What is CBD Oil?

The term CBD continues to gain popularity owing to the increasing number of products in the market today. You may have encountered CBD lotions, tinctures, vape oils among others.

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol.

According to scientific studies, cannabis has more than 100 active compounds known as cannabinoids. Of the 100 or so chemicals in cannabis, CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are most common and the most studied. THC has psychoactive properties while CBD has none. CBD oil can either extract from Hemp or Marijuana plant.

Due to legality issues surrounding the growth, distribution and sale of Marijuana, most products in the market are from Hemp. Hemp is a variety of cannabis with less than 3% of THC; on the other hand, Marijuana has a high content of THC. It is important to recognize that THC is the compound that is responsible for the high feeling ascribed to weed. Hemp is a legal plant.


How CBD works?

CBD works on the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system governs how nerves work and communicate with each other. The endocannabinoid system works in regulating the functions of brain cells. It helps control the neurotransmitters. Human bodies have receptors for cannabinoids, CB1 and CB2. You will find CB1 receptors in the brain while CB2 receptors are located on other types of body cells.

CBD works on both CB1 and CB2 receptors. THC works on only CB1 receptors. The exact way in which CBD works on the receptors is not fully known. Most of the cannabis products in the market have both THC and CBD in different ratios. If you are purchasing CBD for medical purposes only, buy the pure form of CBD without the THC.

Different forms of CBD oil

CBD products come in various forms meant for varying uses. The market today is flooded with numerous CBD products. CBD products available on the market include;


CBD edibles can mask the taste of the product. CBD oil can be incorporated into snacks, smoothies juices, etc. For people with chronic conditions who require taking CBD several times in the day, they can use edibles. The popularity of edibles is increasing since they are easy to use and have a better taste.

CBD capsules

CBD oil is also available in the form of capsules. Most people prefer capsules for convenience. Once you swallow the CBD capsules, the contents are absorbed in the gut and transported to the liver where the active ingredients are leases to the bloodstream. Tablets are a great way of making the taste of pure CBD. Another benefit of taking CBD capsules is that they contain a known amount of CBD; therefore, the probability of overdose or underdose is minimized.


The user will inhale the CBD oil from a vape pen. The inhaled CBD gets into the lungs and diffuses into the bloodstream where it is delivered to different parts of the body. Use of vaping is a superior way of providing CBD into the body. The cannabidiol gets into the bloodstream faster without having to pass through the liver.

This method is suitable for adults and not recommended for children. Smokers find it easy to use CBD vaping. CBD for inhalation comes as vaporizer e-juice.


Another fast way to get CBD into your bloodstream is by delivering it sublingually. Tinctures, CBD oil, and concentrates can absorb into the body by placing them under the tongue to be absorbed into the blood capillaries that are located in the mucous membranes in this part of the tongue. Sublingual administration of CBD presents along lasting effect since a considerable amount is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and the remainder is swallowed and absorbed in the digestive system. Within minutes, the product is already in contact with the endocannabinoid system.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals

CBD salves and balms among other topicals are gaining popularity for people with arthritis, Skin and muscle stiffness and inflammation, psoriasis among different types of pain. Athletes are among individuals who commonly use these products for recovery after strenuous exercises.

Topicals work as a remedy for superficial pains since the cannabinoid receptors are also present in the skin. Topical CBD products work locally and affect the localized region. CBD topicals are a natural way of pain relief.

Topicals may not work for more profound pain since their absorption in the blood is very poor; actually, you will hardly test positive if your blood is tested for the presence of CBD after topical application. Therefore if you have deep pain, consider using other ways of administration of CBD to achieve pain relief.

Pure CBD oil.

CBD oil is a pure form of the product. It has the highest concentration of CBD. It has no additives like sweeteners or flavorings. It can be incorporated into foods and drinks. It may not be the best for starters since because of the high concentration of CBD.

Working out CBD dosage

Coming up with the right dose can be confusing for many patients. But several guides can help determine your appropriate dose such as your state of health, why you want to take the product and if you have any other medication, you are taking.

Our bodies react differently to various elements, and each person will have different reactions from the same dose of CDB oil, thus the need for establishing a dose for each. It will take experimentation to develop your optimal dose. These are the steps to follow;

• Seek medical advice

Before you start experimenting with establishing your dosage, you must consult your doctor. The doctor will review your health status and guidance if you can take CBD oil.

• Set time to experiment

If possible, you can take a day or two off duty to start on using CBD. This time is necessary to note how your body reacts to the product. This is essential for a beginner.

• Start with small doses

The best way to establish your dosage is by starting on a low dose and gradually increasing until you develop your optimal dose. 1-3 mg is ideal for a beginner. Most CBD products have indications of the amount of CBD. It could be in the form of a percentage or micrograms.

When the concentration is a percentage, you should calculate to know the amount in a dropper. Usually, standard droppers have around0.1ml. Therefore the CBD oil has 250mg of CBD in 30ml, and a full standard dropper will contain roughly 8.88mg of CBD. This means that a starter can use a quarter of a dropper which will be around 2mg.

