Customers are sure to know the struggle of finding the correct Kratom vendor for their needs. It can be a difficult journey to find one that has all of the qualities that are required, but there is one safe pick that customers should consider. That pick is Mitragaia Kratom. The company has been around for a long time now when compared to other Kratom vendors, and for a good reason. They have experience working with customers, and it indeed shows. Customers are always put first, and this is done in several different ways. For example, they still have consistently high-quality strains of kratom at an affordable rate; they offer many different types and even some unique products. It is safe to say that customers are in good hands when it comes to Mitragaia Kratom suppliers. Gaia ethnobotanical is a first choice shop for many, and it is not difficult to see why.

Who are the people behind Gaia Ethnobotanical?

This question has a relatively simple answer. The mastermind behind the company has been involved within the world of Kratom for years, and the company has been a vision of his since he first started working in the field. The endeavor was started in a way to provide those who enjoyed kratom with the highest caliber, secure, free from any harm, and lab-tested strains of kratom. The companies number one goal is pleasing their customers, and as a result, they have a fantastic customer service team that will go out of their way to fix any issue or concern that is brought up by a customer.

Gaia Ethnobotanical

They bring forth every characteristic to make the purchasing participation for customers an enjoyable one. Since early 2015 the company has made a name for themselves, and they are now one of the leaders of the world when it comes to supplies of Kratom. There are over 5 million reviews of the company online, and for the most part, they are all glowing and mention the exceptional nature of the customer service team. It is without a doubt that this company does care for its customers.

How useable is the website?

When compared to other kratom vendor websites, it is very apparent and easy to see that this particular company is much more professional. You can tell that the founders put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect website for their storefront. Everything is categorized in an easy to understand how users can quickly and without issue, locate the items that they are interested in. We also feel that it is essential to note that the website provides educational information regarding each particular strain they have for sale in an easy to locate the section. This helps educate those who are confused and another example of the customer service team going further than necessary to ensure that customers have the very best experience possible.

What type of products does the company have available?

This is a particularly important question, and it is vital that customers have this information. The company sells powders, capsules, strains, extracts, and sampler. This gives customers the chance to buy in multiple different sizes and price ranges. The fact that the company offers samples is particularly lovely as not many people do this, but it allows customers to try something before committing to a more significant purchase of the item and needlessly to waste money if it didn’t fit their needs. Another perk that money customers do not realize is the fact that they can place both wholesale and bulk orders. This allows for further savings and more options than ever anticipated.

What is the companies mission?

The companies mission is pretty simple. They wish to source and work collaboratively to find the best strains of kratom from particular regions. They believe that this suitable manner makes their product stand up much better when compared to other kratom companies that do not respectably source their product. The ethical sourcing aspect has caused the company to become partners with several different partnership companies all across Indonesia.

  • This is a fantastic perk as it allows the company to buy the best quality kratom leaves at a lower price point, which in turn lowers the prices that they charge customers. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved.
  • The company states that they will never compromise the quality of the products that they offer as they believe that customers should get the best bang for their buck and cutting corners is not a way to achieve that.

Gaia Ethnobotanical mission

  • The company strives for excellence in both customer service and shipping. The customer service team has won an award since customers are genuinely their focal point in all situations, and the fact that they are always the top priority.
  • It is safe to say that customers won’t receive lazy customer service reps from this company any time soon as that isn’t an option for the company, according to the CEO.

What is the quality of the products for sale?

The quality of the products for sale seems to be of the highest quality. Since the company has respectable sourcing measures, they have been able to forge partnerships with many different companies in Indonesia, leading to them being able to get the highest quality kratom for an overall lower price. The lower pricing results in pricing being cheaper for customers and less than those of the competitors that they are working against. Reviews all across the web praise the company for having a tremendously potent strain of kratom despite the low price point. This is relatively unheard of, but a welcome surprise for customers nonetheless.

