Many information has been published in various sources (internet as the most popular source) about Kratom, which consider many things about it like what is Kratom, what are its effects, where to purchase it and so on. But there are still many questions, which are not as standard as the above mentioned that trouble many Kratom users or just people that are interested. Today we will be giving answers to the most popular of them.

What is salvia divinorum and how does it affect you?

Salvia divinorum is a psychoactive plant that is grown in Mexico and traditionally is used as a part of Shamans rituals for spiritual and healing sessions. It can be smoked, or used as a quid or tincture. The active ingredients in it can act as opiates and hallucinogens (can bring hallucinations) and it is very potent in small doses. Some of its effects may be:

⦁ Laughter
⦁ Hallucinations in forms of past or childhood memories
⦁ Feeling of blending with objects or becoming an object
⦁ Feeling of being pulled by forces of moving (while the individual is sitting or standing)
⦁ Overlapping realities such as the sensation of “hearing” colors, “seeing” sounds or being in many places at once
⦁ Different hallucinations in the forms of visions.

What are Kratom connoisseurs?

As Kratom became extremely popular many fans would like to get together and discuss their personal experience with the plant. KC (Kratom connoisseurs) is one of the best forums, where fans from all over the world gather to discuss and share many interesting things about it.

So if you are a Kratom fan and want to get in touch with people like you, you are always welcome to subscribe; there is a lot of valuable information you can get there. The only problem with this forum is a pretty tricky registration process (maybe because the plant is illegal in some countries and they are afraid of having legal problems or for participants to get monitored and caught by local authorities).

Where to buy UEI Kratom?

UEI or else Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom is an extremely potent Kratom extract that is often made with the help of alcohol or water extraction (depends on the vendor that sells it to you, or the techniques you use). It is extremely potent and may be about 20 times stronger than your regular leaf, so you must always be extremely cautious with doses if you intend to buy and use it.

Also, it can cast for a long time as you may take it in fairly small doses and have strong effects. The effects are the same as the leaves (energetic in small doses; sedative in moderate to big doses), but the effects come quicker and last longer. The problem with it being one of the most potent Kratom you can use is that it can dramatically increase tolerance to the leaf, so it’s not recommended for regular use.

What is kava-kava?

Kava-kava is a plant that grows in the western and south Pacific. It has sedative, relaxing and stress relieving and painkilling properties and has been traditionally by natives as a remedy for:

⦁ Anxiety
⦁ Stress
⦁ Restlessness
⦁ Sleeping problems
⦁ Migraine
⦁ Headache
⦁ Fatigue
⦁ Chronic pain
⦁ Prevention of cancer
⦁ Depression

On healthy people it can have mood moderating, sedating and fatigue-relieving effects. But one must note that this plant must be used correctly as it can have severe side effects as one being somnolent, being very toxic to the liver, brain, and kidneys.

Where to get Kratom wholesale?

Buying wholesale can be better and cheaper that buying at your local vendor in small doses. There are quite a few options where one can buy his favorite product wholesale at fairly low prices. A great online vendor can be the website Kratom Other than that you can always buy your Kratom from online vendors in Bali and Indonesia, as they are the greatest suppliers worldwide, being the native country of Kratom. It does not really pose any difficulty finding a good Indo vendor on the internet.

What is Kratom drug test?

Regular drug tests that are usually aimed for drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, LSD and other popular drugs usually cannot find Kratom, as the test in not aimed for the active components of Kratom and cannot detect them. But today technologies allow to trace virtually any substance in the blood, so special tests that detect active components of Kratom such as 7-hydroxymitragynine have been created, to detect Kratom in blood and are mostly used in countries where it is illegal.

What is deep jungle Kratom?

Kratom FAQ's

Deep jungle Kratom is one of the most popular vendors that claim to have the lowest prices in the market and great quality products in vide assortments. Being an overall good vendor, experienced Kratom users say that they do not have the lowest prices in the market (other vendors can offer better prices) and that they miss many strains like Thai Maeng Da and UEI Kratom, which makes their options not as many as in other vendors. Also, buyers complain about the fact they do not allow credit card or e-wallet payments.

What is organic Kratom?

