Maeng Da is one of the most popular strains as for today, due to the fact it offers you some great effects: it mostly is a smooth combination of sedating and energizing effects and depending on the dose you take it will be more energizing (medium-low doses) or sedating (medium-high doses).
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Some of the effects it offers are:

  • A smooth combination of sedating and energizing effects (you feel relaxed and at the same time full of energy)
  • Pain-relieving effect
  • Some users claim it has an aphrodisiac effect
  • Tiredness relieving effect
  • Mood-enhancing effect

Maeng Da is not a very strong string, so the usual doses for achieving the above-mentioned effect can be a little bit more than medium.

If you want some even stronger and more potent Maeng Da Kratom, then it would be a great idea to buy or make 20x powdered extract; it is a lot more potent than your usual Kratom. Many of you, especially the one who is new to Kratom, will ask what is 20x powder extract and why it is a lot more potent than the plain one?

What is the powder extract? Why does it make Kratom a lot more potent than the usual?

powder extract

Kratom powdered extract is an extract that contains a higher concentration of alkaloids that your natural powder or leaf. Alkaloids are the active ingredients of Kratom that offer you the effects and in your usual leaf. Not all of the alkaloids are in active form when you use your usual powder, and some processes help extract and concentrate a lot more alkaloids in small quantities of powder.

To do that you need to boil and crush leaves, or boil the powder through a special boiling procedure so to make the extract stronger. You can do this in two ways:

  • Special procedures of boiling the powder
  • Creating a resign

The boiling procedure: what you need to know

The boiling procedure is quite easy and most of the times you it is a water-based extract. You can also use spirit (alcohol) to create it. The procedure is very easy:

  • Firstly you shall pour water in a bowl and put the powder or dried leaves in it (it’s better to use powder, due to the fact it’s much easier to dissolve it in water) and mix it up, so it combines with water so it doesn’t stick to the metal bowl, otherwise it may burn.
  • After the powder has dissolved in cold water completely, you must add lemon or lime juice, which will help the alkaloids get extracted easier and in more quantities.
  • After that, you must put the mixture on maximum heat, and after it starts boiling, you must lower the fire to the minimum and let it boil for 20-30 minutes
  • Now is the part you must strain the boiled mixture. Just strain it into a large cup or bowl through the muslin cloth. Leave the liquid as it is and put the strained powder to boil one more time, adding the other half of the lemon or lime juice. This will help you extract the rest of the alkaloids in the powder.
  • After you completed the second boiling, you must mix the liquid you have from this boil with the liquid from the previous boil. Put it on heat again and boil it until it becomes like chocolate syrup.
  • At last, put it in a large plate and let it chill. After that scrape it from the plate and put it in a coffee grinder (the time you do this must dehydrate it) and ground it into powder.
  • As you can see it is a pretty straightforward technique. It can also be made using alcohol, but it’s not recommended as there are other recipes for alcohol extracts.

Ways to use it:

  • You can just eat it as it is, but the taste is rather unpleasant, so you would want to mix it with something
  • You can make tea out of it
  • You can mix it with any food or drink (alcohol and non-alcohol) you want
  • You can smoke it


This powder is very concentrated, so it would be recommended to use low to moderate doses: about 2-7gr for starters. Even if you are an experienced Kratom user, you should always be careful with the doses and remember that this powder is more potent than your usual one. For experienced users, it is recommended to use half the dose you usually use and adjust the dose depending on the strength of the effects. But it is not recommended to use more than 15gr in one dosage.

What is resin?

What is resin

Another great way of creating a powerful powdered extract; the process of resigning creation is much like the process of creating a powdered extract, but with some modification and a bit more procedures. The result must be a chocolate-like brown bar that you can grind into powder. This is also an easy and straightforward method.

What is 20x?

If you use 20gr of regular powder when making it, it will be called 20x, which is literally 20 more potent than the powder you started with. If you make it right it will be very potent and long-lasting. You can also create 5x, 10x, 15x. It is a dose-dependent process and it is really 20 times stronger than your regular powder. Like everything else it has some pros and cons:


  • Very potent
  • Very easy and straightforward method of creation
  • Dose-dependent, meaning you can create as strong an extract as you want
  • Because it is very potent it is long-lasting; you may get the same quantity when you have finished the process, but you will have to take less to achieve the effects you want, so you save money and enjoy your powder longer than the usual
  • It does not require a lot of expensive ingredients

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  • A side-effect may be a more usual phenomenon that with the plain powder
  • Need to adjust the dose at the first time of usage
  • May not be perfect the first time

So, whether you choose to buy or make you are always making a great choice.