Kratom also called mitragyna speciosa, is a substance that is found in a tree which is considered a food product in many places around the world. This extract helps people suffering from different ailments. However, since it has inflammatory properties, it’s mostly used to relieve pain and calm down the mind. In some parts of the world, it’s used in culinary preparations with some even considering it as a delicacy.

Kratom Chicago – Is It Legal or Illegal?

Kratom is one of the substances that has and continues to elicit intense debate. A few years back, kratom was classified as a substance of concern since the DEA knew little about its effects at the time, which then possess the question what is the legal status of kratom in Chicago right now? Is it safe? And if one is found in possession, will they be in trouble with the law?

  • Chicago is the largest city in Illinois. And even though in 2018, there was an attempt to ban this herb, it’s still legal for everyone aged 18 and above in Illinois, except in Jerseyville. This state was among the first ones to propose legislation and among the first ones to ban kratom, but the bill was amended last year, and as at now, Kratom is legal in Chicago.
  • The move to ban this herb may have been influenced by Illinois neighbor proximity to Indiana who has banned kratom and failed to legislate it in some parts. However, the amendment which removed the ban was from Kratom’s advocacy groups and private citizens who argued that the herb is an effective treatment for people with withdrawal symptoms from drugs and substances.

Laws, Facts & Restrictions

Despite various forces such as the FDA being against the use and distribution of this herb, it remains legal. And the future looks promising for Kratom as soon, it seems like there will be no restrictions to distribution and sale of this substance in Chicago. FDA through various health advisories discourages kratom, but many people continue to use it, and it continues to remain legal.

  • Although the substance is legal in Chicago, it’s essential that we are aware of the current legislation in the state.
  • In August 2014, House Bill 5526, Kratom Control Act, included kratom as a schedule I controlled substances in the state of Illinois. This meant that it was illegal to possess, distribute, or sell Kratom.
  • In October 2017 however, House Bill 4106, amended the first legislation and instead of banning the substance completely, the bill prohibits possession of kratom to persons less than 18 years. This amendment was considered a victory by Kratom advocates since it meant that the state had reconsidered its initial decision on this herbal supplement.

Could Kratom be Dangerous?

Kratom works by attacking the same brain receptors opioids do. It’s this reasoning that makes some people have doubts about whether the substance is completely safe to use. Advocates of kratom argue that this herb helps treat opioid addiction. However, some regulators believe that it may do the opposite.

Is Kratom safe

  • But despite the claims from both sides, there is no evidence to argue for or against kratom. The only information to rely on is from individuals who have used this herbal supplement before.
  • On the one hand, there are those who say that Kratom has had a positive impact on them, such as alleviating pain and healing different ailments, without any side effects. But on the other, some people report adverse effects.
  • The Food and Drug Agency (FDA) seems to agree with the latter group. The body has tried many attempts to label Kratom as a harmful substance in the same measure as cocaine and other dangerous drugs. FDA concerns are that the herb has the same effects and risks as narcotics such as opioids do.


But no one has been able to prove that Kratom could do more harm than good. But if that were to happen, then it’ll have a significant effect on the economy of the states that have legalized it since there will be so many underground dealers and that would make things even harder for the DEA.

How to Buy Online and Locally

Kratom comes in different forms in Chicago, including capsules, powder, or extract. For those who want to know where to buy kratom, they can get the product from different local smoke shop pretty much anywhere in Chicago. You can find them by searching on the internet. The only disadvantage is that these shops are expensive.

However, you can also opt for the cheaper alternatives, and buy kratom products online from vendor websites. And some sellers will also deliver your orders to your doorstep.

5 best headshops in Chicago

  1. Chicago Vapor Zone

You can tell that they sell quality kratom products from the minute you walk through their door. Chicago Vapor Zone is situated in Edgewater, and one thing that makes them popular is that they have all the vaping accessories you might need. Plus, they also sell digital scales and other items a frequent kratom user may need. Their brands include Kratom One which goes for $15 per 35 kratom capsules.

  1. Diffused Galleria

Popularly known for handmade products such as handmade soap and botanicals, Diffused Galleria is one of the best places to go if you want high-quality Kratom products. If you’ve bought kratom before, then you know how expensive they’re in Chicago. But, this vendor offers some of the best deals around. They sell different brands, such as O.P.M.S.

  1. Secret Smoke ShopCBD kratom

This shop qualifies to be called a smoker’s museum. It’s loaded with enough hand blown masterpieces of all sizes. Located in Lakeview, the store offers kratom ephemera that are perfect for both an expert and amateur kratom smoker. It remains the best vendor supplying vaporizers and a variety of accessories.

  1. Smokey’s Smokes Cellular & Tobacco

This is one of the oldest yet the most reliable smoke shops in the tri-state area. When you enter, you are welcomed by their friendly and knowledgeable staff. The shop stocks a variety of brands such as Kratom Pharmacy, Blue Magic, and Royal Kratom, among others. And their prices are affordable.

  1. CBD Kratom

Well, this vendor sources its kratom from private farmers in Indonesia. It’s the best place for people who are looking for Green or Red Indo kratom. Although their prices are a bit higher, one thing that makes them popular is the high-quality products they sell.

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Kratom is a herbal supplement which will continue to elicit heated debates. But even though the FDA may raise some concerns about it, if the testimonials from users are anything to go with, then this substance is effective in managing different ailments. If you want to start using this herb, we advise that you speak to your doctor first. And if you live in Chicago, there are many places you can find top-shelf kratom brands.