Commonly known by several names across the world, possibly most famously as Ma Huang in China, Mexican ephedra has been in use for more than two millenniums. Mexican ephedra has recently come into popularity once again because of its strength for bodybuilding community and weight loss, but there are several medicinal applications of Mexican ephedra that make it a helpful asset for any person looking forward to boosting the overall health. The substance can be taken as a tea by brewing it, but the most renowned way of taking this herb is through pill supplements. Nevertheless, the herb’s ‘drug-like’ effects have made it prohibited in several states and are not allowable in various professional sports. This herb can offer narcotic and hallucinogenic effects when smoked. Depending on your profession or country of residence, you should be extra careful with how you acquire and use Mexican ephedra. The following are health benefits of Mexican ephedra.


Health Benefits

1. Enhancing Energy Levels

  • The primary utilization of Mexican ephedra in the popular community is as an energy enhancer, but this name can be somehow deceiving. Mexican ephedra and its active component ephedrine arouse the heart and enhance blood flow which in the process uplifts the body and keeps muscles fresh with oxygen and blood.
  • However, this aspect can be dangerous to a person suffering from precise heart conditions since it can prospectively put a strain on the individual’s heart.

2. Lessening Fatigue

  • If you experience insomnia or suffer from chronic fatigue, resulting in exhaustion the following day, a supplement of Mexican ephedra can help you increase your energy levels temporarily.
  • With this, you will be active for the rest of the day due to insignificant levels of fatigue. Nevertheless, you should only use Mexican ephedra in small amounts, and not in the same quantity that you use your daily cup of coffee.

3. Weight Loss

  • There is no doubt about Mexican ephedra’s effectiveness and usefulness as an aid in losing weight effectively and rapidly. Most experts consider Mexican ephedra to be the best method for shedding excess weight.
  • On the other hand, most users have taken it in moderation and sensibly, with insignificant adverse reactions or side effects. Mexican ephedra helps the body burn fat for energy when utilized in moderation and right amounts.
  • The herb is essential because it helps enhance the breakdown of fatty tissues, regulates energy levels as well as suppressing appetite. Mexican ephedra also generates a lot of body heat, which in the process burns a lot of calories, a process referred to as thermogenesis.

Mexican Ephedra review

4. Enhancing Cognition

  • Multiple pieces of research have associated Mexican ephedra to enhanced cognition. This is primarily due to the improved blood flow to the brain and other essential organs, boosting neural processing and ensuring that the brain is fresh.
  • The pros of this herb on cognition should be regulated against other prospective dangers. Additionally, the herb should not be a regularly consumed supplement.

5. Respiratory Health

  • Mexican ephedra can help lower inflammation of mucous membranes in your body, especially in the respiratory tract. This aspect makes the herb quite essential in preventing wheezing and asthmatic attacks.
  • It can lessen typical respiratory conditions that affect numerous people around the world by facilitating clear passage of air to the lungs.

6. Boosting Immunity

  • A cure typically seems out of reach when it comes to treating and curing the flu and common cold. There are several steroidal properties to Mexican ephedra that make it an essential booster for a person’s immune system.
  • While this should not be utilized as a continual preventative drug, some studies and users have argued that consuming it on the onset stages of illness can help quicken healing time or avoid full-blown illness.

7. Controls Blood Pressure

  • Although most individuals are concerned about lessening their blood pressure, there are those individuals that suffer from hypertension, which can be as treacherous in its unique way.
  • People can effectively enhance their blood pressure and heart health by adding it to their herbal remedy regimen. Nevertheless, people should always talk to a medical expert before utilizing a herbal product to treat blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions.

Disadvantages of Using Mexican Ephedra

One con of Mexican ephedra is that it is not suitable for all individuals. The substance should not be consumed by

  • pregnant women
  • or individuals suffering from conditions such as heart disease,
  • diabetes
  • or high blood pressure.
  • Other users who are using several other prescription drugs frequently should not take Mexican ephedra.

Side Effects of Mexican Ephedra

If it is not ingested reasonably and in its proper dose, it can lead to several side effects. The side effects of taking this herb include increased blood pressure, dizziness, chest pain, headaches, seizures, and stroke. Some professionals have described that most of these side effects are due to typical substances, such as coffee, and are not exceptional to Mexican ephedra.

Probably the most severe side effect of Mexican ephedra is its tendency to over arouse the central nervous system when consumed. This aspect possesses the double effect of raising blood pressure and increasing the heart rate, a prospective deadly combination.

It is regarded to be amphetamine, and like several other amphetamines, the herb is addictive. The withdrawal signs and symptoms after a prolonged usage may comprise cold sweats, mood swings, and heart palpitations. Some users who stop consuming it tend to indulge in spree eating which possesses the negative result of putting all the shed weight back again.



The debate surrounding the use of Mexican ephedra is likely to be around for a prolonged period. If you are thinking of ingesting Mexican ephedra, you should always consult your doctor and ascertain that you possess all the facts before making the ultimate decision. It is also essential to note that it is prohibited by the National Football League, Olympic Committee, as well as the (NCAA) National College Athletic Association.

In some situations, it is advertised as a recreational drug known as ‘herbal ecstasy.’ The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has stated that Mexican ephedra products advertised as recreational drugs are banned in all states.