We have spent years knowing that cannabis should only be rolled up into a joint or smoke from a bowl. But lately, those of us who live with a chronic condition for example pain or anxiety, we probably heard someone mention CBD for our treatment. And with modernization CBD can now be taken into various forms. One product that is getting people all excited to use cannabis is CBD cream. And to be honest, people have a reason to prefer CBD creams for pain.

All you need to do is apply them to your skin, and you will be reaping all the health benefits that cannabis has. But since you should have all the necessary information about a product before using it, how about you start with a guide?


What exactly is CBD Cream?

It is like any other ointment the only difference is that it is made by infusing cannabis flowers of high quality in oil, mostly coconut or olive oil. The hemp used will determine what active compounds the oil will extract. They may be CBD or THC or even both. After, the oil is blended with other herbs that have different pain relief properties. When a person uses CBD cream for pain, it acts upon the body’s CB2 receptors which occur naturally by binding with the cannabis compounds

CBD Cream VS. CBD Oil

CBD oil and CBD cream are produced differently, and their consumption is also different. For CBD oil, the procedure is complicated.

  • It utilizes carbon dioxide.
  • The process requires high pressure and extremely low temperatures for it to be successful. Also, CBD oil is consumed orally or with the mouth through a dropper.
  • When it comes to producing creams, all that is required is infusing high-quality oils with cannabis flowers as explained above.
  • CBD creams typically involve water or some aqueous substance as their base, and they are applied directly on the skin. But they both work well for pain management although oral CBD is believed to be better in reducing anxiety, depression and other mental disorders.
  • On the other hand, CBD Creams are best for reducing inflammation, cramping, headaches as well as arthritis.

What is the Benefit Of Using CBD Cream?

You can use CBD cream to treat a specific area of your body that is experiencing pain. Also, CBD creams are a great alternative to people who don’t love ingestion. As they only need to be applied to the skin.

CBD creams are useful in treating skin conditions like

  • eczema,
  • burns skin infections,
  • skin cancer,
  • and rashes.

Not to mention, the formula for preparing CBD cream for pain is very safe, and the ingredients used are all natural which makes CBD creams the top choice for many people.

CBD cream and oil

What is the Benefit of Using CBD Lotion?

CBD lotion is a lotion that contains cannabis compounds. CBD lotions are natural moisturizers for your skin. You can also use CBD lotion for pain.

  • If you are suffering from soreness or stiffness in your joints, you should use these lotions to lessen the symptoms.
  • Also, CBD lotions have vitamins and nutrients that are essential for your body. For instance, some lotions may have vitamin B1 that has anti-aging properties. Others have irons that reduce dark circles.

Why use CBD Cream for Pain?

CBD creams have helped tons of patients to relieve pain in a generalized area. The CBD in the creams combines with CB2 receptors in our skin without reaching the bloodstream. Unlike if you use CBD oil or capsules, you will get general pain relief. CBD creams target a particular spot,

  • For example, if you are feeling pain on the lower abdomen, you can massage the cream specifically in that area. The results are therefore impressive.

5 of the Best CBD Creams for Pain

1. GreenRoads CBD Pain Cream

  • This CBD cream is infused with menthol and can help in joint and muscles pain management.
  • It costs $40 per 150mg of CBD.
  • The GreenRoads Company advises that you use it every 4-6 hours for maximum effects.
  • Pain will lessen significantly after a few minutes of application.

2. Sagely CBD Cream Relief and Recovery

  • Sagely CBD cream is fortified with essential oils and menthol to help relieve pain in the muscles and the joints.
  • The cream helps to alleviate inflammation while leaving a cooling sensation.
  • A 50mg bottle goes for $36.

3. Elixinol’s CBD Topical Balm Range

  • If you are always on the move, this CBD lip balm will be the best for you. It only cost $7.99.
  • You can also get the CBD Hemp Balm for $29.99 for 125mg.
  • For a moisturized healthier skin look no further than this product.

4. PureKana’s CBD Ointment

PureKana’s CBD

  • At $75 you can get 600mg of this CBD ointment that contains a wide range of natural ingredients.
  • It specifically used to treat sore areas and works within minutes.
  • Plus it has a great scent of Blood Orange.

5. Mary’s Medicinal Muscle Freeze

  • This cream helps relieve shoulder or back pains.
  • It is a combination of CBD and natural plant extract that quickly lessens pain.
  • Muscle freeze 1.5oz goes for $35.

Final Thoughts on CBD Cream

CBD cream is an effective and useful way of using cannabis. Especially for people suffering from pain, CBD cream is your greatest friend. You get to enjoy fast pain relief without any side effects. Even better, you can use the cream to treat a specific area. If you are looking for a natural pain relief alternative, we encourage that you try CBD cream.