Suboxone and kratom have been confused with being one thing by most users over time. The two look alike and have some standard features to both of them although they are very different. Most users feel that they can use either of the drugs in case they are not able to obtain that which they intended to have. Well, it could be an excellent solution to a given condition. However, the use of either of the drugs should be accompanied by a good understanding of both the drugs. With an opinion, as a user, you can be able to draw a line between the two drugs so that you use each for its proper purpose.

How similar are kratom and suboxone?

The seminaries between the two drugs can quickly draw from several factors of the drugs like in the uses, the side effects and the form in which the two appear. Here are some of the similarities between the drugs:

1. They are both used to relieve pain

  • Both kratom and suboxone are used in reducing pain. Over the years, the two drugs have used as remedies to chronic pain and other pains in a natural way.
  • In fact, the plants from which the drugs come from being used in making painkillers due to their opioid feature. Therefore, the user of kratom for pain relief can comfortably use suboxone for the same purpose.

2. They are both used for opioid withdrawals

  • Kratom and suboxone are the best drugs for use by individuals who are suffering from addiction to drugs like heroin and weed. Most of the rehabilitation centers make use of their drugs to solve the addiction problems of the candidates.
  • This happens effectively due to the withdrawal effect which kratom and suboxone impose on an individual. However, care should be taken when using the two drugs since a strong strain of kratom can lead to the withdrawal of suboxone hence nullifying the purpose of suboxone.

3. They both cause addiction

  • Just as any other drug, when used repeatedly for a long time, kratom and suboxone can cause addiction. This means that they should be used with lots of precautions so that they do not cause addiction.
  • Nobody wants to be addicted to any drug. The problem is usually the lower rate through which addictions are usually developed. Through it all, it is the responsibility of the user to take care so that he or she is not addicted.

The differences between kratom and suboxone

The two drugs are very much different, and so they should not be used in the same way. Kratom should be used as kratom and not with any form of imagination that you are using a different drug. The same applies to suboxone. If this is not considered, harm may be inevitable. Some of the differences are as follows:

1. Suboxone may cause back pain

Suboxone and Kratom Withdrawal


  • As much as both kratom and suboxone are used as a pain reliever, users have reported that suboxone causes a backache as a side effect. Therefore, for whichever the purpose you are using suboxone; do not worry about a backache.
  • However, the effect of a backache should not last for a long time. This is not the case for with kratom. Back pain is not an effect caused by kratom at all. Therefore, if you experience it after using kratom, it is advisable that you see the doctor.

2. Kratom boosts mood while suboxone causes mood swing

  • The most significant difference between kratom and suboxone can be observed directly from the users. Somebody who has used kratom will be pleased and chatty. He or she does not keep quiet even if nobody is concentrating on what he or she is saying.
  • The user gets attracted to large crowds and wishes to be heard. This is however not the case for suboxone. A person under the effect of suboxone has lots of mood swings. One moment he or she is happy, and the other moment he or she is sad and wants to beat people up.
  • That is what defines the difference between the users of the two drugs.

Dosage for kratom and suboxone

  • There is practically no specific dosage which can be said to be relevant for all people. The dosage for each drug depends on several factors which are never familiar to all users. For instance, women and lightweight people are expected to take less dosage than men and heavy built people.
  • At the same time, the level of experience in using the drug might dictate the amount to be taken. However, 2grams of kratom and 3grams of Suboxone should be the start point of using the drugs. The maximum should go to up to 12grams above which is an overdose.

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Kratom and suboxone combo

  • Maybe you are wondering if you can combine the two drugs for effectiveness now that they all seem similar. As much as they work in nearly the same manner, it would be wrong for you to use the two at the same time especially if they have different potency.
  • If kratom is stronger than suboxone, the chances are high that the kratom might lead to the withdrawal of the suboxone effects. It means that you will have done zero work. The most important thing to do is to use each drug individually.

If possible, however, you should decide to be using just one of the drugs. Combining them may cost you a lot in terms of your health and finances. If you feel that you need to try kratom if you are used to suboxone, then you should shift entirely from kratom to suboxone. However, if it is the doctor advising you to combine the two, then you have to go by the advice of the doctor.