Things you can use to Potentiate Kratom

When you buy Kratom from your vendor, we guess that you intend to have the very best potency from it. Ideally, it remains non-negotiable that you must buy Kratom that is purely natural and sold by a reliable vendor. Not as if that is enough, you need to understand that you can spice up your Kratom experience more by using it together with Potentiators.

This brings us to a point where we need to let you know what the hell these potentiators are and how they work together with Kratom. Read through the article and get to learn.

Kratom Potentiators to Boost Kratom Benefits

Before we indulge in highlighting different types of Kratom potentiators, it vital we let you understand what Kratom potentiators mean. Ideally, something used to add potent effect on something else is called a potentiator. Kratom potentiator, therefore, is any substance that is used together with Kratom to enhance its efficacy and potency of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics components.

To potentiate Kratom, therefore, means they enhance the effects of Kratom by making onset actions quicker, prolonged, and delay extraction of Kratom metabolism. Additionally, it means Kratom is more absorbed from the GIT into the bloodstream. The following are among the Kratom potentiators so far noticed to give the best experience.

Grapefruit Juice

  • Grapefruit juice is by far one of the most preferred potentiators by Kratom users. The extract not only potentiates the effects of Kratom but also enhance metabolism, improve body defense against infectious diseases, and improve metabolism.

Grapefruits delay the rate of Kratom emptying from the body system, enhancing Kratom action. Grapefruit juice is either mixed with Kratom powder or tossed together as means of ingestions.


  • Turmeric is used in food substances like spice. It has herbal actions known to boost body immune, helps in the healing process as well as protect the gastrointestinal tract from infectious bacteria.

Turmeric can the potentiate Kratom effect though how it works is not well known. Since it’s bitter, its users are encouraged to go for some shakes or juice after intake.

Cayenne Pepper

Best Kratom Potentiators

  • Another wide known Kratom potentiator is the Cayenne Pepper, which is a hot chili pepper commonly used as a significant ingredient in spicing meals. The compound is known to improve digestion and as a detoxifying agent.

Cayenne Pepper increase Kratom absorption making Kratom onset action faster. Users of Kratom with Cayenne pepper are encouraged to stay hydrated when taking the combination since it takes in a lot of body fluids.


  • Watercress is an aquatic leafy green vegetable which grows near streams and is highly rich in vitamins and minerals. Users’ experienced in it reports that it takes Kratom effect longer as well as intensify the effects.

Watercress is found in supermarkets, food stores, and online. You can either buy fresh leaves, dried or watercress capsules to take with Kratom.

We have other Kratom potentiators that work to boast Kratom effect, but for now, we will discuss the above.

Supplements that help in potentiating the Kratom

Apart from using potentiators to enhance Kratom potency, you can use supplements, and they as well lead to the same desire. The most common supplements you will find in the market areas discussed below.

Valerian root

  • Valerian, which is a particular perennial flowering plant, is an effective cure for insomnia. This is why the plant is a good partnership for Kratom since it promotes sleep patterns. Kratom and Valerian Root combined to produce a more soothing, relaxing effect resulting in better sleep.


  • Kratom plant itself is part of a coffee family. This is to mean Kratom and Caffeine has relation in common. Consuming Kratom and caffeine has proven a benefit in that its increase in body energy, keeps you alert as well as help you maintain focus.

Cat’s claw

  • Cat’s claw woody vine is located in South as well as parts of Central America. Its scientific name is Uncaria tomentosa and contains alkaloids that can be synthesized together with alkaloid in Kratom. Once the two are ingested together, the potency effect of Kratom is increased significantly.

Akuma Seed

  • Akuma seeds potent effect is almost the same as that of Kratom. Most people rates Akuma seeds as the second type of Kratom. When the two are ingested together, it means that the potent effect is enormous.

Akuma mimics Kratom effect as it works as an opiate receptor agonist. Even though people relate the two in terms of impact, Kratom has more potency in general. When the two compounds are ingested together, the alkaloid effect from the two compounds causes increased strength, which takes a long time before it goes done.

Kratom tea and its Herbs

While many Kratom users prefer making Kratom tea containing sugar and lemon, others are profound in mixing Kratom with other teas components. There are a few options you can undertake where each comes with its benefit.

Chamomile tea

  • Chamomile tea mild pleasant taste and can help you calm an upset stomach. The tea is used with a combination of slow herbal strains like Red vein Kratom, to aid more relaxation and ability to fall asleep faster. People who take Chamomile tea as Kratom potentiator cite that it’s feeling effect takes much time compared to taking Kratom alone.

Green Tea

  • Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that gives a dose of Kratom an extra kick of energy. The tea works best with faster strains such as Green and White Kratom strain. To enhance effects, ensure you do not brew the tea as too strong as it might be too bitter for you.
  • Additionally, you should buy high-quality tea leaves since Kratom green tea leaves vary in quality. Also, avoid green leave tea bags as they might contain a lot of dust compared to real leaves resulting in lowest tea quality.

Chamomile benefits

Kratom tea generally works as the modest ways you can potentiate your Kratom effect; hence, you should give it a trial in your next Kratom dose.

