Kratom product suppliers have been in the spotlight, following many pending legal issues on the safety of these products. Where then, do such issues leave Kratom K, a well-known Kratom products supplier? Does this mean that clients should start being skeptical about what is being offered or should they purchase more of the product and hoard it? In this article, we shall review this company and see if it qualifies to be a fit supplier of Kratom products. And if it does qualify, how does it run its business activities to ensure that you as the client walks away satisfied?

What is Kratom-K?

Kratom-K is one of the pioneers of selling Kratom products. Their main objective is to provide a safe and high-quality Kratom product without causing any difficulty to the customer. They are committed to providing the benefits, effects, ailments, and dosages to their customers as well as providing a satisfying experience to their customers, primarily through payments.

Products offered by Kratom-K

Kratom-k provides a variety of branded products such as Indo, Malaysian, and Maeng Da. They also have the most consumed strains and brands. Consumers should also check with them for any of the old favorites that are in existence. This is because they might have some of the labels in existence that cannot be found in the regular store anymore. Consumers are advised to stock their favorite products, especially the specialty items since they will not last forever.

Where does this company get its Kratom products?

The desire to help individuals has been the primary mission by the employees at Kratom-k to improve the quality of life. Employees at Kratom-k have made it their mandate to help people; for instance, they will help stop to help people who are struggling with the access of Kratom products. The business of kratom is based on simplicity and purity. Kratom-k is involved in the kratom business. They are mainly concerned about the people farming kratom and the people buying it form the company.

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  • The owners of the company do not merely buy Kratom products through the internet and later resell them with a new label stuck on them. They usually get down to visiting the farming region, verifying the crops, having a close relationship with the farmers as well as the community in which kratom is sold on an open market.
  • Kratom-k has taken the responsibility to ensure that their farmers get everything they require to produce the best quality product. Having the best quality of product will not quibble the few buyers to consider lower prices of the product.

The farmers are usually paid the fair market value to the product. The kratom-family has also taken their time to bond with the farmers and their families since they are all part of the kratom community bonded by this plant. One of the most delightful achievement is the impact of the kratom plant to people from across the globe. The diversity of this plant has enabled the community and the families to earn a living and improve their standards of living.

What is the process followed by customers during the purchase process?

After choosing the product on the website, the consumer is required to pay for the items in the final cart. Consumers are advised to confirm the items in the cart and enter their user details and the much-needed information before paying for the items. Once you have provided the details, the consumer is ready for the payment process.

  • The use of cards during transactions has eased the burden of customers. Most of the websites accept all types of cards in spite of the financial provider. The websites require that the card details are entered and then the payment portal will redirect the customer to the safe merchant site. This is where the payment is processed securely, and shipping commences right away.

Shipping the products to clients

Kratom-k ships their products within 24hrs after the client orders and they make sure that their product is discreetly delivered. The products are shipped via USPS, and they have tracking numbers that help the client track their product to their doorstep. With this type of service, kratom-k is considered one of the best websites online and the most significant web available for the selection of kratom.

  • The weight of the order determines the rate of shipping. Kratom-k offers free shipping via USPS first class if the order is under 15.999oz. They also offer USPS priority mail if the order is between 1-2 pounds. Subsequently, there is FedEx where the order is 3+ pounds.
  • Their delivery is limited such that they do not offer overnight shipping since they operate from 8:00 am-4: 30 pm PST. However, if the orders are placed after 2:00 pm PST they will be sent the next day. It is important for consumers of this product to understand their shipping times to get their product on time.

It is unfortunate for consumers since the company does not work on the weekend; hence, all orders placed during the weekend are usually sent out on Monday. If orders are placed during any particular holiday, they will be delivered on the next working day, and this is because they do not work on holidays. The company has also made it their mandate to update its clientele whenever they are out of the office.

  • All the shipping products have a specific tracking number that the company sent out automatically once the label is out. It is essential for the customer to get the tracking number to track their product. However, if they do not receive their tracking number immediately shipping has commenced, they are required to email the company and request for their tracking number. The scanning of the packages is done at night or morning when using the USPS after creating the shipping label.

There have been times when the USPS will not update tracking for quite some time hence the customers are requested to be a little patient, and their order is on the way if the tracking number has been provided. The company has also opted not to guarantee delivery times since products may be sent to the wrong location. Hence they will have to redirect the shipping again.

