A Kratom capsule is quite a new method of using the leaf. Many users prefer capsules over powder or liquid due to many reasons, like comfort in taking, as you can carry your capsules with you and take them whenever you like, also capsules do not taste as bad as the powder or leaf itself. So due to many reasons, including the earlier mentioned, TGM Kratom capsules came out to be a very popular method of using powder and have their own pros and cons. Also, they are quite cheap to buy and, if you want and have time, you can make your own to avoid extra costs.

Why capsules?

There are many reasons to name for you to prefer capsules from powder, or liquid. For starters the pros and cons of this method are:


  • No preparation time
  • No mess and expensive ingredients to prepare like solutions, tinctures etc.
  • No need to measure doses if you are buying it
  • You can take it with you and enjoy the leaf everywhere you go
  • Encapsulation slows down the rate at which the contents oxidize(which can lead to a decrease of potency) which makes them more potent
  • Do not cost too much money
  • No bitter powder or leaf taste


  • Capsules can be quite cheap (some strains which are sold by some vendors), but the can also be very expensive (60-80$ per pack for some strains)
  • Extra 15-30 minutes for the onset of effects, as it takes some time to digest the capsule and for the ingredients to reach the bloodstream and all these due to the fact that gelatin (the material they made the capsules from) can take some time to digest and release the powder.
  • Some say that Kratom microparticles are trapped in the gelatin sheath, a fact which makes it less potent, although there is no evidence proving such a statement.

The potency and effectiveness of the pills are not more or less than the average powder, because it is the same powder you buy but packed in a more compact form for you to take; everything depends on the strain of the powder inside the pill. So when you ask yourself how potent will be the pill, the answer is that it will be as potent as the powder you take.

What are the most popular strains in pill forms?

  • It is hard to answer this question, as all available capsule strains are now sold in capsule forms and every vendor has green, red vein and white strains than include Bali, Borneo, Thai, Maeng Da and all other strains you would like to enjoy. If listening to users and vendor, the most popular strains are red vein strains, but this depends.
  • For those you work in offices or construction sites or any other work and require extra energy to make it through the day, the most popular strains amongst them are white or green strains in low doses (2-3 capsules, which is an equivalent of 1-1.5gr), which will give you good mood, energy and relieve tiredness.
  • For those you go on holidays or just want to relax somewhere, the most popular strains are the red vein in moderate to high doses (5-7gr or more). So, as mentioned above, it is hard to tell the most popular, but it is definitely a fact that it is easy and convenient.
  • The strongest and best pills are the ones that contain the strongest and best powder, so that mostly depend on the vendor and what kind of powder he puts in his pills.
  • One thing is sure- the strongest, best and most potent pills are the one that contains red vein strains; about good vendors, it’s best to buy from the internet as you can always read reviews about different vendors, because you can’t always know what you are buying from your local vendor, especially if you have never bought capsules from him before.
  • The capsules traditionally contain 500mg of Kratom powder.

Make your own capsules for extra comfort and economy!

Making capsules is an extremely easy and straightforward method and it is also very cheap. All you need is:

  • Any powder that you like
  • Empty capsules (which you can buy at your local shop or pharmacy)
  1. All you need to do is manually add a powder to the empty capsules you bought from your pharmacy after you have measured the powder on a kitchen scale (it will be about 500-700mg per capsule.).
  2. The capsules consist of a shorter part (the one you add the powder too) and a wider part (the one you close the capsules with), so make sure to add the powder to the sorter part, so you won’t have any problems closing it with the wide part.
  3. And that’s about it, you have capsules ready to use everywhere you want and also you have saved money.

Capsules Dosage

Also, it is a must to talk about capsule timing;

  1. As stated earlier, the capsules will take an extra 15-30 minutes in order to digest in the stomach, so you will have to add this extra minutes when you calculate the time of the effects onset- the effects will start taking place in approximately an hour.
  2. However, if you want to minimize waiting time, you must take the pill on an empty stomach and wait 15 minutes before you eat; the emptiness and fullness of your stomach than a key role in ingestion time.

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Also, it would be wise to talk about effects: if you take low doses, you will have energetic and mood modulating effects. If you take higher doses, you will have more of a sedating an opiate-like effect. Also, the results mostly depend on the strain so remembers:

  • Red vein strains: mostly sedating and opiate-like effects
  • Green vein strains: balanced effects (both sedating and energetic)
  • White vein strains: energetic, fatigue relieving and nootropic effects

The average doses are 3-15gr per day (so count the pill intake of your day). Do not take more than 15-17gr because you may experience unwanted side-effects like:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive sweating
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Elevated heartbeat

So be careful with kratom dosage while enjoying your pills.