Many people who have finally decided to purchase CBD oil due to its immense benefits would be wondering, “When am I going to feel it kick in….?” How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work? … The answer to this question will depend on various factors, and the time CBD oil takes to will be varied from individual to individual. The methods they used to intake the oil will greatly have an impact on the time the effect will take to kick in.












It is important to acknowledge that everyone is unique, and as such we are bound to react differently to CBD oil. It is the differences in our weight, age, metabolism as well as our physical condition that affects the length of time the oil takes to work. Another factor will be the individual’s capability to produce endocannabinoids, whereas those people producing lesser endocannabinoids are much more reactive to CBD than those with a properly functioning system.

Also affecting the time CBD oil takes to take effect is the existing conditions that a person is trying to treat. It is notable that some of the conditions that one may be trying to eradicate may have a quicker turnaround time than others.

For example, if a person is trying to treat a skin condition, this may be worked on faster by the oil as opposed to someone who is trying to treat sore muscles and joints.

The method a person uses to get this oil into their bloodstream will also highly determine how long it takes to work. Here we’ll get to discuss some of the methods used to ingest CBD oil and help you see how these methods influence the period CBD oil takes to work in your body.

1. Methods Used

The method used to take CBD oil greatly influences how long it takes for this product to work. Check out some of these methods below;

cbd oil use

Vaping method

  • The Vaping method is a way you can ingest CBD oil through inhalation. CBD oil is vaporized and inhaled where it goes and gets absorbed through the lungs, entering the bloodstream extremely fast.
  • This is dubbed as one of the fastest ways although it comes with draw-downs such as anxiety. When a person vapes CBD, they will feel its effect in a shorter timeline of about 5 minutes to 10 minutes.


  • There is also the method of taking CBD oil through capsules. The CBD capsules are taken orally, and their effects can be experienced within 20 minutes to 1 hour.

Using CBD drops

  • This is where CBD is taken under the tongue, which is without a doubt another fast way of ensuring the effects of this oil are felt sooner. This is because when the oil is under the tongue, it doesn’t have to go through the entire digestive system, but the mucous membranes easily absorb it into the bloodstream.

Applying on the skin

  • CBD skin creams is also another way you can use to take the oil. The skin creams are often used to treat skin issues; therefore, if you have problems with your skin, this can be a great way to take this medicine.
  • The effect takes about a few minutes to 1 hour to be experienced. The good thing about this method is that it also penetrates below the skin to the muscles and joints.

2. Taking CBD with Food

  • This will have an effect on how long the oil takes to work. Some people will certainly prefer to make this oil through their foods, whereby they mix it with whichever food that they are taking. The advantage of taking this oil through mixing it with food is that it will not produce side effects such as headaches.
  • Though when one takes the oil in this manner, it will take a longer time to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that one would take a while before feeling the desired effects of the oil, whereas it would take about one hour for such effects to kick in.

3. CBD Type and Quality

The quality and type of CBD oil is also another factor that influences how long the medicine will take effect.

CBD Oil Types

  • If the CBD oil has low-quality ingredients, is expired, damaged, or the ingredients are too much for the body to digest, then the process might not be that pleasant for the user.
  • The product also has to be produced in the right way for it to work well in one’s body.
  • The various types of CBD oil, such as the ones mentioned above greatly influence how long the medicine will take action in the body.

4. Body Type

This is also another factor to be considered when looking to find out how long it takes for CBD oil to work. Every person is unique, in that we all have different behaviors, hobbies, body size, among other things. Therefore, this greatly influences the period CBD oil will take to work on you from the period it will take to work on someone else.

Your weight and metabolic rate, as well as the composition of your body, are some of the things involved in helping the oil to work. The weight and mass of your body impact the consumption of any substance, your metabolic rate affects the time your body processes the CBD oil, and also the composition of your body is a determinant of how quickly CBD oil will be processed in your body.


As you’ve read all the information above, it is clear there is variation in the period it takes for CBD oil to work in your body and the effects can be gotten differently in every person. Therefore, the information is to guide you in learning about how the medicine will take effect in your body as it resolves the intended purpose, whereas looking at the approximate time the oil takes to affect someone.

The oil has fascinating uses to any person, and when used in the right manner, it has immense benefits that usually kicks in after some time depending on the factors that we have discussed above. Though it will mainly depend on the desired effect that someone requires as they decide on taking the oil.