Marijuana has been used for quite a long time as a recreational drug. However, most governments have a ban on it because it makes people “high,” thus making them “social misfits.” However, recent research has proven that marijuana has several medical benefits as well such as offering pain relief. The compound responsible for pain relief in marijuana is CBD oil, as opposed to THT, which makes a person “high.” If you are suffering from arthritis pain and other chronic forms of pain, it may be worth it to learn how you can benefit from it. Read on to learn how to use CBD oil for pain.


How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

There are several methods that you can use to relieve pain using CBD. However, it is important that you make sure you are familiar with local laws. As a rule of thumb, you should speak with your doctor and get a recommendation to use marijuana for medical purposes. Not all States allow the use of marijuana for medical reasons. You should, therefore, make sure that you are not breaking local laws by using CBD.

Using CBD Oil

This is the most common form of treatment that is used to treat pain in patients with arthritis. To use, you simply apply the oil to the skin of the affected joints and or sections of the limbs. Other CBD products are also in form of gels, which you may apply in a similar manner.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain through Oral Spray

Some patients may choose to use a CBD oral spray instead of the CBD oil. Taking the spray option allows you to take the dosage orally without the additional trying to apply it all over the affected areas. If you want to

  • CBD Capsule
  • Form

The other CBD form available is the capsule form. Just the spray, you need to swallow the capsule and wait for the pain relief to set in. The advantage of taking the capsule is much the same as that of the spray; that is you do need to apply it manually to every affected area.

CBD Oil for Pain through Oral Spray

However, using the CBD oil has its advantages such as milder side effects for people whose bodies cannot tolerate CBD well. Studies done on a limited scale have established that some people have a genetic tolerance as opposed to others. A good number of those who are learning how to use CBD oil for pain may consider this option.

Side Effects of Using CBD

When using CBD oil, you should use it according to the doctor’s instructions. If you notice any adverse effects, you should stop, and consult the doctor immediately. In most cases, if you are applying the CDB oil topically, their symptoms should be quite mild. After learning how to use CBD oil for pain, knowing its side effects is important too.

In that regard, you should watch out for the following symptoms:

  • Tiredness- You will feel generally tired than usual.
  • Trouble Sleeping- You may experience insomnia after using CBD oil.
  • Feeling Irritable- You may easily get annoyed for something that you would normally overlook.
  • Nausea- You may get a feeling of general discomfort that borders sickness.

However, even with the above side effects being observed in some patients, there were no cases of physical dependence that were reported. Epidiolex did the clinical trials, and they are the main brand that supplies the CBD oil medication in the US. So far, CBD oil has been approved for the treatment for epilepsy.

Allergic Reactions When Using CBD Oil

CBD oil may cause an allergic reaction when applied to the skin. While not everybody will experience the allergic reaction, we recommend that you only apply it to a small patch of your skin and judge how well your skin handles it. If you get a tingling sensation that borders pain, then chances are you are allergic to CBD oil, and you should stop using it and consult your doctor immediately.

How CBD Oil Works to Relieve Pain

In small initial studies, CBD has shown it is capable of relieving arthritis and epilepsy pain by interacting with brain receptors. It also boosts the immune system and therefore reduces inflammation, which is what causes pain in the first place. However, it is yet to be approved for the treatment of arthritis of the limited studies that have been done so far.

A guide on how to use CBD oil for pain is not complete without knowing the right dosage to take. To answer that, we recommend that you start with about 2.5ml of CBD oil, and wait for 24 hours before you can apply your next dosage. Moreover, if you are taking the dosage orally, you will get a 4 to 6 times CBD intake more than you would have received through topical application.

How to Microdose CBD Oil

Microdose CBD Oil

Microdosing is techniques where you use to take a drug in very small doses, within a strict period, and then observe its effects on your body, and the relief it offers. The period between dosages can be as little as 45 minutes. However, this method needs you to be very observant, patient, and time sensitive. You should also be at rest to avoid any distractions.

Overall, start small, and work your way up until you find your optimal dosage and stick with it. You will know that you are exceeding your dosage because you will start to experience the symptoms that we mentioned earlier. However, CBD oil treatment should not make you feel high at all. If you are getting that feeling, then your CBD medication may have some THT content in it.


CBD Oil is easy to use, and the available research so far has proven that it can be used to treat arthritis pain. Although it is yet to be approved by the FDA, you may use it in the states where the use of marijuana for medical purposes is legal. You will still need to apply for a marijuana medical card to use it though.

You may use the CBD oil as a topical application in the affected area, as an oral spray, and lastly as a capsule. Generally, taking the CBD oil orally will give you faster results than if you apply it topically. We hope that you found this guide on how to use CBD oil for the pain to be informative, and you will soon start using CBD Oil to get pain relief from your arthritis.