period in which MK-677 is being used to be prolonged. It is because this allows the gradual buildup of the growth hormone within the user’s body, and this might take several weeks before one starts feeling any effects.

The ideal dosage cycle should be as follows;

  • For beginners, it is advised to start with 10mg to first see if the drug causes any possible adverse effects.
  • A daily dosage of 20-25mg for a short-term cycle lasting between 10 to 12 weeks. Nevertheless, some people argue that the 12-week period is too short for anyone to realize any substantial benefits from using Ibutamoren.
  • For a cycle lasting about 6-months, start with a daily dosage of 10mg for some weeks and then increase to15 mg per day for the remaining duration of the period.
  • For professional bodybuilders coming off-cycle, a daily dose of 50mg for 8-weeks is ideal. This dosage, however, is not recommended.

Usually, Ibutamoren has a 24-hour half-life meaning the user needs to take a daily dose at least once daily. Nevertheless, a single dose might cause the level of growth hormones to spike instantly, subsequently making one feel tired or lethargic. Thus, to avoid this, it is advisable to split the dosage and take it twice daily or right before going to bed to ensure one’s night is improved plus not affecting daytime activity.

Benefits of MK-677

Fat Loss

Fat Loss

Usually, Ibutamoren regulates homeostasis, thereby allowing one’s body to get energy from the stored fat reserves. Likewise, the decreased activity of the somatostatin receptors guarantees that there is entirely no loss of muscle. It is due to this that this is seen as among the best compounds the decomposition of the body while it is on a cutting cycle. Additionally, it assists a person to conserve his muscles even while fats are burning, and all one needs to look out for are intense pangs of hunger.

Lean Plus Permanent Muscle Gains

Athletes and bodybuilders prefer MK-677 to anabolic steroids because gains they make while on Ibutamoren last longer, with this one of the primary reasons for its increased popularity. Therefore, all that is needed is an excellent exercise program as well as a proper diet, and there is a high likelihood that this will last forever. Furthermore, with MK-677, a person can gain hard and lean muscle whereas simultaneously trimming down his waistline downwards. Typically, GH combo and IGF-1 amplify both hyperplasias, that is new cell formation as well as hypertrophy, that is, growth.

Improved Sleep

According to research, Ibutamoren improved rapid eye movement (REM) sleep duration and quality of sleep in both elderly and young persons. Moreover, sleep possibly is the most underestimated anabolism aspects, and it is this period when secretion by the body of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, GH, and IGF-1 is at its peak. So, sleep quality tremendously improves once MK-677 is taken an hour before bed due to the immediate increase in GH levels, and it assists in the maximization of the anabolic window. Subsequently, bodybuilders who often struggle with getting a pleasant and restful sleep use Ibutamoren, and the following day, he will be more refreshed. So, he will realize an improvement in his concentration, alertness, and focus.

Growth Hormone Deficiency

For children who experience growth hormone deficiency, Ibutamoren helps in increasing the levels of the growth hormones IGFBP-3 and IGF-1. Additionally, these effects are attained without causing any change in the concentration of glucose, prolactin, thyrotropin, insulin, cortisol, thyroxine, and triiodothyronine.

MK-677 also assisted in increasing both the growth hormone and IGF-1 in extremely GH-deficient men without causing any considerable changes in the hormone levels of PRL, cortisol, and thyroid. Nevertheless, an increase in glucose and insulin is experienced.

Better Skins, Nails, and Hair

Both IGF-1 and the growth hormone have effects on the hair, skin as well as nails. Additionally, there is proof that the growth hormone does interact with skin cells.

Increased Bone Density

The growth hormone usually leads to an increase in the bone turnover and subsequently, bone density. Nonetheless, bone density typically decreases before it starts increasing with signs of an increase in bone density showing after a year, thanks to Ibutamoren. Furthermore, Ibutamoren, according to the osteocalcin measure, increases bone building, and finally, it increases bone mineral density that consequently prevents osteoporosis and improves bone strength.

Nootropic Effects

Ibutamoren usually works on the ghrelin receptor, thus why it sometimes is used as a nootropic. However, research on this is yet to be conclusive on how, in particular, Ibutamoren alters cognitive performance.

There are however two indirect mechanisms through which MK-677 improves the brain function;

  • It increases IGF-1 which enhances both learning and memory
  • Increases sleep quality as well as REM sleep duration which is vital for excellent cognitive functioning

Curing Hangovers

Despite being unsubstantiated, some people state that Ibutamoren is very useful in curing hangovers.


Both muscle mass and growth hormone start declining from mid-puberty and continuously after that. Nevertheless, a daily dosage of Ibutamoren leads to an increase in the levels of IGF-1 and GH, thereby helping young adults maintain their looks without any adverse effects.

Muscle Wasting

Usually, MK-677 helps in reversing diet-induced protein loss, which could eventually result in muscle wasting. Moreover, Ibutamoren assisted elderly patients with hip fracture to improve muscle strength, gait speed, as well as a reduced number of falls.

Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing

The growth hormone is usually mandated with increasing tissue regeneration as well as wound healing, and in this case, Ibutamoren might help. However, scientific reports showing how Ibutamoren is helpful are lacking.

Improves Immunity

Improves Immunity

MK-677 leads to strengthened immunity, consequently ensuring one’s body can fight off allergies, flu as well as other seasonal disorders without any struggle.

Improved Quality of Life

Ibutamoren leads to an improvement in the quality of life because it ensures the user is more focused, alert, healthier, stronger as well as feels much better.