Organic Kratom is a fairly new online vendor and claims to offer great products. If to take a look at their website and listen to buyers’ feedback (which is not too much, apparently because this organization is quite new) they have a nicely designed website that gives a general description of what Kratom is and what are its effects, side effects and so on. Also under every product, there is a description of what it is. They have a wide range of mixtures, strains and capsules to offer and their prices are quite fair; nevertheless, it’s still a good question whether to trust this new vendor or not.

What are Kratom herbs?

Kratom is a herb by itself that can have many interesting effects on one’s organism and has been used as a remedy buy residents of Thailand, Indonesia and Bali for hundreds of years (also for religious purposes by shamans) and can have many positive effects as managing chronic pain, depression and so on.

How Kratom and alcohol are related?

Kratom and alcohol are agonists, meaning that they make each other effect strong. If, for example, you take a moderate dose of Kratom to achieve sedative effects and combine it with alcohol it will make the effects of the Kratom more potent and longer lasting, as alcohol and Kratom alkaloids share similar effects.

What is most potent Kratom?

If taking into account users feedback and scientists research results the most potent Kratom is red vein strains (Red Bali, Red Thai, etc.). This is if speaking about leaves. If speaking about mixtures, it is a must to say people have found ways to make it more potent that the leaves themselves by extracting alkaloid and concentrating them into tinctures or enchanted powders, so the most potent will be Kratom tinctures and UEI.

Can you smoke Kratom?

Technically you can, and this has its benefits, as we all know that inhaling substances is the quickest way to get them into your bloodstream (every pharmacologist or physiologist can prove that). But we would not recommend you to do that as few users do that and scientists have not put up a picture of how it could affect your health. So this risk is for you to consider.

What Kratom full spectrum tincture?

Full spectrum tincture is a very potent tincture made by extracting the maximum amount of alkaloids that can be extracted from Kratom. Kratom tinctures are the most potent forms of Kratom as they contain an extremely high concentration of alkaloids in a small amount of liquid and this goes especially for full spectrum tincture, which may be 15-20 times more potent that your regular leaf or powder as you get the maximum of alkaloids in the minimum amount of liquid. It is good to combine with food and drinks, and you must always be aware of the dose you take so to avoid dangerous side-effects.

What is the euphoric strain of Kratom?

If talking about the most euphoric Kratom strain, it is a must to say that the choice was made both by scientists and users; the most euphoric is considered to be Maeng Da due to the fact it has a great and harmonious combination of pain-killing and stimulating alkaloids, originally being a great mood enchanter. This is due to the fact it is a strong opiate agonist and a mild adrenaline agonist. But Maeng Da, despite being the strongest euphoric strain, is not the only euphoric strain; it is the strongest of the next:

⦁ Maeng Da (being the strongest)
⦁ Bali
⦁ Borneo
⦁ Indo
Green Malay Kratom

What is purple sticky Kratom?

There is not a lot of evidence about what exactly is purple sticky Kratom. The fact is that it is neither purple nor sticky; buyers claim that it has more of a whitish color or just a plain brown color that you see in your regular powder. It is claimed by vendors that it is one of the most potent mixtures of Kratom and also it comes in a 15x extract, but users claim that it is no different than your ordinary powder; some even say that it is not worth its money, as it may not be the best, but it definitely is one of the most expensive. Users say that vendors put astronomical prices on purple sticky, what is definitely not the best marketing strategy. So it is your choice on whether to buy purple sticky or listen to users reviews.

What is Krypton Kratom?

Krypton Kratom is an extremely discussed and disputable substance. There are no moderate comments or reviews about it; some users have extremely positive thoughts about it, some have extremely negative (as well as many sources on the internet that claim for Krypton Kratom to be extremely dangerous). What is known is that this so-called “Kratom” mixture is nothing like the traditional leaf; European laboratories after examining this powder found that it did not have Kratom alkaloids.

They found that this is a synthetic powder made of caffeine and O-desmethyltramadol which is a synthetic opioid and tramadol analog. This fact creates the disputes, as some want to enjoy some good Kratom, not worrying about dangerous side-effects (as the substance is potent enough to give powerful effects to users by just taking 0.5gr), while others like the fact it is way too potent; many Kratom websites and blogs claim this mixture is very dangerous.

What is the gold reserve Kratom?

