It doesn’t matter if you are a first time or an experienced CBD user. The most important thing to understand is how this oil works and how to use it. Many people often get confused on the dosage, the delivery method and the uses of CBD. The most frequent question however that users ask is what is the correct dosage? And because there is a lot of information on the internet, it is not so hard for you to get confused. Fortunately, we are here to help. This guide is going to elaborate on the best CBD oil dosage for all users among other things.


How Much CBD Oil Should I take?

There are tons of articles that talk about CBD, but there are very few that talk about proper dosing. And to make matters worse, even the FDA has not created guidelines on the daily intake as they have done with other supplements. For this reason, consumers are forced to estimate their consumption based on recommendations from various brands and companies as well as their friends. Most people are usually advised to start with one dropper a day and gradually increase the dosage as time goes by. While that can be a great start, for sure, there is no way to tell if that is the dosage you need.

You should remember that before you even decide on the dosage, there are things that you ought to consider first. They include, how concentrated is your CBD, how much are you weighing, what is the condition being treated and how serious is it? All these will affect how much you take in. But that being said, the thing to always have in mind is that we are all different and so a particular dose may one on someone and may not with another.

How to choose your CBD dosage

Nevertheless, here is an elaborate guide of how to choose your CBD dosage.

CBD dosage

1. According to Your Weight

  • People who have more weight will require more CBD to be able to enjoy its effects. Experts advise that for every 10 pounds of body weight take between 1-6mg of CBD depending on the intensity of the pain.
  • For instance, if you weigh 86-150lbs, a good start will be 18mg of CBD.

2. Start Small and Gradually Increase

  • When you are first starting with cannabis oil, it is recommended that you start with a small droplet like the size of a single grain of rice and wait for about 4 hours to determine how it affects you. If you don’t feel any effects whether positive or negative, then you can double the droplets the next time.

3. According to Your Illness

  • There are diseases that you will need a higher dose for CBD to work, but there are others which can be relieved by just a small dosage.
  • For instance, for chronic pain, 2.5-20mg of CBD will be enough, for epilepsy 200-300mg of CBD and sleep disorders 40-160mg.

4. Consult Your Physician

  • Before you start with any medication, whether natural or not, it is essential that you consult with your doctor first. The last thing you should do is to jeopardize your health. Why is that important?
  • Like we have said there are different dosage effects. You take a too high dose that is not for you, and you will be affected negatively. And on the other hand, if you take too low doses, you may not experience any effect. So consult with your physician first. He or she will be able to advise on the right dosage depending on the type of illness you have.

How Do You Take CBD Oil?

Before we learn how to measure CBD oil, let us first know the different forms you can take CBD. There are various methods of how you can take CBD, and the choice will depend on your preference. For instance, if you are taking CBD for medicinal or therapeutic purposes, a lot of users prefer to administer an oil tincture using either a spray or dropper bottle.

There are also other people that take it to inform of vapes, whereby they inhale it. And in fact, they say that CBD vapes are more potent compared to oil tinctures. You can also take your CBD as edibles, or capsules or even smoke it. And lastly, you can purchase CBD lotions and creams as well as CBD coffee.

How to Measure Your CBD Dosage

Now let’s get to know how much CBD you need to puff or how much you capsules you should take.

CBD Tincture Dosage

  • People love tinctures as it is one of the easiest ways to use CBD. Fill the dropper and administer the oil under your tongue then hold it for about 30-90 seconds before swallowing.
  • Regular droppers hold about 1 ml of liquid, to find out how much CBD is in that 1ml of that dropper do these simple mathematics. Note the total CBD in Bottle and divide by Number of Milliliters in the bottle.
  • For instance, 60ml CBD tincture has 3000MG of CBD, to find out how much a single dropper has you take 3000mg and divide by 60, which means it will contain 50MG.

CBD Vapes

CBD Capsules

  • You can do vaping by using CBD e-liquid or CBD cartridge system. With an e-liquid, you estimate how much CBD is in the dropper just like in tincture.
  • But as you vape remember that you need to refill your tank so decide after what intervals.

CBD Capsules

  • In as much as it is entirely up to you to decide which method to use, we advise that you take CBD capsules because it is an accurate way of ensuring that you get the right dosage. Capsules have the exact dosage. So for instance, if your CBD dosage is 9mg-14mg, buy a bottle of 10mg or 15mg

Final Thoughts

The above methods will be useful in measuring your CBD oil. But remember no matter the case, you cannot afford to overdose CBD. Why? There are slight risks that are associated with CBD when consumed in high dosage. That includes sedation, dry mouth, low blood pressure, decreased fertilization capacity to name but a few. That is why we emphasize speaking with your physician first and buying your oil from recognizable brands.