Faster Recovery

Thanks to IGF-1, the body recovers quicker from muscle tears, injuries as well as heavy lifting. Likewise, athletes who either tore a ligament or muscle report improving within weeks when using MK-677, whereas it usually took them months to recover.

MK-677 In Bodybuilding

The popularity of MK-677 in bodybuilding has soared in the recent past, and the primary reason why it is used in bodybuilding is solely to increase the levels of growth hormones within one’s body. It is because all that bodybuilding entails is being the leanest as well as the biggest.

Therefore, as growth hormones play a vital role in the building of muscle, the aim is to increase its levels as high as possible while still staying safe. Consequently, an increase in the standards of the growth hormones makes it easier to gain on the much-desired muscle mass.

Ibutamoren is an excellent choice since the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is expensive, and there exists no other alternative ideal for boosting the growth of hormones. Moreover, Ibutamoren, in comparison to the actual High Growth Hormone, is much cheaper plus can considerably increase the growth hormone levels.

The purchase of MK-677 can readily be made online as it is available legally as a research chemical. So, bodybuilders who use it claim they only intend to use it solely for research purposes.

Lastly, Ibutamoren often is stacked together with SARMs; for instance, a common combination is that of Ibutamoren, S23, and RAD140.

Ibutamoren Results Before and After

MK-677 results in the complete transformation one’s body, hence why it often is referred to as ‘The Fountain of Youth.’ Nevertheless, despite being very strong, it acts slowly thus requires time for its effects to kick in, and this is approximately after at least six months.

After its effects kick in, MK-677 makes the user’s hair to become healthier, skin to look better as well as stimulating the growth of permanent, hard, and lean muscle tissue. Likewise, one gets to experience better memory, concentration, alertness, and clarity.

The reason MK-677 produces such superb results is all down to the increased levels of growth hormones, which, despite being disregarded, play a vital role in the human body. Typically, growth hormones are necessary for cell production, growth as well as regeneration.

Does MK-677 Have Any Side Effects?

Usually, the leading cause of these side effects is the increased levels of the growth hormone within one’s body caused by Ibutamoren. So, some of the main side effects that users often experience include;

  • Water retention: Users react differently to MK-677, and in some thus, drugs make them hold on to water so long as they are consuming it. Therefore, to mitigate this effect, some individuals opt to stick to a keto or low-carb diet.
  • Lethargy: Some people report that Ibutamoren makes them sleep for close to 12 hours, and this subsequently makes them feel drained and tired the following day. Whenever a user experiences this symptom, one is advised to either split the dosage into twice daily or reduce the dose.
  • Cramps: The use of MK-677 causes some people to experience severe muscle cramps, and this is an individualistic reaction.
  • Also. MK-677 is linked with causing one to experience some mild effects such as edema in the legs as well as muscle pain, but this fades off as one carries on taking the dosage.
  • Ibutamoren causes a person to experience extreme hunger due to the increase in growth hormones stimulating growth within one’s body.
  • MK-677 in elderly adults with a hip fracture results in an elevation of the blood glucose, blood pressure as well HBA1c. Furthermore, there are some reports which prove cases of congestive heart failure, but this only happened with users who were more than 80 years old plus had a prior history of heart failure.
  • Some users report that using MK-677 causes an increase in levels of fasting blood sugar, whereas it also reduces resistance to insulin. Therefore, one needs always to monitor his insulin and blood sugar levels while using Ibutamoren.
  • Ibutamoren is also known to cause swollen joints, joint pain as well as tingling and numb skin.

MK-677 Stacks

Ibutamoren only affects a person’s growth hormone levels, thus has very insignificant side-effects. Nevertheless, one should not take it lightly, especially when stacking it with SARMs.

Therefore, when stacking, one needs to choose an appropriate stack as well as the dosage of his SARMs to achieve spectacular results within a short duration. The reason for this MK-677 typically enhances the effects of any SARMs which is being used. Likewise, Ibutamoren is ideal for stacking, together with Testolone, Ligandrol, and Cardarine.

Stacking with Cardarine is both clinically tested and approved, and its results are superb. It is because Cardarine leads to increased endurance of an individual; hence, why most athletes make use of it regularly. Consequently, the dream combination of Cardarine and MK-677 makes one experience an increase in muscle mass while Cardarine is assisting an individual in attaining his goals faster.

Additionally, stacking with Testolone or as it is often known RAD-140, which is a type of SARM assists the user in losing unnecessary weight as well as increase his muscle size. Its effects are quite similar to that of anabolic steroids minus the horrendous side effects. So, this combination helps one achieve results effectively and faster; hence, why it has gained popularity among overweight and obese persons.

Ibutamoren can also be stacked with Ligandrol, which leads to a decrease in body fat as well as an increase in lean body mass. Thus, this combination is an excellent choice, primarily because it is beneficial for bulking.

Where Can One Buy Ibutamoren?

Due to its popularity, MK-677 is one of the research chemicals with the highest number of counterfeits. Therefore, it is vital that one always purchases this product from a trustworthy source as many vendors tend to either underdose this chemical or not selling this product at all.

Some of the reputable vendors selling MK-677 include;

Bottom Line

Therefore, MK-677, without a doubt, works excellent at assisting the user in shedding weight and burning fat without having to sacrifice his diet as well as increasing both muscle strength and size. Hence, it is no surprise that it is viewed as one of the safest performance enhancement compounds with minor side effects, so long as it is bought from a legitimate source. Additionally, it can be used in the treatment of deficiencies and diseases.

So, users who stick to the recommended dosage and buy it from a respectable vendor realize outstanding results within a short period.