Kwik Kratom has been in operation for quite several years, and according to most of the past client reviews, the vendor has proven to be reliable and offers quality products. However, very little information is available about this vendor in online platforms.

Since Kwik Botanicals was relaunched in 2016, the vendor has made significant changes to both its website and product pages.

Legal Status

As a customer, it is never easy to know whether the vendor you are working with is reputable enough to offer quality products. There are, in no doubt, so many shady kratom vendors who are only out there to get money. Many companies may seem to be legit the first time you work with them, but with close inspection, you will realize that such companies are unprofessional and the types of products they offer are way below the required quality level.

Some people purchase products from such vendors, only to realize later that the tree was cut from dangerous prescription products. The good news is that knowing such vendors is very easy, especially when you pay close attention to the prices they offer.

Most of these companies offer low-quality products, and this is the reason why their products are very affordable. Some even go to the extent of publishing fake testimonials in online platforms. In this article, we will give you a full review of Kwik Kratom for you to guide whether they are the best people to work with or not.

Kwik Kratom review

Kwik Kratom made significant changes to their website during rebranding, including changing its name. But the company is still in operation. The original site, which was founded in 2014, also had a fantastic reputation among customers. You can only see a few negative reviews about the company, which moreover do not concern the quality of their products. This, in no doubt, gives you a good reason why you should consider purchasing kratom from the company.

How the company was established

Kwik Kratom has only been in operation for less than 2 years before they changed their name to Kwik botanicals. The company later created a new website under that name. however, this new site does not function the same way as the old one.

One of the main things that you have to consider in the vendor you buy kratom from is accuracy. The vendor should, if possible, have a mission statement for you to find out what they can deliver not only today but also in other days to come. The company should also be able to explain to their customers how they started, the reason why they decided to get into kratom business, their business location, among other things. The last and most important thing is explaining to their customers where they are getting their kratom from.

With Kwik Botanicals, none of this information is available on their website. Most of their kratom products do not have any pictures or descriptions. Some of the pages are blank. It is only Matcha leaves and Yerba Mate that, at least have a product description included. What you need to know is that the site requires you to register with them before you can view most of their products. This consists of the lowest priced products. Depending on your opinion on this, you can judge whether the company is a data scammer or a highly legitimate business.

Kwik Kratom products

Products and prices

Kwik Botanicals does not have a wide range of products, but what is available is precisely what you may need. There are many different types of forceful strains, like Green Malay and weaker strains like Maeng Da. However, the website does not indicate how quality these products are. Several users have complained in the past that the company’s products do not feel like ‘real’ kratom. Well, with such low prices, there may be, at least some truth in these claims. For instance, four ounces of a cheaper leave can cost as low as 7.99, which is a much lower price compared to other kratom vendors available in the market today.

If you are always purchasing kratom online, you will realize that scammers usually have very low or extremely high prices. While it may not be right to say that Kwik Botanicals are a scam, considering that they have been in operation for a good number of years, it is still important to bear in mind that low prices are directly related to poor quality products.

It is also safe to say that the company has been able to retain most of its customers due to its excellent reputation as a kratom vendor, but not in the quality of their products. Besides the product quality, there are also other areas that the company needs to improve on. This is according to reviews from past clients.

For example, one of the significant challenges that customers have complained about is that the company is not as fast as they claim. Even with the smallest amount of purchases, it can take ages for shipping to take place. The company also needs to improve its customer service. This is because other kratom users had reported delays when they reported receiving the wrong products and require a refund or replacement. Some of them even ended up winning the wrong product again for the second time.

But even with these negative reviews, the company also has a positive side. There is a good number of users who have shared their good experiences working with the vendor. With others claiming that the company has poor customer service and delay their shipments, there are also others who praise it for their excellent customer service and fast delivery.

The good thing that most of these positive reviews are from users who have worked with the company for an extended period. There is one user who claims that a single dose of kratom from the company has helped him overcome chronic pain for more than 10 hours. This is a clear indication that the company’s products are still legitimate.

