Who are the Happy Hippo Kratom vendors?

The company is a small business group currently located in Boise, Idaho. Many people do not know about them, because they are not well exposed as the other vendors. This is because they are relatively new to the industry.

Currently, those who do business with them rate them topmost. The company started barely six years ago, and they are known to offer superior quality kratom. The products are rich with nutrients, and they are fresh.

  • Though happy hippo is located in Idaho US, they can ship to many parts of the country and beyond. Also, they source their products from the best farmers from all parts of the world. The company might be small, with just five full-time workers, but they are the most effective kratom vendors in town.

How Happy Hippo Kratom vendors are established

The company was relatively new. They started their business in the year 2013. It is not a big company as the total workforce is not more than five workers. They have the most functional website.

  • They can make a supply to any part of the country. They have various strains, and their brands are the most superior. These products are effective.
  • The brand is well established as they offer various strains. The strains cut across different categories. When you visit them, you can always get what you want.

Categories offered by the vendors

The vendor provides different categories of strains. The category you want depends on what you want to achieve. There are fast, moderate as well as slow categories. The choice here depends on the result you want.

  • Because of the efficacy of the product, you can save more. This is because they are well refined. You do not need to consume a lot before you can achieve your aim. In short, it is beneficial and highly reliable.

Another thing that can show you that this firm is well established is the type of customer support they provide. Though they have a limited number of staff, they still offer the best services you can get in that industry.

Free samples from Happy Hippo Herbals

If you order from them, they are going to deliver them to your satisfaction. The most important thing is that the order would come with free samples. If you want the powder, you get free samples as well.

  • Furthermore, the purchasing method is secure. The website is user-friendly. They provide different payment options for their products. Even if you want to pay with bitcoin, it would not be difficult for you too.
  • Many people prefer to buy through bitcoin because you can get a twenty percent discount on your orders. Apart from that cryptocurrency, you can pay them with your credit card. They make available to you, different options.
  • All these show that the company was well established to do business with clients. Because they are based in the US and because their products are well refined, you can pay more when you order from. You would be happy with the quality.

Website usability

Do not allow the website design to deceive you. It might be cartoony and chunky, but that does not detract from the quality product. The site is simple in design. The most exciting thing about the website is the mobility.

  • This website is highly responsive. It is easy to navigate. You would not find it hard to get the things you want. From the pink color of the site, you can tell the seriousness of the product.
  • The product you want is available on the site. Moreover, it is categorized in such a way that you do not find it hard to discover what you are looking for. Order placing and shipment are simple to do because of site mobility.

What products are available at Happy Hippo herbals

The vendor offers various kinds of products, and these cut across multiple categories. The products are in particular areas such as Phenibut, kava, as well as several types of strains.

Happy Hippo kratom herbal strains

  • It is already known that the strains are well refined, and that is why they are always fresh. There are various kinds of strains, and these have various potential effects. This is why different individuals can use them.
  • These strains are available in different strengths, such as low, moderate, and high. It is clearly stated so that you can easily make a choice. There are various individual products from the vendor, and here are some of them:

Maeng Da Elite Green by Happy Hippo

It is one of the best products of the company. The item is active, and it can act very fast. Those who are looking for strains for energy can choose this product. It features mood-boosting properties

  • When you take this item, it can stay in your body system for up to two hours. After which depression can follow. This would eventually lead to mood enhancement, and so on.

Happy Hippo Product 1

  • This is a moderate form of kratom. The use of this is to help uplift the user’s mood. The second important aspect is that it can promote energy. Furthermore, this is productive when it comes to mental and physical health issues.

Happy Hippo products

Happy Hippo 2

  • Another moderate form of strain kratom. This can work to boost the users physical and mental health. It is more useful in the promotion of physical activities.

Happy Hippo red horn

  • It is also known as the Smiley Hippo. This has the best calming or relaxing effect. It can be used well for mood uplifting. Furthermore, people use it to improve mood, as it can help to smile even when you are angry. Happy Hippo designed this model for relaxing and calming effects.

Super white Indo

  • This is another excellent product from the company. It has the best relaxing effect. If you want sedation product, then you can consume a high dosage of this item. The product has some medical purposes such as anxiety and insomnia.

It calms your heart, and in doing that, it takes away those worries and anxieties that disturb you. This is super effective.

Super Indo Green

  • The source of this is Indonesia. The strain is green in color, and it is one of the best products of the company. It can enhance mood and enhance energy, and this can serve you throughout the day.

