Do you have long working hours and sometimes the tendency to sleep in the job place is a risk to you? Definitely, it is not a good idea to keep struggling with sleep when you out to be working. You can imagine that moment when you are supposed to be working on the end month report and lots of pressure has been put on you by your supervisor. Suddenly this ‘evil’ comes in and boom! You are asleep. On opening your eyes you realize that the supervisor has been standing in front of you for moments you cannot really talk about. Well, you can guess what can proceed next. You do not deserve this; Ma Huang ephedra can be a solution for you.

Ma Huang ephedra scenically referred to as Ephedra sinica has been used for years as an anti-sleep herb. The parts of the plant above the ground are collected. They are then dried and later ground to extract some powder. It is this powder which is them taken in different methods to experience the anti-sleep effects. In most nations, the herb is still considered illegal, yet it is one of the solutions for sleep and other health benefits.


Health benefits of Ma huang ephedra

Apart from the anti-sleep effects, the herb has other health benefits, the reason it is one of the ingredient or components of pharmacologically prepared herb. Here are some of its benefits:

1. Treatment of asthma

  • The natural way to treat asthma and other related illnesses like colds and influenza. If you are having such complications, you can take advantage of the herb. Actually, the plant where the herb is obtained is used in making the clinical medication for asthma.
  • The only difference is that for the case of clinical preparation of the herb, the ephedra effect is eliminated since this component is considered illegal in most nations.

2. For weight loss

  • Are you disturbed by your body weight? We have a solution for you. Ma Huang can be used to reduce your weight naturally. Some people have tried all that they can to ensure that they lose weight.
  • Some of the procedures people use in an attempt to lose weight do not guarantee the loss of weight. This leads to lots of frustrations since they spend a lot but nothing happens. This herb is the best in losing the weight in a natural way. The only role you have is to ensure that you take the right dose.

3. Boosting energy

  • The use of the herb is one of the most natural sources of energy. When used, you can feel that you have some energy. People who use lots of energy in carrying out their roles can take advantage of this herb.
  • It is highly recommended to the athletes especially the long distance athletes. They need a lot of energy both for the practice and for the actual competition. If you have the skills required in doing anything, you do not have a reason to fail simply because you do not have the energy you need. Ma Huang can make the whole difference.

Ma Huang Ephedra review

Ma huang Dosage

This herb is associated with different side effects that are not used in the right way. Therefore, it is essential to know what dosage you should take. The dose is however not fixed. It all depends on body weight, gender and the purpose to which you are taking the herb. However, the maximum you should take as a dose should not exceed 90 mg per day. Any doze above this is an overdose.

When you start, however, you should start with as low as 30 mg to see the effects it can bring to you. If you start using a higher amount of the herb, the chances are high that you will develop the herb tolerance or addition. Tolerance is when you are not able to feel the effect of the herb any time you take it. Addiction, on the other hand, is the condition when you feel that you need more and more of the herb that you cannot do without. Therefore, start by taking the herb in small bits to avoid such effects.

Ma Huang Purchase

To purchase Ma Huang, you should not struggle a lot. All you need is to search for a vendor of your preference online. Today, most of the vendors do their business online since the herb is used in the whole world yet it is mostly grown in China. In doing your purchase online, you must ensure that the vendor is legit. To verify this, once you have searched for the am Huang vendor, you need t check on top of the browser to know whether the site is verified not. Only go for the verified vendors to make the best choice.

Ma Huang extract

Ma huang extract can be in the form of powder or capsules. It the extract is obtained from the above the ground part of the plant. It is first dried then ground. This means that if you have the plant, you can make the extract on your own. Making the extract is therefore not difficult. Just ensure that you are hygienic in coming up with the extract.

Ma Huang in tea

The taste of ma Huang powder may not be favorable to all users. Therefore, different people try to use different methods to at least make the taste bearable. One of the most effective ways is taking the herb in form of tea. The powder is added into your tea of different flavors, say turmeric tea. In this solution, it becomes easier to take it. This method is made easier than taking the herb in plain water or inform of powder directly.



Ma huang is a rare but useful herb. If you are the type of people, who prefer taking natural herbs, here you go. You can enjoy this herb for both medical benefits as listed above or for other reasons like dealing with your sleep habit. However, it is recommended that if you get advanced side effects like prolonged vomiting, you need to seek medical attention. Otherwise, this is the best herb for sleep and pain control you ought to give a try.