When a person is trying to lose weight, they are overwhelmed by the number of diet pills that are on the market. There are so many different pills to choose from that it is hard to tell which ones are effective at helping a person lose weight, and which ones are effective at only assisting a person in lose money. Ephedra is a diet pill that has been shown to help a person lose weight. Like with any diet pill a person should know some basic information before they use ephedra diet pills.


What is Ephedra?

Ephedra is an herb that has been used in medicines and weight loss. It is used to help a person lose extra pounds and increase their athletic performance. With a low-fat diet and exercise, this weight loss pill can help a person lose weight rapidly.

Is Ephedra in Weight Loss Pill Effective?

This pill is effective at helping a person lose weight. It is not approved by the FDA, and there have been some safety concerns about this supplement. While ephedra is often used to help a person lose weight, it has not been approved by the FDA for this purpose.

Use for Ephedra

Many people think that ephedra is used just for weight loss. While it has been shown to be effective to help a person lose weight there are some other intended uses for this supplement. Ephedra has been shown to help people that suffer from obesity lose weight.

When ephedra is combined with a diet that is low in fat and an exercise program, it can help a person lose additional weight, and they can lose it quickly. There has been some research to suggest that using ephedra before an exercise program will allow a person to work out with more intensity and they will be able to burn calories at a faster rate.

There are some other uses for ephedra. It is said to be able to help with some other health conditions including allergies, colds, the flu, and is said to help lower a fever.

Ephedra Diet Pills - An Effective Weight Loss Pills review

How Ephedra Works

Ephedra contains a chemical compound that is called ephedrine. The ephedrine will stimulate the heart rate in the body as well as the lungs. This gives a person the energy they are looking for and will allow a person to work out for a longer period of time. This will also stimulate the nervous system in the body. The metabolism will increase which will allow the body to burn calories at a quicker rate. This lead to weight loss and a person can lose more weight with ephedra than just diet and exercise alone.

Side Effects

According to the FDA, diet pills with ephedra are likely to be unsafe to use. These pills can lead to high blood pressure, an increased risk for having a heart attack, seizures, irregular heart rate, loss of consciousness, and in some people that take too much it may put them at an increased risk of death.

These side effects can last for the long term especially if a person takes a higher serving than what is recommended. Ephedra when taking in high doses can lead to internal bleeding in the brain. There are some less serious side effects that a user may experience.

They include the dizziness, a headache, loss of appetite, and a feeling of nausea. Ephedra should not be used with caffeine as it can lead to a dangerous increase in the heart rate. People with certain medical conditions should speak to their doctor before using any products that contain ephedra.

Ephedra Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Ephedra is a stimulant and the effects that stimulant and can increase the heartbeat. In some cases, the heart beats too fast and puts a person at risk for having a heart attack. If a person has high blood pressure or a family history of high blood pressure, they are at an increased risk of heart issues due to ephedra.

Ephedra and the Digestive System

Ephedra may lead to a feeling of nausea, diarrhea, constipation, or abdominal pain. If a person loses weight too quickly, they can be put at an increased risk of developing gallstones.

While most of these issues are not life-threatening, they can be embarrassing especially when out in public. If a person has diarrhea due to this diet pill, they need to make sure they stay hydrated and keep their fluid intake up.

Ephedra and Emotional Effects

This diet pill can have an impact on the emotions that a person is feeling. They may experience anxiety, an increased level of stress, and irritability. In some cases, a person may lose touch with reality.

While this is very rare, it is something that a person should be aware of. Some people have been misdiagnosed as schizophrenic, and this was due to the effects of diet pills that contained ephedra. If a person already has a condition where they have an increased level of anxiety or depression they should be very careful if they choose to use a diet pill that contains ephedra.


Ephedra may increase the heartbeat. It should not be taken with medication that can increase the speed of the heart or medications that may also speed up the heart rate. It should not be used with methylxanthines or caffeine as this may lead to a feeling of nervousness, the jitters, or even an increase in blood pressure.

It should not be used with other stimulants as it can speed up the nervous system and lead to an increase in heart rate as well as an increase in blood pressure. A person should tell their doctor about all of the medications they are using, even those that they occasionally use before they take ephedra to make sure they do not experience a dangerous interaction.

