Kraken Kratom is simply a one-stop-shop for those who dabble in the world of Kratom. It is exceptionally well known amongst those who are fond of the Mitagyna Speciosa strain because they always have it in stock, even though it is relatively rare. People who choose to ingest kratom daily are more often than not aware of this particular brand. This is since the company has a great marketing team and the fact that they regularly stock-specific kratom strains that can be hard to find otherwise.

The company, Kraken Kratom, was set in motion during the latter half of the year 2015. Fortunately, the company was able to gain popularity and admiration within just a few short months allowing them to become one of the most well-known vendors in 2016. Since that phase in the companies life, they have been thrust into the spotlight and have remained there with popularity managing to continue to grow with every passing day that goes by. Kraken Kratom has been fortunate enough to have thousands of customers purchase kratom from them, but the overall reviews from customers regarding this brand seem to be mixed at best when it comes to the products and customer service received.

It is no secret that a website with poor usability can be stressful to use and even cost companies a large portion of customers. It makes sense; one would not want to spend their money in a place where the company does not care enough to fix their storefront that every potential customer will likely seek out. It’s not a good look for a company when the website is not usable. Luckily, when analyzing the Kraken Kratom website, one can see that the site is reasonably usable. It gets the job done and responds well to all of the tests that were performed. There are no bugs, everything seems to be set up in an easy to understand manner, and overall, the site appears to be very credible in its knowledge of Kratom and related products.

What type of products can one expect to find at Kraken Kratom?

This is an excellent question that many customers will ask. It is essential to know of all of the different strains that a kratom vendor has to decide if it is the correct location for their needs. After all, it wouldn’t make much sense to knowingly approach a kratom shop that you know doesn’t have the product that you are looking for yet be made frustrated however again when you are told that they do not carry it. This is just one example of why this is important.

When talking about product variety, Kraken Kratom has almost every particular strain users could ever have an interest in. Examples including those that are fairly popular such as

  • Maeng Da Thai,
  • red vein kratom,
  • super indo,
  • and even Bali Kratom.

It is also of importance to make a note of the fact that the company also has a fantastic range of enhanced extracts and essences as well. We would be more than happy to touch base on the effects and qualities of these ranges.

Red Vein Kratom

  • Red vein kratom is one of the most common types of kratom and is more often than not the strain that many immediately think of. The effect that one can expect to see include relaxation, sedative, and even a cure for insomnia as it is a natural sleep aid.
  • This can all vary depending on the particular type red vein kratom used and the dosage at which it was ingested. This strain also tends to boost users moods to a degree, but when compared to other types of kratom, it is not all that big of an effect. It is purely hit or miss when it comes to that front.

Any type of red strain, such as Red Vein Thai kratom, is excellent as natural pain relievers. There is research being conducted at this time to see if the kratom could be used as a suitable replacement for pain medications that are often addictive and hinder recovery. Kraken offers a wide variety of powdered red kratom. Examples include maeng da Thai Kratom, Red Vain kali, Red Vein Thai, and red dragon.

kratom Strains

Green Vein Kratom

  • This is another popular option offered by Kraken Kratom. While it is not as popular as the red and white strained, the strain still has several redeemable qualities that users are sure to enjoy. In turn, this is causing the popularity to rise as people are finally giving it a chance.
  • The strain also improves the concentration levels that one has. The strain has several effects on comparable to nootropics because of the cognitive impacts that they can cause.

It is important to note that the green vein strain can cause a sense of elevated mood, a falsely induced sense of Euphoria, and pain relief is the biggest thing that is offered. The shop offers the following green strains in various formats: Green Thai, Super Green Malaysian, and PC Bali.

White Vein Kratom

  • One of the best sellers for Kraken Kratom would hand down be any variety of white kratom. This strain is typically the most stimulating option on the market. It can boost a users mood with none of the severe side effects that they would get from using other substances. It can also provide energy, which is excellent for those who have decided to cut down on their overall caffeine consumption.

Most, if not all, of these products, are of the highest quality imaginable, reasonably strong, and will do as advertised. There is a ton of variation when it comes overall quality according to retailers. For Example, many retailers will offer kratom at lower price points, but in turn, the strongness and quality seem to be far less than expected. This is not the case when it comes to many different products offered by Kraken kratom.

