Scientists have always acknowledged water to be the primary source of human life. However, when we talk about CBD, what comes to your mind? Most people are only familiar with CBD Oil. Have you ever heard about CBD Water? If you haven’t then you are in the right place. This article will share with you all that you need to know about it.

What is CBD Water?

By now, you are aware of the many benefits of CBD. It’s the non-psychoactive element that is found in medical marijuana. It won’t get you high, but it will do a marvelous job at keeping you healthy and aiding in the management of

  • pain,
  • anxiety,
  • depression
  • and a couple of other illnesses.

It can be defined as water which is infused with CBD.

As mentioned above, scientists have always recommended that people drink water frequently; however, with the introduction of CBD water. You now have a reason to drink water as many times as possible. It will give you all the benefits of simple water and CBD.


In the manufacture, The CBD compound is added to water with the help of nanotechnology. This tech usually breaks down CBD into micro-molecules and thus bonding them with water clusters. This procedure results in the provision of a higher level of bioavailability. The aspect of bioavailability ensures that all the CBD molecules go where they are needed and thus benefiting you even more.

What are The Advantages of Consuming CBD Water?

Did you know that as at today, CBD Water is the best way for you to consume CBD? This is all due to the bioavailability aspect. Let’s take for instance the consumption of CBD edibles. You could end up losing more than 80% of the CBD content. However, if it’s infused with water, you can expect to consume all the content of CBD in the water.

It guarantees that the CBD compound will reach your

  • body cells,
  • blood cells,
  • the brain,
  • the heart and all other vital organs in your body.

You will, therefore, benefit immensely. You can expect a boost in your immune system, weight loss, and management, relief from anxiety/depression and much more.

For every bottle of it, most manufacturers usually add around 50 mg of CBD. This doesn’t change the taste of water. But, for the people with epilepsy, it is advisable that they consume at least 300 mg of CBD infused with water per day.

Does CBD Water have Any Drawbacks?

As with most great products, CBD water also has some disadvantages. The problem with CBD water originates with the way on how it is manufactured. There has been some growing concern regarding the use of nanotechnology to manufacture CBD water. Some people are arguing that it’s increasing toxicity because the human body isn’t used to such chemical compounds. Nonetheless, this concern is yet to be researched on and proven.

Top 5 Popular CBD Water Brands in The Market

If you intend on drinking it, then it’s only best that you familiarize yourself with the leading CBD water brands in the market. Here are the top 5:

CBD living Water

1. CBD Living Water

  • This company uses nanotechnology to make its CBD water.
  • It has a PH of 7.4.
  • The CBD Living water company ensures that they size the CBD compounds so that they immediately enter your cells.
  • Their CBD water guarantees 100% bioavailability. The price of a bottle is around $8.

2. CBD Naturals Nano CBD Water

  • This company claims that its team of doctors made its first CBD water.
  • They also use nanotechnology.
  • The CBD Naturals Nano CBD water goes for around $4.
  • It’s free of THC and consists of other healthy minerals.

3. Canna Nano CBD Water

  • Before they started making CBD Water, Canna Nano was and still is a leading manufacturer of CBD products.
  • Their CBD water is made from ocean water.
  • As a result, you won’t only be benefiting from CBD.
  • You will have access to calcium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • It contains 99% natural CBD.
  • A three packet goes for $12.

4. Kazmira CBD Water

  • Kazmira is also another favorite brand that makes soluble CBD water.
  • Their unique formula ensures bioavailability of CBD Water.
  • Their packaging is also unique, and their CBD water has a long shelf life compared to other products.
  • The Kazmira CBD Water costs $6 per bottle.

5. The Great West CBD Water

  • Despite being a new player in the market, they have been able to rank high as a leading CBD water brand.
  • Their RE CBD Water is THC free, pet-friendly and will give you all the benefits of both CBD and water.
  • It goes for $7 per bottle.

CBD Water vs. CBD Oil, Which is Better?

Wondering which among the two is better. Well, CBD Oil has been around for quite a while, and we can, therefore, expect them to have a higher dominance in the market as compared to CBD Water. Nonetheless, CBD water is fast gaining popularity and may soon overtake CBD Oil.

On a head to head basis, we can conclude that it provides more bioavailability and a better taste than CBD oil. On the other hand, CBD Oil is more affordable than CBD water. Remember, nanotech isn’t just a random procedure. It requires state of the art equipment and no wonder it’s expensive. Also, the fact that there are some health concerns about CBD water. This makes CBD Oil safer than the latter.

CBD Oil vs Water

Are You Wondering Where You Can Purchase some CBD Water?

When it comes to all CBD products inclusive of CBD water, it’s recommendable that you get them from a trusted supplier or straight from the manufacturer. All the leading and reputable brands do have an eCommerce site where they sell their products. You can, therefore, get them there.

You can also Buy CBD Water from


  • As of today, Amazon is among the most prominent online seller in the world.
  • You can, therefore, purchase it from there. When buying from Amazon its best you buy in bulk.
  • You will save more compared to buying a single bottle.
  • Make sure you check reviews before purchasing. Plus, It is a new product.
  • You should, therefore, expect not to find a variety of brands.

Is there CBD Water Near Me?

Of course, there is. Nowadays, there are a couple of CBD stores that have opened up all over. To get some CBD Water in your local area, look for a CBD store near you and get some from there. However, you have to be extremely careful when dealing with CBD stores. Make sure that you first confirm their credibility.

What’s all The Hype about Quantum CBD Water?

Of late, there has been a lot of hype regarding Quantum CBD Water. It is a favorite brand that makes it. However, they do use a proprietary PCX formula which employs nanotechnology. They use the densest and organically derived CBD to produce high quality and effective water. Another aspect that makes them a favorite is their use of the eight-step water purification process. Their bottles are also BPA free.

Final Thoughts

In summary, CBD water despite being a new form of taking CBD is proving to be quite efficient and effective. It has come as a great relief to CBD users because of its bioavailability and better taste. On the downside, it’s quite expensive, but it’s worth it.