Kratom sites are popping up right, left, and center. Ever since it was declared legal, many people have ventured into the kratom business. As high as this is for our economy, kratom enthusiasts are finding it even harder to identify legit kratom vendors from con artists. A lot of people rely on kratom because of its numerous therapeutic benefits. However, one can only get these benefits if they take quality strains. And, the quality of the strain you get highly depends on the genuineness of your vendor. This is why before you buy some kratom from a particular vendor, you should do some in-depth research.

Today, we are going to do a review on Kratom Spot. It is one of the top-selling kratom websites with thousands of clients. Lets’ find out if they are a trustable and reliable kratom vendor.

Who is Kratom Spot?

Kratom Spot is an online vendor of Kratom. They are well-known for selling the best strains of kratom at pocket-friendly prices. They have different strains of kratom as well as extracts, capsules, and powder.

  • They deliver products in all parts of the country. From the numerous reviews we went through, we observed that Kratom Spot had amassed a massive following of clients who are satisfied with the kratom delivered to them.
  • A good number of these customers also highly recommend the kratom from Kratom Spot.

How was Kratom Spot Established?

Kratom Spot started as a kratom vendor in Irvine, California. They grew to become an online vendor, and their headquarters are still at Irvine. This is where all the kratom strains are packaged before shipment. Over the years, Kratom Spot has become a favorite online vendor. The reason behind this is because Kratom Spot only produces kratom grown from the natural areas of Southeast Asia. This establishment has also witnessed massive growth because their kratom is pure and doesn’t contain additives.

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Is Their Website Easy to Use?

Many are the times you can come across a vendor with excellent kratom strains and only to find their website hard to navigate. Kratom Spot does not fall under this category. Their website is super easy to navigate. All the details are placed in the right place.

  • On the home page, you can choose what you are interested in from the drop-down menu. You can go through the different strains available or buy kratom in wholesale. Before you do this, you will be asked to sign up where you will key in your credentials.
  • The moment you have activated your account, you will be able to begin shopping for kratom. At, you can be assured of finding your way to what you need.

What Products are Available?

At, you can navigate your way to the most premium kratom strains available. You should know that this vendor deals with several products such as kratom powder, capsules, and kava. You will have a wide selection of products to choose from. Here you can be assured of finding your favorite kratom strain.

  • Their kratom powders are pure and are derived from freshly picked Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. As mentioned earlier, these leaves are obtained from the thick and dense forests in Southeast Asia, where kratom grows naturally.
  • And, this is why their strains are so useful. It’s because they have been grown without fertilizers and other impurities.

Here are the Special Products You can Find at Kratom Spot

The products listed below are considered the most popular and frequently bought kratom from Kratom Spot. They include;

Note that all these strains come in the form of powder, capsules, and extracts. Therefore, giving you the freedom to take your favorite strains in the way you deem fit.

What is The Quality of Their Strains?

Quality is among the top reasons why folks love Kratom Spot. Their strains boast of high quality. Their customers have given positive feedback on how much they loved the kratom they got from Kratom Spot. We can conclude that the reason for this is the kratom they produce comes from the jungles in Southeast Asia. Kratom which has been grown naturally tends to have more potent benefits than that which has been grown using fertilizers and impurities.

Product Selection

Judging from the list above of products available at Kratom Spot, we can say that they do have a wide selection of kratom strains. They have also gone an extra mile to ensure that you can get each of these strains in the form of capsules, powder or extracts. The choice is entirely up to you.

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Payment Methods

Kratom Spot provides a variety of payment methods which are common and convenient. For instance, they accept payment via credit cards from all popular companies such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. You will be required to pay online before checkout. After which, your goods will be packaged for shipment.

Do They Give Coupon Codes?

You can get access to Kratom Spot coupon codes by signing up for promotional emails. Therefore, anytime coupon codes are being dished out, you will get an email that will notify you. You can use the code when ordering kratom products on their site. You can also get discount coupons from other sites which are associated with Kratom Spot.

What about Kratom Spot Shipping and Return Policies?

When compiling this review, we did go through several reviews from Kratom Spot clients. And, we realized that most of its customers admire the vendor for their fast delivery. The cases of failed deliveries were very minimal. Did you know that when you order at Kratom Spot, all orders arrive on the same day? Provided they were placed before 2 pm. The company also has a 100% return policy where if not pleased with the purchase, you can get your money back.

How is Their Customer Service?

Kratom Spot customer service is exceptional. You can either contact them via phone or email. Their customer care team is always available and willing to answer any of your queries. Plus, they are very friendly.
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From the above review, we can conclude by saying that Kratom Spot is a genuine and reliable online kratom vendor. They have a wide selection of products, exceptional customer service, and their prices are pocket-friendly. The quality of their strains is unmatchable, and you are guaranteed of receiving your order as early as possible.