Gold reserve Kratom is one of the most potent extract powders you can get on the market, which yellowish (similar to gold) color that gives it the name “gold”. This extract powder is sold by many vendors and who are ready to suggest reasonable prices for it. What makes this particular strain special, besides its very strong potency and reasonable price, is the fact that this is one of the most fast-acting powders and offers uniquely strong analgesic effects. Maybe all of the above-mentioned reasons gave this particular extract the name “gold reserve”.

What is Kratom 15x extract?

Kratom extracts are extremely popular as for today and the reasons for this kind of popularity mostly are its great potency and long-lasting terms of preservation. For this reason, many potent extracts can be made and 15x is one of the strongest. 15x is usually a potency grade that refers to Kratom resign. To make things clear: resign is an extract presented in a solid form and looks like a chocolate block or tar (due to its dark, chocolate-like color).

It is usually made by especially boiling leaves until all of the water evaporates and turns into a solid, sticky black substance. Depending on the boiling process it can be turned into 8x or 15x resign. It can be stored for very long and must be used in small doses to give great effects (which makes it last longer that your usual powder or leaves). It is not sold by many vendors, so it would be best for you to make it yourself.

What is Malaysian Kratom?

Malaysian (or else called “Malay”) is a very potent strain that comes out mostly in Green vein strains. It may not be really imported from Malaysia, due to its legal status there, so most of Malay you probably will get from Indonesia, where Kratom is legal and is exported massively to other countries. This strain has mostly energetic, pain-relieving and mood enchanting effect and is considered as a moderate strain (meaning not too potent and not too weak).

Another one of its benefits is that it may give unwanted side-effects more rarely that, for example, red vein strain such as Bali and Thai. As it is a moderate strain it can be a great choice for newbies or people who like its energetic effects and it can be taken in moderate to high doses (5-17gr).

How is Kratom powder tea effective?

Kratom tea is an extremely popular way of ingesting Kratom. The reason it is so popular is that it has great benefits:

⦁ Doesn’t have as much a bitter taste as your regular powder
⦁ Can be truly enjoyed
⦁ You can always regulate the kratom dose you get as you slowly drink it (even if you put too much powder in it)
⦁ It keeps all of the potency of the original powder

Kratom tea is as effective as your regular powder, due to the fact that it is simply made by adding your favorite powder in the doses you want into boiling water and drink it just like your regular tea. Also, you can add sugar so the taste won’t be way too bitter. So it is just another interesting way of taking Kratom without messing with its potency.

What is Kratom blue light?

Little is known about Kratom blue light as it is a fairly new product. Bluelight is a quite strong tincture that is sold for a fairly high price, as all tinctures (especially new ones) are quite expensive because they have a very concentrated liquid that can last you for quite a while. The effects of blue light do not differ so much from other Kratom products; nevertheless, it should be taken in lower doses from other products as it is highly concentrated.

What is the Indonesian Kratom?

Indonesian (or else “Indo”) is one of the most popular Kratom strains and is considered a quite strong strain as it comes in red leave strains. Its effects are mostly sedating, pain relieving, and mood modulating with a mild stimulation. It has the same effects as all red vein strains, but almost all users’ state that its effects come with a mild delay. It is a great choice for beginners who want to try red vein strains.

What are the best Kratom products?

If speaking about the most popular Kratom product it is a must to mention the next:

Kratom capsules (being the best and most popular)
⦁ Kratom powders and powder extracts
⦁ Kratom tinctures
⦁ Kratom tea

These products are the most popular due to the fact they are very handy to use and have great effects. Capsules are extremely popular due to the fact that they can be taken everywhere you go and have the exact same effects and potency of your regular powder; also you can make them yourself by buying powder and empty capsules. Powder extracts and tinctures are popular due to the fact the can be taken in quite low doses to get the same effect as from moderate to high doses of powder or capsules; this is due to the fact they are highly concentrated, meaning they can last for very long and also can be stored for quite a long time.

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What is a green dragon Kratom?

Green dragon Kratom is a great online vendor with good reviews. Buyers state that green dragon is a great vendor due to the fact they have a wide range of Kratom products for you to pick from. Also, a thing that satisfies clients is fairly low price and the fact that the green dragon accepts different payment methods such as bank transfer, credit cards, PayPal and other popular billing services. It is a really good and trustworthy vendor.