About the company

Coastline Kratom was set up by Joshua Fulton during 2015. The firm is based in Orlando, Florida. Since then, it has become one of the leading online kratom sellers. The growth of Coastline has been assisted by its glowing reputation for providing excellent customer service. The coastline is a family run firm, run by Fulton and his wife. They are entirely focused on delivering top quality customer service while supplying a wide selection of kratom products.

The company aims to post out orders within 24 hours of these being received. Shipping to any part of the US is free, whilst rates vary for dispatch to other countries. Buyers should make their inquiries as to whether or not the products they buy should be subject to import duties or additional customs charges if they are buying from outside of the US.

Coastline aims to increase the number of people using kratom. All of the kratom sold by Coastline comes directly from the indigenous peoples who have been growing and then harvesting kratom variants for many decades in their local areas. These local people have the best experience and knowledge for sourcing the highest quality kratom. Coastline uses that expertise to source a variety of kratom, which can easily be ordered from their simple to use the website.

Review of the company website

Coastline kratom has a customer friendly website, which is straightforward to navigate around. It is easy to find what products or information you are searching for. The different pages are divided and signposted too, that aids navigation around the site. There are pages for each of the most popular types of kratom that Coastline sell besides a page dedicated to the firm’s best selling kratom. The prices and product descriptions are easy to find, and all the firm’s terms and conditions for posting, returns, refunds, and payments are available to view.

  • The Coastline kratom website is informative about the products it sells and describes the health benefits of using the different types of kratom. That is useful for people who have never brought, or used any of it before. This allows the customers to pick the product or products that suits their needs the best. The company updates the website regularly too, so it is worth looking to see if any information or advice has been changed any between different orders.

Products available


There are various kratom products available for order from the Coastline kratom website. The price of the product is marked, with most being available in 5g and 25g packs if in powder forms only. For every type of kratom sold by Coastline kratom, there are different options for quantity depending on if the product is on sale in powder or capsule format. What is particularly useful is the fact that for each type of kratom sold, there is guidance as to what the daily dosage should be. There are even warnings about the side effects of taking too much of each kind of supplement.

With Coastline kratom the information regarding each type of kratom is there for each customer to read and take notice of it. So by reading the information people can decide if

The prices for kratom on Coastline vary depending on the size of the pack, whether it is powder or capsules, and also the strength of the kratom. Prices can be in the range of $15 to $90, and the order should be shipped out within the US within 24 hours of the payment being accepted.

Coastline kratom is also willing to provide larger orders for kratom to other companies at wholesale prices if that is of interest to anyone or any company they should contact the company directly.


The company sells a wide range of kratom products, ranging from Bali kratom, Malay kratom, and Sumatra kratom. Coastline kratom source all of these different types of kratom from reputable sources so that they can be sure that they are selling high-quality goods. Coastline prefers that customers have confidence in the kratom they sell as well, so information is put on the packaging as well as on the website.

The different types of kratom available from the Coastline website include

  • Bali kratom,
  • Malay kratom,
  • Borneo kratom,
  • Sumatra kratom
  • and also Maeng Da Kratom.

Depending on the strength and the ingredients of each type of kratom sold the recommended dose changes. That information is provided in the descriptions on the website.

Coastline kratom carefully selects the kratom products, which they sell on the website; they do not want to compromise on the quality of what they sell. The packaging of the goods they sell also provides product information and recommendations on the daily dosage for each supplement.

Payment Methods

Coastline kratom only accepts payment by credit cards, which is surprising as not everybody has a credit card, or some people would prefer to pay using a different payment method.

Credit card payments are how overseas residents pay for goods from Coastline, with payments in US dollars and extra charges for currency conversion.

Coupon codes

There are various coupons codes available for Coastline at the moment.

Follow @ Coastline coupon codes

  • These coupon codes are subject to change, and it is best to do an online search before making any purchases on the website.
  • Customers attempting to use coupon codes should also be aware that these may only be valid for specific US states and certain foreign countries. Any restrictions will be displayed once the link has been clicked on.
  • Sometimes more codes are available when websites are offering price discounts in any case, and customers will not save any extra discounts yet will earn the site providing the coupon code link an affiliate payment.

Coastline kratom products


Shipping and Returns Policy of Coastline kratom

Coastline kratom does ship it’s products domestically and internationally. Orders are shipped out within 24 hours of the payment going through. Domestic orders should reach customers in less than 7 working days.