  • If customers for some reason have any issues with the products that they have purchased, they should reach out to the customer service team, they will be more than happy to help and can be reached via both phone and email. Email seems to be the preferred method, but either option is excellent. The customer service team is truly a step above.
  • They patiently listen to any complaints or problems that customer may be going and are on hand at all times to find a solution to the issue. An example of the customer service team going above and beyond would be the fact that customers can place a call to the toll-free phone number provided by the company to place an order, get details regarding the location of the package, and get general information regarding Kratom.

The support received is genuinely exceptional in regards to all aspects.

Does the company offer any Unique products?

Yes, the company offers a variety of exclusive products that consumers are sure to enjoy. While the company provides the regular strains, one would expect to find they also have a selection of harder to find options. Be it red, white or green kratom, ones imported from Thailand, Malaysia, or Indonesia; customers have the opportunity to choose from all of them.

  • The pricing of these special products is also much lower than what most customers expect to find. The kratom strains found here are more often cheaper than what one would find in their local market. Five dollars seems to be the average price for a single ounce of the substance, which is insanely affordable.

What types of payment methods can one use at Gaia Ethnobotanical?

The company seems to offer a deep sense of payment flexibility. The most popular option, as with most online retailers, would be a debit or credit card from any of the major banks. The company also seems to be very digitally savvy, and as a result, they have implemented a secure set of standards to ensure that customer information is protected and safe. This should bring peace of mind to those who were concerned about using their card details on a site that they do not know much about.

Gaia Ethnobotanical products



  • As recently as a few months ago, the company has started exclusive deals for customers that choose to pay for their order with cryptocurrency. Examples of such a deal would be the fact that they can receive a discount of up to twenty percent off the total cost of their order.

The cryptocurrency usage that will score this discount includes

  • Bitcoin,
  • ethereum,
  • and a wide variety of other digital currency.

What are the delivery and return policies like with this particular shop?

When it comes to purchasing kratom from a new vendor, it is always to be safe rather than sorry and be aware of all of the policies that they may have. Some would even go as far as to claim that the delivery and return policies are the most important ones to be aware of.

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical has an extensive logistics system set up in place to deal with both deliveries and any returns that need to be processed. This network allows the company to easily go about their business and get the products ordered to their customers on time.
  • The system is merely superb and allows you to get the kratom you have been dreaming of without even leaving the comfort of your home. In particular regions, some customers may also get same day delivery due to how well the logistics and delivery aspect of the company has been set up.
  • Several reports from customers state that overall orders have arrived faster than those of competitors and overall fewer delays have occurred. The company is committed to pleasing every single one of their customers, and in the quest to fulfill this desire, they have concluded that all orders need to be delivered as soon as possible.
  • There are sure to be no complaints about that specific benefit! It is also important to note that the shipping costs one will endure is often cheaper than what one would expect of a significant kratom vendor. In some cases, shipping can even be free!

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It is accessible to why Gaia Ethnobotanical is gaining popularity. They are customer focused, and everything indeed does seem to occur with customers in mind. Kratom also seems to be gaining popularity, and that is due directly to companies such as this particular one. The world wide web provides vendors the perfect way in which to showcase their kratom products, and it is also beneficial to consumers as well. Customers get to browse through different options and find the specific strain of kratom that best aligns with their needs.

The quality of kratom that is sold by Gaia Ethnobotanical merely is mind-blowing. It is of top quality and ethically sourced, while still managing to be organic. This is considered to be a home run, so to say, in the world of kratom.

  • It is also of importance to note the many precautions that the company as a whole takes to ensure that the quality remains for their products even though it costs them more money. Examples of such things would include regular quality checks, packaging improvements daily, and analysis provided by the chemical analyst to check for any possible contamination concerns that may be happening.

The company has gained the trust of many, and it is safe to assume that it will continue to do so. This is due to the several different factors that we have already discussed in further detail, such as consistent quality, the delivery policy, as well as the logistics team and customer service. This is truly a must-visit shop for those who are interested in pursuing kratom further and learning more about the substance.