Kwik Kratom products

Among the different types of products offered by Kwik Botanicals includes standard brands like green Malay and Maeng Da. Their Green Malay is quite strong and can work well for people with anxiety disorders. But there are also other strains that are quite weak. For instance, white Maeng is not as strong as Green Malay. Their other product, Indo Sumatra, does not even resemble kratom leaf. It looks more like the fake products that are usually advertised at the back of magazines. Their worse product, according to customers, seems to be Green Maeng Da, which most people claim that it does not produce any effects. Most of the people who have purchased this product from Kwik Botanicals claim to have been very disappointed. Here is a detailed description of the different types of products offered by the company;

Best Kratom

Green Vein Borneo

This product costs between $12 and $14 per ounce. It can stimulate the brain, and also allows better food absorption, reducing the chances constipation.

Green Maeng Da

This is the perfect kratom strain to help kick start your day. Its effects, which comes within five minutes, lasts for up to two hours. It works best when used in the morning to improve the user’s concentration level. The product costs around $115 on the Kwik Kratom website.

Red Maeng Da

One main benefit of this product is that it can be used as a pain reliever. It can work best when you are in a relaxing mood. The product has a flavored taste. Kwik Kratom sells Green Maeng da at between $35 and $195 depending on the quantity you need. As much as the price may be higher, the product is definitely worth your money, thanks to its wide range of health benefits.

Green Malay

This is the most natural products sold by the company. It is a high-quality fine powder that is soluble in water. You can even tell that if the product is actually in the water. Green Malay helps get rid of anxiety disorder and increases positive energy. It also has a long-lasting effect.

White Maeng Da

The kratom strain gives you immediate energy that goes away fast. It can be the right solution when you want to increase your energy levels when doing your exercises. It can be described as a fine powder with a bitter taste. The product does not mix in water.

Other products offered by the company include Green Vein Indo, Green Vein Dragon, Red Indo, among others.

What are people saying?

From what we have seen so far, Kwik Kratom seems to have several benefits, but it also has its share of criticism. For instance, one customer complained of the kratom menu only appearing once you have created an account with the vendor. It makes it worse that you can’t even view the products available on the website before signing up.

The same user also complained of poor customer service, claimed that the ordered product was not delivered; instead, they delivered something else. However, the user was offered 4oz free with the next purchase. Another user also complained about their shipping.

Of course, for every negative review, there is also a considerable number of positives. Some customers have refuted these claims, noting that the company offers nothing less than excellent customer service and fast shipping. Most customers were also satisfied with product prices.


Delivery and shipping

Kwik KratomThe Kwik Kratom website does not have the FAQ page. This is also something they need to work on since this is the best section where customers can get answers on delivery, shipping, and payment methods. However, their website is well structured, making it very simple to navigate and get the information you need. You can get more details of the above once you purchase their product. You can easily find the product you want to buy by scrolling down. You will also find out how shipping and delivery take place. Kwik Kratom ships vis Fed-Ex and USPS. Shipping is free, and there is no purchase limit. It takes at least 7 days for customers to receive the product. The company uses sealant bags to package their products, which means that they always arrive when they are in good shape.

Payment methods

For payments, the company accepts American express, visa, and MasterCard.

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Bottom line

Kwik Kratom (or Kwik Botanicals if you prefer using the new name) is a good option for many, but not everyone. As much as you can get the right product to help meet your health needs, do not be surprised if a problem occurs, and this is something severe in the kratom business.

The company tends to hide a lot of information from its customers, including those who already have an account with them. This makes it look like there is something shady going on with the business, which might be the reason why they decided to rebrand.

While this might be understandable by some people, there is nothing that links the business to their old company, considering that they even changed their website. Most customers also have an issue with signing up before they view any of their available products.

But if you still want to purchase kratom from the vendor, it is still very possible, and according to most reviews, there are also chances that you will have a good experience. The customers who had worked with the company even before they changed their name, can attest to this. The fact that all their products are available at affordable prices also qualifies them to be among the top kratom vendors available online. If you are still not sure about the company, there are also hundreds of other reputable options that you can consider. Just be sure to read their reviews online to avoid getting scammed.