What are the product return policies?

The company has also opted not to take any responsibility for orders that are returned to them due to an incorrect address. Due to this, they do not send a replacement once the product has been returned. They are also not responsible for any delays due to the working schedule of USPS, holidays, and weather. The product is also not shipped in some states, for instance, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont, Washington D.C or Wisconsin. None the less, they cannot ship to the following countries Oceanside, San Diego, Sarasota, Jerseyville, and Union County.

  • One of the policies of the company is the return of the product. If the client is not satisfied with their order, they are given a 15 days allowance from the time the product was delivered to mail it back to the company, and they will be subjected to a refund. However, if the client does not have the product to be refunded, then they are not guaranteed a refund.
  • Clients are also advised not to open the product if they want a refund. Moreover, the company does not accept the exchange of products. The duration of receiving the refund is approximately one week after the company has received their product.
  • Clients are asked to email the company if they are refunding for them to be on the lookout for the product. The refund is usually notified through the email after receiving and processing the returned product.

Quality of the products offered by Kratom-K

The quality of the product is the pride of Kratom-k. They have made it their personal goal of getting the best product. They have heavily invested in sending their staff to the finest growers and suppliers of kratom and ensure the quality of the supplies. The company is considered the top US kratom importer by offering a wide variety of products for you to peruse.

  • Customers have the freedom to choose from the regional varieties as well as the favorite product line provided on the website. They have made it their business to guarantee the most excellent quality, hand-selected from the finest growers in the world.
  • Kratom-k has been mandated to ensure that there is active staff in each region which has formed a long-lasting relationship with the farmers and the community producing kratom. This has assured the quality of the product is on to the consumer.

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Kratom-k has been on the front line in fighting to keep kratom legal and to ensure that its customers will always have access to the quality product. Despite the efforts, the struggle is endless, and they have opted to ask the public for their support. The public is urged to lend their support by signing up for our newsletter by staying informed about the industry and also receiving discounts every month together with other subscribers.

Payment methods

The payment gateways have proven to be challenging, especially when ordering on an online platform. Most people get confused upon reaching the final step. This is because most of the websites selling the product do not offer a universal payment gateway. Also, a lot of time is spent by the consumer if the payment portal is complicated. The use of a master card has been much empowered by most of the websites selling kratom since it is universal. The use of a master card has provided complete insights during the transaction process.

Customer service

Kratom-k has made it their mission to ensure that the satisfaction of the client is their priority. They have opened a line of communication with their clients through email. They respond to their client’s questions and concerns through the email. This has helped them improve their delivery of services and improve the quality of the product. The company has also provided a number that clients can call in case they fail to respond to all the emails. Kratom-k has requested their clients not to use third-party venues, for instance, Facebook to raise their concerns; instead, they should consider using their website.

What should you know before purchasing Kratom products?

The impending federal ban on mitragyna speciosa is based on the fact that the plant and its constituents are considered dangerous and have no medical benefits to people. However, there is a match made in botanical heaven between health advance Inc. and micro MedTech ltd on two new patent-pending formulations that combine ibuprofen and a botanical extract blend. This extract will utilize kratom, CBD, and kava root.

  • The firms are expected to work hand in hand with Nutrasource diagnostics which is a health claim expert charged with performing due diligence review, assist in the development of the product, and determination of the medical claims. The results from this experience will be considered generally recognized as safe by the FDA if the results are favorable.
  • The combination of CBD and kratom will be subjected to further clinical studies to meet the regulatory stringent and clinical and manufacturing prerequisites for FDA clearance and product release.

The clinical studies will help kratom advocate for more hard data concerning the potential medical benefit of the product. Additionally, it will be the first pharmaceutical food product that will make it phase three clinical trial which is the final stage before the approval by the FDA clearance to be sold as a drug or a supplement or any benefits claims.

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Kratom-K has established itself as one of the best Kratom products supplier and has managed to deliver exceedingly well to its already existing clientele. Clients can purchase the Kratom products and have them shipped to their address. If the product is not as per the clients’ specifications, it is usually returned and the right product delivered to them. This company follows the production process of the Kratom products right from the farm, which is why all people who purchase their products should not have any doubts of conscience about the quality of the Kratom products. The customer service offered by this company is excellent. Thus you can confront them and ask to have any of your issues clarified.