  • Unlike other kratom sellers, Coastline does sell kratom overseas and will ship out to customers. The website states that orders sent abroad should reach their destination within a fortnight unless delays are going through customs.
  • Coastline does allow for goods returns and refunds to domestic US-based customers. Foreign customers will only be given a refund if their order is not permitted through US Customs and then is returned to us. Should the order, not a clear custom in other countries then it will not be refunded. Coastline does not accept returns from abroad as these will cost too much to be sent back.

US customers can post returns back to Coastline, and refunds will be made once the goods have been received. It is sensible to send unwanted items back in original packaging by recorded delivery as Coastline will not provide a refund if the returns have been lost in the post without a tracking number.

  • From time to time, Coastline may change the countries it ships out to, so if buying from abroad check that orders can be made and then sent. Should the company not be shipping to certain countries or states within the US, then the website will not allow customers to complete the order at the checkout stage.

All refunds are put back on to the credit cards that paid for the orders. Should Coastline accept further methods of payments in the future, then the refunds policy would be automatically adjusted to reflect such changes.

The Coastline Kratom Customer Service experience

It is effortless to find what products or information you want with this company’s website. Furthermore, Coastline is intent on making the customer service experience when using their company excellent. It would seem that so far they have succeeded in making buying kratom from them a simple and rewarding experience. The kratom from Coastline is well packaged and presented, with US customers being able to get free postage. What impressed about the Coastline website was the information it displays about the benefits and the possible side effects of using kratom.

  • Coastline kratom is a small family run firm that aims to provide the best quality kratom it can source from the best growers within in South East Asia in places like Bali, Borneo, Malaysia, and Sumatra. The website goes a long way in making sure that people who buy from Coastline have excellent customer service experience.
  • Coastline improves the standard of customer service by guiding as to what the daily dosage for every type of kratom should be. The site even has videos providing advice on all the different kinds of kratom with the pros and cons of each type.
  • There are even warnings about the side effects of potentially overdosing on the different types of kratom, as such side effects change for each type taken. The advice given is that no customer should ever take more than the recommended daily dosage of any kratom supplement.

Coastline kratom products

  • Though customers could probably find similar kratom products at lower prices on other websites, the amount of information about goods on Coastline is among the most detailed that can be found anywhere. Coastline kratom provides information to allow customers to make better-informed purchasing decisions. Other lower priced websites could also be selling kratom of lower quality.

Aside from domestic and foreign customers, Coastline is open to selling higher amounts of kratom to other firms at wholesale prices; interested parties need to contact directly.


Coastline Kratom has made itself an excellent reputation for providing excellent customer service since it began in 2015. It is easy to find what products or information you need to when using the Coastline website. Coastline kratom is intent on making the customer service experience when using their company to buy kratom a simple and happy one. Coastline kratom has prices and product descriptions that are easy to find, and all the firm’s terms and conditions for posting, returns, refunds, and payments are there to be viewed. It is a good website for providing balanced information about the right things, and the possible bad things that result from people using kratom. The site advocates the measures and sensible use of kratom instead of urging people to buy as much of it as possible without any thought about the potential consequences of doing so.

To recap the different types of kratom available from the Coastline website includes Bali kratom, Malay kratom, Borneo kratom, as well as Maeng Da Kratom. These are available in capsule and powder formats, and different sizes.

Coastline kratom does ship it’s products throughout the US and also sends kratom overseas. Their website notes that orders sent abroad should reach their destination within a fortnight unless any unforeseen delays are going through customs. This family-run firm is geared towards providing top quality customer service whilst supplying a wide selection of kratom products.

A surprising thing about Coastline is that they only have limited payment options; they will only accept the major credit cards. However, credit card payments are how overseas residents pay for goods from Coastline, with payments in US dollars and extra charges for currency conversion. Other firms would accept debit card and possibly PayPal as alternative payment options.buy kratom online

Customers should be aware that refund and returns policies are different for the US and foreign-based customers. It is easier for US customers to get a refund on faulty or unwanted kratom from Coastline. Customers that would like to save money should search coupon codes from the link provided before making online purchases at Coastline. Such codes generally have to use within a set time and may only be valid in specific American states and foreign countries.

While other websites may offer lower prices, the goods brought from Coastline are of consistently high standards, providing value for money.