As Kratom popularity increases, the number of users grows every day and everyone is seeking the most comfortable, potent and cheap way to take it. As for today there are tenths of methods to use Kratom in various forms and some of them are:     

And many more, even more than you can imagine. This is done due to the fact that everyone is seeing a way to take Kratom in the most potent way possible and for such method to be as cheaper and most comfortable to take as possible. One of the most potent and easy-to-make methods to use it is in a liquid form, by creating an alcohol or water-based tincture.

The pros and cons of this method are:


  •   Easy to make
  • Very potent in low dose
  •   Long lasting effects
  • Can be stored for long
  • Can be mixed with your favorite drink
  • Does not need special instruments of ingredients and can be easily made at home


  • Quite expensive to buy
  • If made incorrectly it can be either way to strong or too weak
  • Needs many ingredients to make

What is liquid OPMS Kratom?


Organically Purified MitragynaSpeciosa (or else OPMs) is a Kratom industry that has been a leader among suppliers for the past five years. It is a company that creates various forms for you to use, including liquid forms. This is one of the best vendors you can trust as their highest technologies in creating and purifying mitragyna speciosa will guarantee you good quality powders, capsules, and tinctures.

Is liquid Kratom economical?

If you want to buy ready liquid from a vendor, then the answer is not quite. Although it does not cost as much as gold or platinum, it costs more than powder or capsules, especially when you are buying water-based solutions for one-time use. Many users complain that when they buy water-based solutions and drink all of it (as most contain one dosage), it gives no more potent effects than powder. Alcohol-based tinctures are the most expensive out of all forms.

liquid OPMS Kratom

If not buying and making a solution or tincture on your own, you might save some money, so you are always welcome to try. So if you buy it it will be more expensive; if you make it on your own, it will be economical.

How to prepare liquid Kratom?

First of all, you must consider that liquid Kratom can either be water-soluble or an alcohol-soluble solution. That means that the liquid will be very concentrated as you will extract all the herbs active components into a small amount of liquid so it will be very potent.

To create a very concentrated solution, you will need 40% ethanol, citric acid, glycerin, and Kratom powder. After you measured it, put the powder in a chemical-resistant plastic or glass container, add the alcohol and citric acid and mix it. After you have done that you shall strain the mixture you created using a sieve, cover it with tin foil and let it evaporate; no more than 50% of the initial volume should be decreased.

This is all for the liquid; you can now store it and use it whenever you like, as it will be good for use for a very long time. The best part about it is that you can add it to any drink you want (orange juice, tea, etc.), hot or cold, including alcoholic drinks.

If you want to prepare a water-based solution it’s easy as well: you can dissolve the powder you want to use in hot water or tea and drink it up like that or dissolve it into the little amount of water and put it in a drink.

The right dosage

You must always remember that the liquid you made is very potent and extremely concentrated so you must use it very carefully. The best way to measure the dose you take is using a droplet. The right dose to achieve an energizing effect would be 1 droplet; if you want relaxing and stress relieving effects, you can use 2-3 droplets. Remember that using more than 3 droplets at once can lead to the unwanted side effect and can be quite dangerous, so use it wisely.

If you are using a water-based solution, you regulate the dose of the powder you put into water. You can add from 3-15 gram of powder, depending on the potency of Kratom and how much you can handle.


The effects always depend on the powder you use. If you use red vein powders you will get more of stress relieving and sedating effect; if green or white you will get more of an energetic and ready to do work effectively. Also, as noted above, it depends on the dose you take. Note that if you use less potent strains you can even use 4 droplets, but you must always adjust the dosage so it will be the one you can handle, not one that will bring you dangerous and unwanted side effects.

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The effects of the water-based solution you use will be the same you get using your powder. By using a water solution, you don’t make the powder more potent; it is mostly used to dissolve in a sweet drink, so it does not taste so bad.

So, if you want to save money or enjoy the taste of powder by mixing it with a drink, you are welcome to use the preparation user’s guide above, not do everything as stated in the recipe and be careful with the doses.