LGD-4033 is defined as a type of synthetic drug under the class of SARMs, and it is among the recent SARMS which are out in the market. This is an oral, non-steroidal SARM which binds together with AR producing results like the steroids although steroids are not present. In terms of strength, this SARM works close like the anabolic. LGD-4033 is known as strongest among any other SARM when compared using the size which is gainable after its usage.

LGD-4033 falls in androgen receptor group of ligands which select certain tissue and are created for curing wasting of muscles which is tied to chronic or acute diseases, cancer and muscle loss related to a person’s age. Muscle wasting the initial creation of Ligandrol condition includes losing the skeletal muscles, and it is a symptom of cancer which is detected in its early stages. Just like any other SARM, ligandrol increases the mass of muscles and also improves the physical functioning of the diseased and even healthy persons. They also modulate similar pathways of anabolic which steroidal androgen target. Ligandrol, on the other hand, is non-virilizing, non-aromatizable, tissue-selective and orally active anabolic agents. It is thought to produce testosterone healing benefits with better patient acceptance, admissibility, and safety due to its mechanism of tissue-selective of action together with its administration which is through the mouth.

Before its introduction to the market entirely, ligandrol had gone through tests such as:

  • Human test whereby healthy men were given ligandrol for about 21 days. The results of the usage recorded a significant increase in the mass of body muscle. The test although also recorded one side effect which was temporary suppression of levels of free testosterone. A single milligram each day would result in massive muscle growth. If the dose is high, then more muscles would build up.
  • Rat test whereby rats were fed with this oral drug and the results showed increased muscle mass, sex drive, and body density. All of the results which were received had no effect noted on the liver or prostate tissue.

How LGD-4033 (Ligandrol) Works

Functioning of LGD-4033

LGD-4033 just like any other SARM functions by tying the androgen receptors selectively. Once LGD-4033 gets bond on those receptors, it stimulates testosterone production in the human body. Such will occur once your body is tired and then needs to get an additional boost in keeping it performing. Therefore, you experience much strength as well as higher energy levels. It displays in the muscles and bones anabolic activity instead of affecting harmfully the sebaceous and prostate glands which are an occurrence when making use of steroids. They differentiate from steroids in that steroids function to improve androgen activity for many tissues while for SARMs it’s some selected tissues where the AR is elevated.

Ligandrol ensures that androgen activity improves where you intend it to improve only unlike the steroids. Some of the benefits proved to be obtained after usage of ligandrol include:

Increase in levels of strength, improvement of the mass of lean muscles, drop in the fats of the body, healing properties and no cause of any adverse side effects like ones caused by the usage of anabolic steroids and prohormones.

When should LGD-4033 Ligandrol be used?

By experiments and studies carried out recently, ligandrol can use for enhancement of muscle mass which is lean and also for decreasing fats in the body. It can as well be used for boosting strength and also for training performance, health and overall recovery. For such reasons, it has established that bodybuilders and athletes mostly use the SARM. Suggested usage includes:


The dose recommended for use is 5mg to 20 mg every day within 8 weeks. While taking this dose, it’s advisable that you take diet very rich in proteins and also take higher calories by around ten pounds plus.


While using the product for cutting, you should use it in companion with the triple pack of SARMs such that the results are useful of cutting with size added. For this reason, a dosage of 3mg to 5mg every day for about 8 weeks is recommended.


Ligandrol is the best thing to use for recomping. Most of its users have testified its effectiveness in boosting body mass as well as loss of fats. When used together with other types of SARMs like Cardine, it yields better and stronger recomp. For this, a dosage of 5mg to 8mg each day for about 8 weeks is recommended.

Does LGD-4033 usage have any side effects?

Ligandrol is among the non-toxic substances, and therefore it contains very minimal side effects. Ligandrol is a preferred alternative to steroids for persons who want to drop fats and bulk up since steroids are quite tight with much side effects. Its intake does not have any impact on the liver, but it’s advised that you get a complete PCT because LGD-4033 suppresses quite higher than the other known SARMs.

Ligandrol usage, however, has some tied side effects though not as severe but before purchase, the users should be aware of. Such effects include:

    • Suppression of levels of free testosterone

Some studies on ligandrol effects proved that its use might result in suppressing negatively of levels of free testosterone. What this implies is a decrease in the effectiveness of performance. But this is a problem which would disappear after some weeks of using ligandrol. There is though no proof of permanent suppression after using ligandrol.

    • Lower levels of globulin

Takes of ligandrol at times experience lower levels of globulin. It is typically a sex hormone which helps in binding together other hormones. Once its levels go low, a possibility of adverse side effects of sexuality is a possibility. It’s however not a permanent effect as it disappears after several weeks of using ligandrol.

Where should LGD-4033 be bought a high quality?

If you are looking for this product, it’s available in so many places even online stores. Also, fake types of sold SARMs are available which more steroids are. Some of the recommended stores where you can get ligandrol of the best quality online include:

    • Innovate compounds research

It is a company majoring in selling chemicals of different varieties. It also includes SARMs f high quality including ligandrol. They are sold at affordable prices as well with a bottle of LGD-4033 going for $65.

    • Med fit Kong

That’s the best store for persons who want to purchase several SARMs stacks together. You can also buy several ligandrol stacks together in this. Each product sold is referred to as Kong, and it comes with a stack made of five different SARMs with ligandrol included. Each of the capsule given contains 10mg of ligandrol.

The period which LGD-4033 stays in the body’s system

Ligandrol does not last for very long periods in the human body. But once you terminate its usage, there is a possibility of it staying for some time in the human body. This results from the fact that the body acclimates some amount and stores it during its usage. Typically, ligandrol is supposed to burn off a human body after one to two days.

After how long are the effects of LGD-4033 experienced in a human body?

Since this substance does not last for much longer in the human body, its effects should note like two to three months of its usage. The first results and outcomes will be observed after its first week of usage. It is because this substance does not acclimate in the human body for it to fit the chemistry of the body. Bodies at a time will react differently with some getting immediate results and others taking sometime before any reaction is noted.

Before starting your intake of ligandrol, there are some things which should run in your mind as expectations. LGD-4033 has so many tied advantages. However, its functioning may not yield positive results as immediately as in the first few days of its usage but what you need to do is relax for real effects will be experienced as from day 7 or so. The benefits will be noticeable if the compound use is accompanied with workouts. If you decide to go on a break on the routine of exercising while using LGD-4033, it might not be as effective.

Effects of LGD-4033 on muscle growth

LGD-4033 aids in the growth of muscles. Ligandrol was initially invented for curing of wasting muscle loss conditions. It is however very much used by bodybuilders and athletes to build muscles. Its effects on muscle growth include:

    • Increasing the mass of muscles

Bodybuilders and athletes benefit most for their muscle growth through raising of the mass. With an 8-week intake cycle, the user of ligandrol can obtain an increase of body muscle by 5lbs to 10 lbs. A dosage of 10 mg every day is recommended for such.

    • Increased muscle strength

Throughout that usage cycle, the muscles’ strength will also be significantly improved. It works great for gaining strength, especially when accompanied by several workouts. This effect ion muscles kick in about a week after usage.