Kratom tolerance blocking supplements

The most challenging stage in Kratom use is on withdrawal effects. Most people who start it for health purpose find it a challenge to stop its ingestion even after recovering health-wise. Luckily, nowadays scientist has come up with proven means to help fight Kratom withdrawal effects which they call Kratom blocking supplements. These supplements are useful even if the victim is eating healthy and exercising well. Typically the following are the examples.

Agmatine Sulphate

  • Agmatine Sulphate is known to have the ability to overpower Kratom tolerance and prevent the development of withdrawal symptoms. The most prompt dose you should take a day is 500mg three times a day.


  • Even though less is known about this drug, it helps in alleviating withdrawal symptoms, which forms a significant challenge for Kratom users.

5-Hydroxytryptophan 5-HTP

  • This supplement increases the ability of the brain to secrete hormone serotonin leveling its level a bit moderate the body. Also, the supplement has an anecdotal property where it improves individual mood and sleeping pattern during Kratom withdrawal stages. When taking this supplement, it’s good to take caution that it can interact with other supplement and result into what we call serotonin syndrome.

Rhodiola Rosea % Rosavin

  • This supplement is an adaptogenic herb used in relieving Kratom users off dopamine craving and Kratom addiction. It also improves problems such as low body energy and fatigue.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

  • This supplement is praised by Kratom user differently. Fist it helps in lowering the case of hypertension and headache, which comes in as Kratom withdrawal symptoms. When you put it in mind and believe that it will help you in withdrawal effects, it gives you potentiation effect that otherwise works to your benefit.
  • For Kratom addicts, combining the two, i.e., Kratom and Black Cumin Seed Oil ensure that the intended Kratom effect is reached even after taking Kratom in low dosage. The supplement is, therefore, a good one in helping persons tapering with Kratom quitting effects.


  • Lastly, we will look at Bacopa as supplements for Kratom tolerance. Bacopa can reduce anxiety and stress not only on Kratom users but also on ordinary people. Notably, Bacopa effects take time before they are felt, and its user can easily follow as its addict. Even though it has a significant benefit to those intending to quite Kratom use, you need to plan on how long you intend to use it to lower cases of addiction.

Drugs which potentiate Kratom effects


  • Magnesium is a go option to many Kratom users who intend to potentiate Kratom effect. Magnesium drug aids intolerance as well as relieving constipation caused by Kratom.
  • Magnesium helps in managing cases of diabetes, improve bone health, and aid calcium absorption. When you are on fatigue, want to relieve headache, suffering from migraine or in anxiety, magnesium is the ideal.

Most people suffer from Magnesium deficiency and therefore supplementing its level together with Kratom can work in tackling the above issues. Magnesium is rather expensive and not compatible with people who suffer from diarrhea, so you should be sure to avoid it at all means.


  • Another Kratom potentiator that enhances effects is the Diphenhydramine drug. This drug is a sedative kind of medication which is ingested together with Kratom to increase the sedative effects. Little has, however, been researched on how a combination of the two results into increased sedative effects.


  • Acetaminophen generally as a drug used as a pain killer though it can be combined with Kratom to boast analgesic effect. If you are using Kratom to help fight pain, you can take your dose with Acetaminophen capsules, and it will give the very best result.

Cimetidine/ Tagamet

  • Cimetidine slows down enzyme cytochrome P450, which is an enzyme in charge of breaking Kratom alkaloid. Seemingly, Cimetidine does not look like a potentiator but can make Kratom remain in the body system for a longer time.
  • The only problem noted with Cimetidine is its inability to fairly offer most Kratom users with intended potency level not unless they take it in high dosage. Too much cimetidine is, however, not recommended as it might cause health complications.
  • Kratom tolerance blocking supplements


  • Tianeptine is antidepressant currently on legal prescription across Europe, Asia and parts of Latin America. Little is known about this drug, but mixing it with Kratom makes Kratom users tolerant both the drug as well as Kratom strains faster.


  • Agmatine is an amino acid compound produced in our body. As a natural substance, it helps in calming down our bodies, bring about a feeling of relaxation on the nervous system and lower depression cases. These are beneficial factors that are also found in Kratom, meaning a combination of the two can give a perfect result.


  • Phenibut is sold online as a supplement to ease symptoms associated with depression. It’s classified as a smart drug and helps in boosting relaxation feelings and bring about happiness when mixed with Kratom. The only notable side effect is nausea even though taking it in small amounts can help subdue such side effects.

How the potentiators do results in high Kratom?

Potentiators mostly result in ingestion of high Kratom when combined on the right proportion. Potentiators are available in either supplements, powder form, drugs among other options. They are known to activate the alkaloid found in Kratom, making the potency ability more powerful.
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Final words

Use of Kratom potentiators is the very best way to leap more from a Kratom dose. Means of buying the potentiators are not as complicated as it may for Kratom. Just like how you can buy any food type from a supermarket, potentiators can be accessed from any market worldwide since they are legal. When buying Kratom from your vendor, and in dire need of potentiators, it’s advisable to ask your vendor on whether they sell them or have information on where you can buy at a low price. Enhance the effects of Kratom in your next Kratom dose and share your experience with us.