Etizolam liquid is a drug that is used for medicinal purposes, but it has gradually posed a threat of abuse. This is because it provides relaxing and depressing effects hence being overused by individuals for that reason. Etizolam is considerably administered in liquid form since it takes effect much faster than when taken in other forms. Etizolam pills start taking effect after about one hour while the liquid form may be effective within 30 minutes or less.
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  • Etizolam helps in curing headaches that are related to tension especially if it’s not combined with the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.
  • On the contrary, taking etizolam liquid as a painkiller is not highly recommended since if its density is not considered or properly prescribed, it may seize being curative and turn vicious.

2. Aids in Anxiety Problems

Etizolam Liquid Importance

  • Etizolam is essential in relieving anxiety issues by relaxing the muscles, therefore, acting as an antidepressant. It is mostly recommended to those who undertake hard and tough tasks hence experiencing anxiety. It lessens panic thus being a proper cure for the panic disorder.

3. Act as A Cure for Vertigo

  • Vertigo is a condition that causes a feeling of spinning dizziness that is accompanied by a headache, nausea, and vomiting.
  • This problem can be cured by dosages of low quantity etizolam powder diluted to form low-density liquid and improves the condition of patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

4. It aids in lack of sleep condition (sleeplessness)

  • Etizolam is a solution to people experiencing insomnia. It lets one’s muscles relax and lightens their mood hence stimulating sleep.
  • Though it may result in oversleeping and may alter the sleeping cycle (it affects the final stage of the sleeping cycle usually known as the Rapid Eye Movement, REM).

5. Act as a cure for epilepsy

  • Epilepsy is a nerve-related disorder that alters the activities of the brain causing them to become abnormal, affecting awareness and causing strange behaviors.
  • Etizolam tends to control and reduce the seizures by the action of increasing a chemical messenger’s activity, which ultimately overpowers this abnormal behavior of the brain cells.


How Is Etizolam Consumed?

There are different methods through which etizolam liquid can be consumed into the body as outlined below.

1. Dissolving etizolam powder

  • Etizolam can be mixed with an alcohol-based liquid, since it’s soluble in such liquids, forming a liquid that is usually put on or under the tongue using a dropper. The density of the liquid is not defined since it depends on the extent of the patients’ illness.
  • The dropper should have a small opening since a slight overdose of the drug could cause fatal hazards. While etizolam liquid is available for sale, its concentration may be high hence diluting it using an ethanol-based liquid to form a liquid with low density should be considered.

2. Mixing it with foods and drinks

  • Etizolam can be put in drinks and food and consumed together, though hot drinks and food should be avoided since they reduce the strength of the drug.
  • The effect of the drug, depending on its density, may be felt after a delayed while since it takes time to get digested and absorbed int the bloodstream, but it’s an effective way of consuming the drug since it’s absorbed into the bloodstream in larger amounts.

3. Taken as tablets

  • Etizolam is also found in tablet form where an adult is recommended to take 0.25mg-0.5mg tablets not exceeding three times a day. Otherwise, the tablets should be taken as per the doctor’s instructions and recommendation.
  • If the drug is being taken more than once in a day, it should be done at equal intervals to ensure the level of the drug content in the body is maintained at a certain level.

What Are the Side Effects of Etizolam Liquid?

The following are some of the short-term effects of etizolam:
  • A severe headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Dizziness
  • Memory disorder
  • Gain of weight
  • Constipation
  • Shaking of the limbs
  • Confusion

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long-term effects

Etizolam causes long-term effects some of which are described below.

a. Causes amnesia

  • Excessive use of etizolam can lead to total memory loss a condition that is known as amnesia. These blankness among the user are perilous since they cause panic where the affected persons may cause harm to themselves or others.

b. Causes addiction

  • Etizolam is a highly addictive drug, and after prolonged use, users become dependent on it. Some countries have gone to an extent pronouncing etizolam illegal due to its highly addictive nature.
  • It is therefore recommended that one should not use it for a prolonged period. A challenge faced by the use of this drug is that there is no specific amount of dosage that is standardized.
  • Doctors prescribe according to the level of the person’s anxiety condition hence making it vulnerable to overdose where a person may use high-density etizolam liquid that may lead to addiction.

c. Detach from reality

  • Etizolam can cause loss of emotions thus making one lose humane character traits. When one’s emotions are detached from them, reality starts to lose meaning and sense. Someone who had been so caring and understanding eventually loses this after persistent use of the drug.

d. Withdrawal symptoms

  • These are symptoms that are experienced by a particular drug’s user after renouncing its use. For the case of etizolam, the symptoms may be severe and disturbing due to earlier interruption of the sleeping cycle.
  • Some cycles of the sleep tend to embark at a distorted form causing abnormal sleeping process where one tends to experience more vivid dreams in their sleep. It ultimately becomes hard for one to differentiate between reality from the dreams.
Etizolam has a lower dependence potential as compared to other forms of benzodiazepines, and it has sedative, amnesic and hypnotic effects hence it should be cautiously used or completely avoided by people with some specific conditions such as;
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • People with liver and kidney problems.
  • Recovered alcoholics.
  • Glaucoma patients.
  • People with any form of allergy.

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Etizolam can be a useful drug if used in the right manner. It may cause fatal effects such as excessive dizziness and calmness if mixed with alcohol or any form of a depressant. Quitting its use should not be done at once rather than gradually, where the user should move slowly to a liquid of lower density than the prior one, since it may have critical and adverse side effects.
Once a person has started the dosage, they should try not to miss a dose to ensure effective working of the drug which requires its contents to be present in the body at certain levels at all times. In case of a missed dose, taking a double dose is not advised. Etizolam should not be used on a long-term basis since it may cause a tendency to dependency. Therefore it should be used for a maximum of three or four weeks.