When it comes to operation, this product can be speedy and can help in stimulation. It provides energy and can uplift mood.

Fun Hippo

  • This is a combination of other strains. You can, therefore, expect it to be more productive. The outstanding characteristic is that it can be quick in action, and can take effect in just 10 minutes. However, it is a short duration, and in most cases, do not last for more than two hours.

When the time it acts, it can be very potent. When you are looking for great energizer and mood uplifting product, this is always a perfect choice.

Yellow Sumatra from Happy Hippo

  • The company has delft into the production of Sumatra. It is meant for those looking for sedative drugs. To achieve that effect, you can take a high dose of it. It works well in the treatment of specific conditions like anxiety and insomnia.

White Sumatra

  • This is another strand of Sumatra, and this model is white. It is also known as the Sky Hippo. The drug is efficient when it comes to energy boosting. Its effects are for a short duration of one to two hours.

Quality products

The company, as pointed out earlier, is famous for its high-end products. They are the best because they are sourced from the most exceptional farm in southeast Asia. The company procures that item from the most reliable suppliers in Asia.

  • These items are pure because of the unique packaging. Moreover, it is always fresh. These are exclusive products, and you can always see the effect. These are available in different strains and strengths.
  • Their strains are unique since they source from well-known farmers in Asia. Not many farmers know the technique. They are familiar with the best growers in the parts of the world like Indonesia and Thailand. It is not surprising that Happy Hippo herbal products remained the best you can buy with money.
  • To achieve the required effect, you take just small quantities of their products. Happy hippo herbals make for happy customers.
  • Furthermore, you are sure of quality from them because most of them are fresh, and they are also harvested from the best farm in North America. Whatever you get from them cannot be more than two months old.

This is not like those companies that sell kratoms products of more than two years. Fresh and quality are what you derive from Happy Herbals.

Happy hippo promotions

  • They donate to Americans. This shows that they care. In addition to that, they engage in some promotions to satisfy their customers. To ensure that the products are affordable to those who want the item, they offer seasonal promotions such as coupon codes.

When you buy with these coupon codes, you are sure of the best quality. Moreover, you can buy it at a cheaper rate. They ensure that they satisfy all categories of customers.

Happy Hippo packaging deals

  • To further satisfy their customers, they have in place some packaging deals. They have starter packs. The packaging is done for slow to moderate and high users. You can mature from one stage to another one.

The most important thing about this packaging is that they are sold at lower prices. Though the company products are generally expensive because of the quality, the selected category is cheaper because of the deals.

Happy Hippo product

The most quality discounts

  • The promotions are aimed at helping these users to purchase these items at affordable prices. Discounts are offered at wholesale products. If you make an order that is up to 10 kg, you are entitled to some incentives. This includes a substantial reduction in prices.

Payment methods

Currently, the order processing is simple. This is because the company provides different payment methods for their products. The best way to purchase it from the website. Even if you are referred from other sources, you must still process the order from the website.

  • The site is user-friendly, and order processing is simple. The payment system is straightforward. The company has available cryptocurrency for order processing. If you pay through bitcoin, you are entitled to a twenty percent discount.
  • However, if you cannot pay through that method, you can still pay through credit card. This means that making an order is not going to be that difficult. America users can use various payment methods.
  • If you an international user, you can use another method like a credit card. Payment is not going to be a problem as they make different options available to you. It is simple and straightforward to do business with them.

Visa cards, MasterCard as well as Bitcoin is available for foreign customers using their products. They also make coupon codes available, and you can buy at cheaper prices when you use that code.

Return policy

You are entitled to return the product within the first thirty days’ windows offered by the company. Such a return can only occur within in-store credit. For you to do that, you must meet specific requirements.

Here are some of the requirements

You must purchase the item within thirty days. Furthermore, the item must have a tracking number, and you have to include that number when you request for such replacement.

  • You have to bear the cost of mailing the product back. When you meet all these requirements, you could return the products.
  • However, cases are considered differently before the product is accepted. There is no particular parameter, and cases are decided on their merit before they are accepted back.

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Customer service

  • One of the critical factors to consider when you are ordering this kind of product is active customer service. For now, customers can contact them through email, and they can always respond to the email. Depending on the type of inquiry, you can get your response within the next 36 hours.

The customer service is effective. They receive more than one hundred emails daily. Because of that, you should not expect a prompt response from them.


Happy Hippo Kratom vendors are among the best in the country. They offer high-end kratoms of different strains. The product might be pricey, but they are more effective than what you get elsewhere.