Ephedra Dosage

There are many factors that will affect the dosage and the amount of ephedra that a person should take. One of the biggest factors is their overall health and the age. A person should not exceed the number of capsules that are on the bottle of ephedra.

A person should start out with a smaller dose to see how the ephedra is going to affect them and their body. A person should never take more than recommended. A woman that is pregnant or nursing should not use this diet supplement as it can harm the baby. Ephedra should not be used by children.

Ephedra Pills

Ephedra Pills for Sale

Ephedra diet pills are hard to find in the United States. A person can go on the internet and perform a simple internet search that will help them find these diet pills. They cannot be purchased in retail stores in the United States. A person may have a hard time finding these diet pills since they are banned from by the FDA.

Ephedra in Canada

While ephedra pills are hard to find some products to claim that they contain ephedra. A person should be very careful when they are purchasing diet pills that claim to contain ephedra. In Canada ephedra is highly controlled.

It cannot be purchased at retail stores. Some pharmacies are willing to sell a person diet pills that contain ephedra. They are available with a prescription from a doctor and cannot be gotten without the prescription.

Is Ephedra legal?

Ephedra was banned from the market until 2004. Before this time the doses were not regulated. Now ephedra is slowly making a comeback, but it is highly controlled. Athletes still cannot use ephedra as a performance enhancement.

If they do, they can get in a lot of trouble and even be disqualified. A person should speak to their healthcare provider when they are looking for weight loss products that contain ephedra. This will make sure they are getting the real product and will be able to use it safely.

Ephedra Extracts

When an ephedra extract is made it is taken from the same plant that the ephedra is taken from. The active material is removed from the plant, and the extract is highly concentrated. The alkaloid content of the ephedra extract is often higher.

This extra is being used in diet pills, and it contains active and live compounds right from the plant. This extract contains a lower dose of the stimulating effect, and a person can take the extra and not worry about many of the side effects that are found in the supplements.

The ephedra extract does not contain any actual ephedrine. It does not contain the alkaloids from the plant which will take away some of the safety concerns. Many people feel that using the ephedra extract is safer than using ephedra are other forms for weight loss.

Difference Between Ephedra and Ephedrine

While these names may sound the same they are a little different. Ephedrine has some of the same properties but is said to be a little safer. It does not contain the alkaloids that ephedra contains so there are reduced side effects.

This diet pill still has a powerful effect and can help a person lose weight. The ephedra comes from the same plant as the ephedrine but is considered to be more powerful because it contains the alkaloids from the plant and that is responsible for the weight loss effects.

Pure Ephedra Pills

There are still some diet pills available that contain ephedra. They may be a little more expensive, but if a person is looking to lose weight, these diet pills and supplements can help them.

Hellfire EPH 150

The name of this pill may seem a little scary, but they are effective at helping a person lose weight. Each diet pill has 150mg of real ephedra extract. This will help those that are looking to meet their weight loss goal.

This supplement is designed to increase the metabolism in the body and will allow the body to burn fat and calories at a quicker pace. A person will also have an increased energy level, and they will be able to work out for a longer period. This supplement can help a person that is looking to lose weight quickly.

Stimamie Black

Stimamie Black

This is another diet pill that contains ephedra. This diet pill does not contain fillers and is for those that are serious about weight loss. Each capsule contains 50 mg of ephedra. This will help the body burn fat at an increased rate. This will allow a person to reach their weight loss goals quickly. It has been tested for quality and effectiveness and will allow a person to burn off fat.

Green Stinger

This weight loss pill contains 27 mg of ephedra per capsule. This will allow it to increase the temperature in the body naturally and will help the body burn off weight at a faster pace. When a person is using this diet pill they will see an increase in their energy level.

This will allow them to work out for a longer period and have an intense workout effect. The body will be able to burn fat quickly and will not store additional fat. This is a top rated diet pill and was designed for those that are serious about weight loss.

Two capsules are taking one time per day. A person needs to stay hydrated when they are using this diet pill. They should also avoid caffeine. When a person uses this diet pill they can lose weight thanks to the ephedra that it contains.

These are some of the top diet pills with ephedra. As with any diet, a person should speak to their doctor before using ephedra diet pills.



When a person is looking to lose weight, diet pills that contain ephedra are effective. A person should use these pills and supplements under medical supervision since there is a risk for some dangerous side effects. A person can lose a lot of weight in a short period by using ephedra and taking the recommended dosage.