Millions of people are in search of relief for a multitude of medical issues. Many have found the powerful natural ingredient Kratom to help them with their concerns. This organic supplement has been in use for thousands of years in Southeast Asia and is now available worldwide for various ailments or conditions.

This powerful and all natural supplement comes from a tree that is indigenous to the Malaysia and Indonesia areas of Southeast Asia.

It is revered for its medicinal properties as a mood enhancer, pain management agent, an antidiarrhoeal, premature ejaculation controller, and to treat opioid and alcohol addiction. As with nearly all medications and supplements, it does come with some possible drawbacks or side-effects.
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Not every person who uses this supplement will experience adverse effects. The instances of severe complications from recreational use of this enhancer are rare according to a report on the Sage Wisdom. It is advised to take note of the side-effect possibilities before taking this all-natural herbal supplement. The reactions to this powerful supplement vary depending on the amount of product taken according to the Narconon.

  Low Dosages


When taken recreationally on occasion or in low doses, this leaf is responsible for delivering higher energy levels and increased alertness in the user. They usually are more talkative and social, with an increased drive to complete repetitive and mundane assignments. This heightened state of awareness may cause an undesirable nervousness in some people.

  • Feelings of Elatedness
  • Some reduction in appetite
  • More social in group settings
  • No withdrawal symptoms

The strains of this supplement that are best for treating conditions with a low dose have side effects when taken in high doses. Some of these effects for each strain are:

  • Green Malaysian (nausea, loss of energy, hallucinations)
  • Borneo (nausea, wobbly feeling)
  • Thai (restlessness, anxiety, high energy levels)
  • Maeng Da (may cause dizziness, anxiety, nausea, lightheadedness, sleeplessness, and lethargic conditions)

Elevated and High Doses

When the levels of Kratom are high, they may create some additional side effects. Not all users will experience the same effects; each case is individual to each person’s tolerance level and medicating needs. These side effects may be the result of ingesting an overdose of the different strains of this all natural plant such as:


This side effect is most common among those who take large doses of Kratom or who are extremely sensitive to the ingredients. Users who experience this side effect are advised to lay down and relax the body until the episode passes.


This effect is a result of the natural ingredients and their interaction with the body’s opioid receptors. Taking an antihistamine will typically take care of this condition, although caution should take so that the user does not ingest a large amount of antihistamine which could cause unexpected drowsiness. The itching sensation that users experience is a condition of taking a large amount of supplement at one time or the user is very sensitive to the ingredients in the supplement.

Kratom Dosages Effects


There have been instances of users experiencing drenching night sweats while using this product. This occurrence is attributed to the ingestion of high doses of this ingredient.


The obstruction of the proper function of the bowel is another side effect that makes it a valuable natural remedy for diarrhea.


Ingredients in this natural supplement may cause some users to develop a feeling of nervousness. This is often an indication of a slightly elevated dose.

Constricted Pupils

The active ingredients in this supplement cause the pupils of the eye to compress or get smaller. It allows less light into the eye causing increased anxiety and nervousness, according to an article on the Calm Clinic.

Changes in Libido

Just the right amount of this natural supplement will enhance one’s libido, and too much will hinder the performance of the individual.

High Levels or Overdose



The psychedelic properties of this natural ingredient may cause the user to experience hallucinations when the ingested levels of Kratom are too high. It can be either a dangerous situation or just the reaction for that the user was looking.

Skin Hyperpigmentation

This condition is common in the users of who partake in using this ingredient on a constant and daily basis. This condition is the result of an overabundance of these ingredients in the system and a definite sign of an overdose.


This extreme reaction to taking Kratom is found in people who are addicted to opiates and require large doses to combat the effects of withdrawal.


This condition is the most dangerous of the side effects. Users of this supplement should not engage in any activity involving the operation of machinery or driving an automatic vehicle. Even for those users who have an uplifting experience with this ingredient in the past, sudden drowsiness may occur.

Activation Time

According to a June 27, 2015 article on the website Sage Wisdom, people who are seeking relief from their condition will have to wait 30-40 min to on an empty stomach and 60-90 min on a full stomach for the active ingredients to begin working.

Weight Loss

Patients who are implementing this supplement to overcome an opiate addiction may experience weight loss due to the daily use of this supplement. These regular users will also experience withdrawal symptoms similar to opiate withdrawal if they abruptly stop using it daily.


The instance of removal occurs in people who repeatedly ingest large doses of this supplement daily for a prolonged period and then abruptly stop taking the supplement. The body’s reaction to the sudden absence may include:

  • Irritability
  • Crying
  • Muscle aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Muscle contractions
  • A runny nose

It is important to gradually reduce the amount being introduced to the system daily to lower the tolerance levels within the body safely. The increased levels of tolerance are not permanent and can be eliminated after only a few weeks of refraining from ingesting this ingredient.

Allergic Reaction

People who are particularly sensitive to allergens may develop an allergic reaction to this supplement. The ingredients in this supplement are all-natural and come from a tree related to the coffee tree called Mitragyna speciaosa. Anyone taking this supplement who develops warning signs of an allergic reaction is encouraged to stop taking it and consult a physician.
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Individuals who are searching for an all natural remedy for issues concerning pain management, opiate addiction, alcohol addiction, and anxiety issues are great candidates for introducing this enhancer to their list of herbal supplements. When taken responsibly, this incredible organic leaf can help individuals manage some of the less desirable aspects of their daily life or send them on an unforgettable and pleasant ride on the leaves of this potent tree.