According to reviews left by customers on various platforms, it seems as though the company consistently provides users with the highest quality possible. There have been reports of issues with shipping, but those seem to be relatively rare in the grand scheme of things. Some people also felt as if the pricing was too high, but the prices found on the site are quite comparable to other kratom vendors.

Despite these reported issues, we feel as though Kraken kratom is the best choice for those looking for a wide variety of kratom. We would also like to point out that it is up to the customer to determine whether or not a particular kratom vendor is the correct choice for their needs.

Does the store carry any particular products?

Kraken kratom carries unique products in the form of enhanced extracts. It is reasonably rare to find these items, yet the company has a variety that one can try to see if it will fit the requirements they have set for themselves. The shop also regularly carries discounted products. This is great for those who would like to dabble in the world of kratom but would like to experiment with something that is not all that pricey but is budget-friendly. These exclusive products are truly exceptional and are sure to bring in crowds of customers.

What is the selection like for Kraken Kratom?

The selection found at Kraken Kratom is pretty typical. They carry the most common strains that are expected to be found at any kratom vendor. On top of this, they stock exclusive products that other stores usually have a hard time sourcing. This means that the shop is suitable for pretty much all needs relating to kratom. The selection goes above and beyond when it comes to particular strains such as white kratom. They have any variety that one could say every want of white kratom. This is a piece of excellent news for those who like to stay energized!

What payment methods does this company accept?

This is a great question. Like most online retailers, Kraken Kratom is no different. They accept a multitude of payment options, including PayPal, all major debit and credit cards, Apple pay, and e-checks. There isn’t one payment method that is preferred over the other, so customers have the freedom to play with any of the items as mentioned above. This is sure to be a relief for those who use a less common payment method such as e-checks but still would like to try out Kratom or try out this particular brand. Typically finding out this information can be a big hassle, but we hope that this information helps out any current and prospective customers that had questions regarding the payment process.

Coupon Codes

Kraken Kratom seems to be a big fan of offering their customers discounts. This is apparent when one looks at all of the past sales and coupon codes that were offered. The enhanced products offered by the chain may seem a bit pricey, but they are still cheaper than those of the competitors. This is one particular aspect that customers seem to love specifically about Kraken products.

Kraken Kratom


  • The company is constantly running promotions regarding the cost of shipping. These deals include, but are not limited to, free same-day shipping and two-day delivery. It is essential to keep in mind that this only applies to particular orders that meet a certain threshold in terms of cost and amount being purchased at one time.
  • They also have coupons that one can receive by simply signing up for their mailing list. It is a relatively pain-free process and shouldn’t cause any issues. It’s truly a simple way in which one can save a bit of cash.

Another idea that one can pursue to save money when shopping with Kraken kratom would be to join the loyalty program. The company has a loyalty program in which customers sign up and immediately start reaping the rewards. Users who decided to join will earn points for every single purchase that they complete. The marks then can be applied to future purchases. The points will take a set amount off the total bill according to how many points one would like to redeem. There are multiple ways that customers can earn money-saving points.

One popular method is by leaving reviews for items they have purchased from Kraken Kratom in the past, letting other knows of their experience with a specific strain or product. Engaging with the company via social media is also a great way to earn points as the company likes to randomly award those who are active within their community across multiple different platforms.

What are the shipping and return policies like for this company?

Returning products to a store can be quite a hassle. Some companies are particularly picky regarding this, Kraken kratom is fairly laid back and straight forward regarding their policy. They do not accept items that have been opened due to safety concerns, but anything else is fair game. All one has to do is contact the customer service team, which will handle all of the remaining steps for them. Typically they will be given a shipping label that has been paid for and takes the item to the post office as soon as they possibly can to get the show on the road, so to say.

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Kraken Kratom has a massive selection of products for customers to consider. They have many strains available in a multitude of options. Everything looks great, except for possible shipping issues that one may experience. It is crucial to account for an extra day or two on the estimated delivery date due to this and contacting the customer service team. Other than that, the company is a good bet for those who want kratom at affordable prices.