We all know that any leaf products such as herbs and spices may deteriorate and start to stink and have a bad taste if not keeping them in good condition. The same applies to Kratom as it is a leaf product and if not stored in the right conditions it will stop being as good as it was when you first bought it. Just to name some problems that may occur:

⦁ It may start to stink and deteriorate
⦁ It will not have the effects that it had when you first bought it

Here we propose a great way to keep your Kratom fresh for a very long time.

Also, we will give you recommendations on what to do and not do when storing your Kratom to keep it fresh for a very long time.

A great way to store your Kratom

This is a great 4 step way to keep your Kratom fresh for a very long time. Note that Kratom does not like moisture, lots of UV light and oxygen, so be sure to keep it away from these factors. Here is the 4-step way to keep your Kratom fresh for a very long time:

Step 1:

Cut your Kratom in chunks and store it in little plastic bags. The best way is always to put your leaves or powder in bags that will fulfill your daily supply in Kratom- just one or two doses. This way the Kratom will always stay hermetic and fresh, as you won’t open a bag with your whole supply all the time.

Store Kratom

Step 2:

Take out all the air from the bag. This little trick is one you can achieve by 2 means: either you do it by hand with the help of a straw (sucking all the air out), or you do it with the help of a vacuum sealing pump. If you do it the first way, make sure that you purchase zip bags, which will seal tightly after you remove all the air. If doing it by hand you must be quick as for not letting any air in.

Step 3:

Put the bag in a tin or container, so to stop the light from getting in. As we discussed earlier, the Kratom leaves may over dry if you let straight UV light to fall on it all the time. You must put it in a container that won’t allow any light and excessive moisture to come in.

Step 4:

Store the container with the Kratom in the refrigerator. Keeping the Kratom in cool condition will make it maintain its freshness for very long.
This method is one of the most efficient ones to store your Kratom as it has a lot of benefits as we see above. Now some tips and tricks to keep your Kratom fresh.

Dos and Don’ts

Here are some tips to keep your Kratom fresh:

⦁ Do keep your Kratom free from heat. As we discussed earlier, Kratom will be preserved for very long when you keep it in a cool place, like your refrigerator. Explosion to heat will ruin your Kratom very fast.
⦁ Don’t keep your Kratom in places with excessive moisture. Moisture is the enemy of the work of all leaves and powders. It can instantly destroy the best quality Kratom or the tastiest spice that you have in your home! Herbs, spices, and Kratom need to be completely dry. The bad thing about Kratom is that it can absorb a lot of moisture very fast, so be careful for that not to happen.
⦁ Do keep your Kratom away from oxygen. As discussed earlier, excessive oxygen can ruin the leaves or powder, so be sure to keep your Kratom in hermetic bags.

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⦁ Don’t keep your Kratom in places with strong odors. Kratom can absorb the smell of strong odors, and it will become very unpleasant and stinky when that happens. When you store Kratom, be sure to keep it away from places with strong odors.
⦁ Do keep your Kratom away from light. As stated earlier, Kratom must be kept away from constant exposure (or any exposure) to UV light- this will keep it fresh for even longer.