• Monitor how your body reacts

In around 20-30 minutes the effects of CBD should be evident in your system. Note how your body responds and increase or lower the dose if necessary. For most users of CBD oil, they find a dose of between 10-20mg perfect for relieving the symptoms experienced. You can choose to take the product once or twice a day.

Dosage for various conditions

The dosage for CBD largely related to what you are treating. These are some recommended dosage for various conditions.

1. Chronic pain:

  • 2.5 -20 mg for 25 days

2. Appetite in cancer patients:

  • 1mg of CBD plus 2.5 mg of THC for six weeks

3. Sleeping disorders:

  • 40-160mg orally

4. Epilepsy:

  • 200-300mg/day orally

5. Movement problems linked to Huntington’s disease:

  • 10mg/kg for six weeks

6. Schizophrenia:

  • 40-1280mg/ day

7. Glaucoma:

  • 20-40mg single dose sublingually

8. Multiple sclerosis:

  • 2.5-120 mg combination of CDB and THC orally for 2-15 weeks or 2.5-120 mg oral sprays with 2.7mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD(a maximum of 48 sprays/day should be observed)

When to take CBD

The timing of the dose will mainly depend on why you are taking CBD. If you are taking the product for insomnia, then the evening is the best time. If it is for pain relief, you can decide to take in the morning and evening. You can opt to use CBD topical after a serious workout or when you are experiencing pain.

Is CBD safe?

It is worth noting that CBD is safe for humans and well tolerated. As high as 600mg of CBD is safe for humans. Besides safety, CBD records very few side effects. Contraindications are also few and no reported case of overdose.

This notwithstanding you should only take a dose that is fit to alleviate the symptom experienced. A few users have reported fatigue, headaches, and constipation, though these side effects may be linked to the carrier molecules rather than the CBD oil.

What to consider when buying CBD oil

It is usually an uphill task for any beginner when buying CBD products. This is so because of the numerous products available on the market today. To get the product that suits your need the two main factors to consider are the concentration and the strength. The volume and purity of the product are also essential considerations. Let us look at these factors more profoundly.

Source of the product

The purity of the product will depend on where and how it was grown; for example, Hemp can absorb both good and bad compounds from the environment where it is grown. This means that you can get traces of herbicides, heavy metals and pesticides from your CBD if it is not organically grown. Using CBD products should not come along with the adverse effects that you can avoid. It is, therefore, necessary to buy products from a source that has traceability.

Remember that pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals have been associated with several types of cancers. If you want the best from your CBD, then insist on products that have been produced from organically grown plants.

The concentration of CBD in the product

Different CBD products will have different levels of the molecule. This is an essential aspect that you should look into when making your purchase. It is critical to remember that some companies may water down the concentration to make huge profits. Buy products that have indicated concentrations or if not so their customer service attendants should be able to give the information. You will only reap meaningful benefits if you buy a CBD product that is of high quality.

Amount of THC in the oil

If you are using a product that has THC, you may fail the drug test. The products that only have less than 0.03% THC qualify as legal Hemp products. Look for a product that has no THC; many vendors sell such products. Any reputable seller will want to stock products that are legal.


Pure CBD Oil is costly; if you locate a product that you deem cheap, you should be worried. This may mean that the product isn’t pure or it is not organically grown. Before purchasing CBD oil, do a thorough review of the vendor to establish their quality. Extraction of CBD oil involves the use of complicated equipment and staff. Consider balancing the price and quality when buying a CBD product.

Mode of ingestion/delivery

The product to purchase will also depend on the route of administration into your body. If you want a CBD product for pain relief after a workout, go for a topical CBD oil. Consequently, If you are looking for a product for systemic action, then go for a product that you can ingest or those you can administer sublingually. If you care about the taste, choose a product that can use in foods and drinks or one that has sweeteners.

Marijuana CBD vs. Hemp CBD

Marijuana CBD vs. Hemp CBD

Both Hemp and marijuana are sister plants from the cannabis sativa species. Hemp CBD products have less than 0.03% THC. As highlighted earlier, THC is responsible for the euphoria associated with weed. In essence, Hemp products are regarded as THC free. CDB oil from marijuana, on the other hand, has between 3-20% THC depending on the variety. Hemp CBD products are legal, while Marijuana CBD products are illegal and can only is marketed as medical marijuana.

CBD is a molecule, it doesn’t matter the origin, and we can, therefore, state that there is no difference in regards to CBD from Hemp or CBD from Marijuana. The only difference comes in when we consider legality issues with Marijuana CBD. Pure CBD from Hemp or marijuana is the same.

Though Hemp CBD products are legal, products that have THC proven superior in alleviating pain and other symptoms in patients. The combination creates a synergy and the euphoria associated with THC is masked. The higher the THC to CBD ratio, the better the product in helping patients gain relief in conditions like autism, cancer, fibromyalgia, and insomnia among others. A 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC has been showed to be the most effective. But such products exceed the set legal limit and can only be purchased from dispensaries that have bee licensed to offer medical marijuana.