As for 2015 Kratom, or else named Mitragyna speciosa is the new trend and is popular amongst millions of people in hundreds of countries. There is a lot of information about its effects, chemical compounds and many other interesting facts that users along with scientists shed light upon for the past few years.

Although there are a lot of vendors that sell various forms of Kratom like capsules and powder at desirable prices, many would like to know how to grow Kratom to save time and money, or just for doing something creative. In this article information will be given about growing, cultivating and germinating seed and a lot more, so you know how where and when to grow your Kratom from seed to plant.

How to grow Kratom? General thoughts about climate, conditions, and soil

Before moving to the part where we describe how to grow Kratom, it would be wise to have a general idea of what it looks like, what climate and soil it prefers and what conditions it must be grown in. First of all, it is a must to say that Kratom is an extremely difficult plant to grow and many have failed to try to grow their plant a home; this is due to many facts like:

  • Unsuitable climate
  • Unsuitable soil
  • Growing it in unsuitable conditions
  • The low resistance of three to fungus
  • Failure of greenhouses to grow the plant (for no obvious reasons)
  • Short-timed seed viability

These are only a few of the facts that can prevent the plant from growing in your home. So to do everything right, it is wise to point out some tips about how it must be correctly grown:

  • The first thing to consider is seed viability. This is a major problem because seeds are viable only during a week approximately, so be sure you get fresh seeds, the fresher, the better. You should have a good vendor that can provide you with that, as finding viable seeds online may be a bit of a problem
  • The second most important thing you must consider is climate and soil. The truth is that Mitragynaspeciosa is a very sensitive species that if put in unsuitable climate or soil conditions can die very easily or won’t be able to even sprout. What you must bear in mind is that it originally grows in Thailand and Malaysia where there are a subtropical climate and very humid soil and try to recreate that at your home. If it is exposed to too much light it might die, if exposed to too much water in the soil it will rot, if exposed to cold it will die at once as it cannot withstand cold weather.
  • Also, it is composed of a tissue called xylem which is very sensitive to fungus attacks so it has an extremely low strike rate which you must also take into account.
  • Any soil won’t work; Kratom requires only the reaches and most nutrient-rich soil you can get. Users state that it grows just fine on Miracle to Grow potting soil which you can buy at your local gardening shop.

You must also bear in mind that Kratom is a long tree, reaching about 15 meters in height (50 feet) with glossy, dark green leaves and yellow flowers of a sphere-like shape.

Germinating and cultivating

  • As mentioned earlier, if you start growing the tree on just any soil, it simply won’t grow. The soil needs to be very rich in nutrients, fertile, with a pH of 5.5 – 6.5, so it is suggested for you to buy a pH meter to measure that.

Germinating and cultivating

  • The soil must always be moist, but it must not, by any means, be flooded for the plant to rot, so consider having a pot with good drainage; water the plant only when the soil on the top gets dry, this way it can be humid.
  • You must keep the temperature between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit; you can expose it to sunlight, but not for too long (30min to 1hour) as it may hurt the plant, also you can use LED lighting or 18 watts (120 volts) light bulbs to keep the temperature as needed.
  • The humidity of Thailand and Malaysia is about 90-94% present, so try to keep it that way for your tree; the humidity can be lower than that, but be sure not to let it drop under 70%.
  • Also, be sure to plant your tree in a wide pot, so it can spread without anything bothering it, also remember that it needs pruning every once and a while.
  • It would be wise to plant many seeds at once so there is more of a possibility for something to grow as they may not all grow.

Some useful techniques of germinating:

  • Community pots or beds (this is where you plant many seeds in a container or bed. The pros are that this method is good for commercial growing, easy to observe and reliable. Nevertheless it is difficult to set up)
  • “Baggie” technique (this is a good technique which will make it easy for you to control temperature and humidity. You must place your seeds in a plastic baggie filled with soil and put it in a warm place)
  • Although some users state that one good technique is simple outdoor growing, this is not a good idea (as stated above) if you live in the place with too cold climate. For this, you must live in a place where the climate is humid subtropical.

Leaves will only start to sprout within six months so you must be patient.

U.S. climates

For those of you who live in the U.S. some states have a humid subtropical climate, and if you are lucky enough to live in such cities and states, you have the luxury of growing your seeds outdoors. To name these places:

  • Texas,
  • Oklahoma,
  • Louisiana, Arkansas,
  • Alabama,
  • Mississippi,
  • South Carolina,
  • most of Virginia,
  • Kentucky,
  • North Carolina,
  • Tennessee,
  • Georgia,
  • Florida

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Concluding Final thoughts

In conclusion, when you just planted your seed, you must note all of the factors mentioned above so to have a big tree full of leaves growing in your house. Another thing is that you won’t be able to tell what kind of strains depending on the vein you grow, but there is information that the better and more careful you grow your seed, the most potent the leaves will be.