Etizolam Withdrawal

It is also known as Benzodiazepine Analogue mainly because it has a different chemical structure, although it is included in the Benzodiazepine category and you can still experience the same effects to a normal Benzodiazepine also experience the same withdrawal indications. When it is heavily taken, patients can be noticeable, and that means you have to consume a larger amount of this drug so that you can have the same effects and be comfortable and relaxed. In other words, etizolam can make you an addict, and whenever you try quitting it, you are most likely to experience very serious and delicate withdrawal symptoms.
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The drug drags the receptors to your brain and gives you sedation, and if by any chance it is consumed for a length of a period in large amounts it finally takes control of your entire body and makes you relaxed abnormally also it can lead to the high physical dependency of this drug. Drugs such as these are not advised to be taken in large amounts and for and for a long period. Withdrawal is capable of taking eight hours so that it can begin wearing off from the body. During this time, your body is very vulnerable due to the harsh effects, and you are most likely to go back to using that drug again. Also, etizolam acts as a central nervous system that its main function is to cause depression, excess relaxation, and sedation.

Causes of Etizolam Withdrawal

Note that this has been compared to when a brain is acting up like a spring that pulls down the chemical production with the help of intoxicating substances. When you already addicted to this drug, and you suddenly stop using it, it is very hard for your body to adjust and you start experiencing Etizolam Withdrawal. When the level of this drug drops in the body system the functioning of the body becomes unstable.

Etizolam Withdrawal Cause

It can lead to Neurotransmitters and other hormones to misbehave, and this is one of the symptoms of this withdrawal. Also, you can begin to feel like you sick, weak, and mentally unstable. Most importantly, this drug can cause seizures, but this depends on the amount of this drug that you take daily.



Etizolam withdrawal phases

This etizolam withdrawal has phases, it does not just show signs from the word go, and it is detected. The first one is

Early Withdrawal

  • During this stage, you experience a lot of insomnia and anxiety as your brain is trying to adjust to the drug that is being administered to the body. At this stage, withdrawal starts within a few hours of quitting the drug.

Acute Withdrawal

  • Withdrawals in this phase begin after a few days of quitting the substance. At this point, it can lead you anywhere for two to indefinite months to the end, and this is the stage that builds up the heavy work of withdrawing.

Protracted Withdrawal

  • It is barely noticed because this stage only occurs to very few people. Although, it can last for a few months or even years. They are likely to experience depression and mood swings from time to time, and that may be very hard for some people to handle.

Timeline for Etizolam Withdrawal

According to a scientist, this drug has a lifespan of 3 to 4 hours in a human body and it is most likely to take effect within a given time of that is half an hour or after an hour. However, the timeline varies according to someone’s body; it will follow this timeline:

Day 1-3

  • The stage where the body and the brain start to respond, mainly because it lacks that drug. At this point, the symptoms are to beginning showing within six hours after the last use of the drug. Moreover, the signs that take place in this period are; dizziness, vomiting as well as dry heaves.

What is Etizolam Withdrawal

Day 4 -7

  • The symptoms in this stage are starting to fade away, but cravings continue to increase. Also, one may be extremely exhausted all the time and when this stage is over the person is likely to get over this drug because this is the most challenging stage.

Day 8 -14

  • Between these periods you are most likely to experience psychological removal that may worsen the situation because you are still suffering physical withdrawal. Some of these symptoms are irritability, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • In other cases, you can get some sleep, but you will have terrible dreams that will depress you once you wake up.

Day 15-28

  • The same symptoms that you experienced in the second week are likely to reoccur again in this stage. However, because you already released the most delicate withdrawal symptoms by this time, you will be better and okay health-wise compared to when you were starting (Muller, 2011, P. 78)

Etizolam Detox Procedure

The first one is;


  • Before receiving any medication, the doctors need to evaluate your situation and know where you stand. The information that will be recorded by the staff during your evaluation will be the one that will help you to come up with a way that will aid in your recovery process.


  • Using drugs abuses the body because you are overworking your brain and the body as well. This process is done by the body and helps to eradicate the toxic substance from the system.
  • It can be a complicated thing to do because the body is already used to the substance. However, with continuous supervision and help from health experts, it is manageable.

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  • After succeeding in getting rid of the substance from the body system and you already back to living your normal life with the rest of the people. It is advisable to try and use the lessons that you were taught back while receiving treatment.
  • Some of the recorded cases prove that most people got over this drug with the help of continuous therapy even after they recovered. ( Breggin, 2012, P. 67). It ensures that you have achieved to detox and not planning to use the drug no matter what situation you might be in life.